Bella is a 15 year old girl who's parents are Louis and Eleanour Tomlinson. Louis is in a band called One Direction and Eleanour is a model. Will Bella find out who her real parents are once she has found out that she is adopted. Read to find out!!


4. chapter 4

Lou's P.O.V

To day was Bella's party. The lads and I were setting everything up and it took us a dew hours to do it. El and I had rented out a room for today at The Four Seasons Hotel. (A/N I just made that part up. :D) Everything was blue and silver. 


(the decorations                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)


When we had finished, we looked at the room to admire our decoration work. 

"Do you think that she will like it?" Niall said

"Yeah. I'm sure she will. I mean, Blue is her favourite colour and El said that her dress was blue too so that helped." I said smiling. They just nodded and smiled.


A/N Sorry for the short chaoter. :D

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