I came to say I love you

It is about Ella and her best friend Lilly finding their first Love.


2. Introducing my life.

I screamed and woke up.
My twin sister was having a shock because of my scream.
After here trance she said " You were crying while you slept so I tried to wake you up and then you screamed so tell me what happened?"
If you ever have a twin sister it should be one like mine.
Her room is just next to mine and there is a open door just in the middle of the wall.
My sister is a very beautiful and kind person and she helps you out every time you are in trouble!
Her name is better than mine and she is just perfect.
I don't know why my parents called me Ella but I can think of why they called my sister Rose.
My sister Rose is always there for me she is like my best friend Lilly but different.
Lilly is very hyper while my sister is calm and my sister is bad at musical instruments while Lilly can play a lot of instruments.
Lilly can always make me laugh and the time with her is a lot of fun.
Her parents are the coolest parents I know of, they let her do a lot of things that mine would not let me do in a million years.
My parents are really boring. Every morning my father anoys us with the newspaper and that his part is in the worst part in the newspaper.
My father is writing on the newspaper the "What to do when..." and it is the most boring part in  the whole newspaper and I think the newspaper is already boring enough with the Politics.
My mum is a home architect and that is not good if you want your room to relax.
Every day she is going through every room changing stuff like moving your bed to the other side or taking your stuff and change it with other stuff and every time you are looking for your stuff.
Once she just took my whole bookshelf out of my room only that she could place a plant where my bookshelf once was! I got so angry that I nearly threw the plant at her but ofcourse my sister helped me out and spoke with mum so I had my room back as it was.
Mum is still trying to change my room here and there but I always get very angry and then she leaves it for the next few days.


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