Autumn Love

First story!
It's just a little scene that I came up with, I'll most likely continue it later.
It takes place on a regular autumn day in New York City.
Brenden comes to pick up Josie from school and they express there love for one another.
Josie thinks that autumn is the best season to fall in love. <33


1. Autumn Love

Josie Cormier saw her boyfriend in the distance. The crisp air of fall stung her rosy cheeks as she stepped onto the pavement of the school parking lot.

A handsome Brenden pulled up in a white sports car and Josie hopped in. Brenden reached over and and grabbed her arm.

"Hey Jo," He murmured, "I missed you." Brenden paused and moved his finger along the bottom edge of her lip. "You're so beautiful."

Everyday Josie's friends told her how lucky she was to have Brenden. He was tall, with dark hair and brown eyes that you could get easily get lost in if you weren't careful. Josie had caught his eye the minute she moved to New York.

"Mmmhmm." Josie put her delicate hands on his cheeks and started kissing him softly on the lips.

Brenden pulled away slowly and started the engine. It was cold outside so he turned on the heat and drove through the golden piles of autumn leaves on the streets. Fall is the best season the fall in love, Josie thought to herself.

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