Adopted by .... One Direction? (parody)

Before you read this movella, go check out the real one first (Adopted by .... One Direction? - dede 1221) it is a really good story and if you don't read it first you won't understand what is going on. I am not writing this to make fun of the story, it is just a very unique idea and I decided to finally write something that non directioners might actually enjoy. Please guys don't consider this as hate I actually enjoyed dede's version, and this movella is just for pure entertainment. Enjoy!


2. Chapter 1: Getting Prepared

Madelyne P.O.V.

Mackenzie and I are in our room. Doing our own things. (what would you be doing in an adoption center? Knitting?) It's 10:30 pm already, so we're preparing to go to sleep. (aren't adoption centers like strict about bed time? I heard they sleep at like 8 or 9) Then suddenly, the speaker goes on, scaring the shit out of us. (you later mention its been a few months since you've been here so shouldn't you be used to the sudden announcements by now?) Wendy's voice blares out of the speakers. 

"Oh kids !! It's time for all you guys and gals to go to sleep now. But before you go to sleep, I just wanna say there we have two couples that would like the adopted a kid. So be prepared! (why would Wendy tell them about this right before sleep? Why not at dinner time or maybe wait till the morning?) Other than that good night everyone, and I'll see you in the morning!"

" Kenzie!! OMG !!! There are people coming! Do you think we'll be adopted?" I said to her

" I don't know.....Maybe.....But I hope we don't get separated. If we do, I'm not letting you go!!! " (At least she's smart enough to know she won't get her way)

I literally tackled her. (literally? :O) "Aw sis! I love you too!!" (...she never said she loved you)

"OK OK. I love you too. But enough with the hugging!" (...see?) Kenzie said. 

I pouted. "Well it's getting late and we need to prepare for tomorrow. Good night Mackenzie" (Oh yeah they were supposed to be sleeping...I feel sorry for the other kids in the room who were actually trying to sleep.)

"Night Maddie. I wonder who are that people that are coming? " said Mackenzie.

" I wonder too. Hopefully they're nice. We should go to sleep. (Well that's a good idea) Night!" I said

"Night!" she said. 

And I drifted off to sleep with nightmares.... (Tell us about the nightmares!)

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