Anna Pollak is a feisty redhead who wants to do great things after she graduates high school. She is on the honor roll, on the debate team, and she has the greatest boyfriend anyone can ask for. She and her boyfriend, Charlie, have been dating since their freshman year. They wanted to take their relationship to the next level on their 2 year anniversary. But sometimes there are consequences to having a great time....


5. Surprise


(Anna-Bold Karen-Regular)

Wow. I guess Mother Nature wanted to play a late April Fools' Trick on you.

Well it worked.

So, now what?

I don't have to panic anymore. That's what.

Ok. Well, dinner's ready.Do you wanna eat?

No, I'll go home. Thanks anyway.

Wow. That was a relief. 


On May 20th of every year, our science teacher would take us to a hospital and give us a tour to "view the people who save people's lives every day." Some people say that this year we should go to the morgue and then he would show us some major organs. But, I highly doubt that that would happen. After sitting through 20 minutes on the loud, hot bus, we finally arrived at the hospital. First we viewed the NICU and looked at the poor babies fighting for their lives. Next, we met some people just in there for minor issues. Then we went down an unfamiliar corridor. Our science teacher, Mr. Gallagher, showed us to a room with small doors all over the wall. And a doctor was standing there waiting for us. Oh No, I thought. Those goofy seniors were right. He was going to show us the organs in the body. 


So, kids as you see, this man here, we will call him Mr. A, has died recently from natural causes.

So, none of his organs should be diseased. As you can see, his heart is right here, and here are his lungs.

I didn't even get a chance for him to say "lungs" before I fell to the floor.


I woke up in an unfamiliar room. I looked around and saw that there was a bouquet of flowers on a table, and bags and jackets on the chair next to my bed.

That is when I remembered that I fainted in the morgue. I felt like such an idiot. But then I figured that if there were purses and jackets in here, then there were people here to see me. 

I tried to lean and look out the window on the door, and saw my mom arguing with what looked like to be a doctor. She is probably being really stingy about the location of my room or something like that, I figured. She had always been very picky about the most stupid things. 

Then she turned around and walked away. The doctor came into my room and stood about three feet away from me. 

(Bold-Anna Doctor-Normal)

Hello, Ms. Pollak my name is Dr. Frietzman. 

Hi. Um, is there a problem?

Well, maybe.If you see it like that.

What's wrong? Did I hit my head while I fell to the floor?

Well, let me explain. You think that you fainted because you were disgusted by the human body in front of you, correct?

Well, yeah.

That could be why you fainted. But, fainting and dizziness is an early sign of pregnancy.

Are you saying that I'm pregnant?

Yes, you are abut 9 weeks along. 

But, Dr. Frietzman, I had this suspicion about a week ago. And the test said negative!

It was probably a false negative. I think it would be best if you told your mom.

I nodded and then Dr. Frietzman left.

That feeling in the bottom of my stomach wouldn't go away. No matter how hard I tried to make myself feel better. It was still there. I had to tell my mom. Even if she would be royally pissed off at me for the next 7 months.

(Bold-Anna Normal-Mom)

Hey, honey. Are you ok? The doctor said you fainted.

Yeah. I'm okay now. Hey mom I have to tell you something.

What? What is it? Honey, you're shaking.

I'm pregnant.


Yeah. You heard me.

For once, Anna, you have made me speechless.

I know this is bad, but-

This is very bad! You have to tell Charlie, his parents, your friends-

I know! Ok?

Honey, you will never be the same again.

I know.

Will you stop saying I know?

Ok. It was a mistake-

Well of course it was a mistake. Just know, honey that I am not just furious. I am also hurt. I am hurt that you never told me this before, and that you would ruin your life like this.

After she left I broke down into tears and pulled the blanket up to my face to wipe the tears. She was right, I would have to tell Charlie. I couldn't hide it for long. I'm pretty sure in the next month I would start to get a belly. I looked around to see if my bag was in here and I found right next to my bed on the floor. I had 3 missed calls from my mom, 2 missed calls from Karen, and 5 missed calls from Charlie. 

Earlier he texted me and asked if he could come to the hospital. I texted back and said that he could. He texted, You're awake! Are you ok? Then I texted, Just come to the hospital I'll explain there. 

I put my phone in my bag and mentally prepared myself to tell Charlie. He certainly would not be happy. Would he be mad, scared, nervous? I'll find out.




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