Bella is a 15 year old girl who's parents are Louis and Eleanour Tomlinson. Louis is in a band called One Direction and Eleanour is a model. Will Bella find out who her real parents are once she has found out that she is adopted. Read to find out!!


3. chapter 3

Bella's P.O.V

Today was the day of my party that mum and dad, or should I say Louis and Elenour, were gonna throw for me. It is going to be a really fancy party. Everyone has to wear a formal dress or a tux. I picked out my dress the other day when mum took me shopping on my birthday. 

(That is what the dress looks like. :D)

I have just gotten back from the nail place and I got my nails done to match my dress. 

Dad hasn't seen me since my birthday when he woke my up so he doesn't know how I am going to have my hair, nails and what my dress looks like. *DING DONG* I ran to the front door and swung it open. It was Perrie Malik and Danielle Payne. Yes, They are married to Zayn and also Liam. 

"Hi guys!" I said happily.They waved back.

"Come In!" I said as i moved out of the doorway for them to come in.

"Come on, you need to get ready for your party." Perrie said as I smiled. 

"Perrie will be doing your hair and I will be doing your make up and then your mum will be helping you into your dress." Danielle said. I nodded as Perrie pushed me into my room then into my ensuit. She grabbed my curler and plugged it into the wall. Perrie curled my hair then started to pin it up. 

(Hairstyle                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

I looked in the mirror at my hair and I was speechless. 

"Perrie! This is so.... so..... elegant." I said smiling as I walked up to the mirror and started to admire my hair. 

"Thanks. It is how I had my hair for my wedding a few years ago, remember?" She asked and I nodded.

"Now for your make up!" Danielle squeeled happily.

I sat down facing to wall while she got all of my make up and then started to go through it. 


When she finished, I turned around and looked in the mirror. AGAIN! I was speechless.

"OMG! How can you guys be so good at this stuff?" I asked. They shrugged their shoulders.

"Come on Bella. You need to get your dress on then we need to get ready!" Mum said.


Perrie's P.O.V

I was so happy that El and Louis had Bella./ She is so much like Louis in so many ways and also she is like El in so many ways to. The eyes after Louis. The hair after El. Looks from both of them. Height from Louis. Personality from El but mostly Louis. I hope that Zayn amd my daughter will be like her. Yeah, I am pregnant. I am 7 months pregnant and Zayn is over protective of me in case I hurt myself or the baby.

*half hour later*

Bella walks out of her room and into the living room where Danielle and I had been sitting after we had gotten dressed fort the party. 

"Oh Bella! You look absolutely stunning!" I said as I got up, WITH the help of El, and hugged her. 

"Thanks Perrie. You look amazng too." She said smiling. I let go of her and then Danielle came over to her and hugged her.


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