I came to say I love you

It is about Ella and her best friend Lilly finding their first Love.


3. Meeting in the Park

After that dream I fell asleep again until my alarm clock rang.
I was so excited  that I jumped out of my bed and got myself ready for school.
Today was the day of the reports and the last day of school of the 7th grade and 1 day before the holidays.
Tomorrow  I will go with Lilly to England and the best thing is we  are going to be in a summer camp for arts.
We have been waiting for this day already 5 months
3 whole weeks camp with our favorite stuff like painting music and drama.
We will sleep in a bungalow with 2 other girls and we have to choose our activities there.
I will defenetly go into some art classes and to drama club.
I dont know if there are any singing classes but if there are some good one I might join them to.

After having breakfast I took my bag said bye and ran to school to meet Lilly.
Lilly was standing at the pavillion in the park infront of our school.
It is our favourite place to go to during break times because it is so quiet and nobody is there.
We always talked about stuff that nobody should really hear and sometimes our friends Indy and Linda would stand there with us and talk about boys.
Linda would tell us how it was going with "Pete" her boyfriend and we would always say "what would be if we had a boyfriend too?" Today us 4 could not meet in the park because Indy and Linda where on Sea to go to the Carabian Islands together.


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