Sugar Lips

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Roselina has no interest in being in the popular a.k.a 'The Hotties' group at school. She's made an amazing new best friend who she's happy with but when a certain blonde haired boy starts taking an interest, it might change. But she also has to think about Andrea who seems to have a major disliking to The Hotties.


3. First Day of School

I got out of the car and Nathan locked it up. "People are staring" I whisper to my brother as we enter the school. "I know I'm starting to freak" he replied as he pushed his brown hair to the side whilst opening the door to the office. My brother looks nothing like me. He has brown hair with blue eyes while I have blonde hair and green eyes. If my hair was brown then we'd probably look alike but i doubt it. "Hi we're new" Nathan politely said. "Names?" the nasally lady behind the counter asked. "Roselina and Nathan Sanchez" I answer. She nodded and got up and went to gather somethings. "Miss Sanchez this is our guidance counselor Miss Henrietta and she'll show you to your form room" the lady said. I nod my head. "Mr Sanchez this is our principle Mrs Hook and he'll show you to your form room" the lady said handing us our schedules and crap. I waved to Nathan since we parted ways. "So your form teacher is Miss Myers and she is also your music teacher. She is a nice lady" Miss Henrietta explained. "From there, she'll get someone to show you around" Miss Henrietta finished as she knocked on the door. We both enter and the class goes silent. "We have a new student" Miss Henrietta smiled. Miss Myers walked over and smiled. "I'm Roselina Sanchez" I introduce. "Hi Roselina I'm Myers and will be your form teacher for the whole year. Take a seat anywhere" she smiled. I smile back and scan the room and spot a seat next to a girl with red hair []. I walk over and she looks up with a smile. "Hi, is this seat available?" I ask. "Sure" she grinned. I sat next to her and she held out her hand. "I'm Andrea Brookes" she introduced. "I'm Roselina Sanchez" I reply shaking her hand.
The bell had rung and I got up making my way to the door following everyone else. "What class do you have?" Andrea asked. "English with Mr Tuck" I answer. She smiled. "That's great. We have the same class together" she said leading the way to the classroom. We enter and I show Mr tuck my time table. "Welcome to our class Miss Sanchez. Tell us a little bit about yourself" he said as the class settled. "I'm Roselina Sanchez and I'm new" I state causing giggles. "That's obvious. What else can you tell us?" Mr Tuck encouraged. "I've made a new friend. I'm into music, skateboarding and I'm girly" I reply. "Oh and I'm an Aussie" I add quickly. "You're also hot!" someone called out causing the class to laugh and whistle. "You may now take a seat and Mr Mathews, you've just earnt yourself a detention" Mr Tuck said. I sit next to Andrea who smiled.
Finally lunchtime came and Andrea and I walked outside. As we walked past a table, I noticed them staring at her. "Yo Andrea!" someone called. We both turn around and I watch as Andrea rolled her eyes. "Come one they aren't worth it" she said pulling me to a table and sitting down. "Who are they?" I question. "They're the popular people. The Queen Bees. The Bosses. But at our school, they're called The Hotties. Once you're in that clique, there is no way out" she explained. "Meaning?" I ask. "Well you're basically treated like royalty if you're part of them. If you decide to leave that group, good luck on trying to make friends" Andrea explained. "Wow that sounds...inviting" I say eating my sandwich. "I take it you were a part of them" I state. She nodded. "At first it was wonderful because they're so nice but then I dated Ryan and things started to get a little suffocating and I just ditched them and broke up with Ryan and since that happened, I blocked all contact with them" she said. "He still tries to talk to me but I avoid him" she says shaking her head. "At my old school I was in the popular group. People looked up to me as a role model. It eventually got to my head and I turned into a slight bitch but when people started turning their backs on me, it made me take a step back and look at my life. I'm a rebelling teenager and it caused friction in the family" I explained. "Is that why you sat next to me?" Andrea asked. I shake my head. "No. You looked like the type of person who I'd hang with" I reply with a smile.

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