Anna Pollak is a feisty redhead who wants to do great things after she graduates high school. She is on the honor roll, on the debate team, and she has the greatest boyfriend anyone can ask for. She and her boyfriend, Charlie, have been dating since their freshman year. They wanted to take their relationship to the next level on their 2 year anniversary. But sometimes there are consequences to having a great time....


4. Panic.

I was sitting in my French class when a wave of nauseousness came over me. I knew I had to find the closest trash can or the janitor was going to have a pleasant time with his mop.

I emptied my breakfast in the trash can, then took that with me to the bathroom. Great, I made a scene in class. "This is perfect."I thought.  I like to lay low and not get noticed. But, because of this, I thought I would be known as pukey girl. It's probably just the flu. I do think that it's going around right now. At least, I think it is. I thought trying to reassure myself. Then I remembered what Charlie and I did on April Fools'. But I was on the pill. But that's impossible. Actually it is possible. My brain kept going back and forth. It was like a debate going on in my brain. Should or should I not worry? Yeah I should worry, I thought. The French teacher came in. I said that it was just food poisoning. I did not want to get that started with her. I dreaded the next 3 periods and once that bell rang, I dashed for my 2001 Ford Mustang and headed to the store. I knew that i should have called Karen, literally my sister, but I was so overwhelmed and my eyes were full of tears. I went to the store grabbed  what I needed then walked out as quick as I walked in. That is when it occurred to me to call Karen. (Karen-normal) (Anna-bold)



Whoah! What's up? You have that panicked sound! Did you get a C on a quiz? 

No this is serious. Can we please meet somewhere?

Yeah, sure. This is serious isn't it?

Yeah, Sherlock. Where can we meet?

My parents won't let me leave. Can you come over?

I'm not sure about that.


You know what? It's fine. I'll be over in 5 minutes. Bye

See ya.

I stuffed the tests deep in my backpack and prayed that her parents wouldn't smell anything fishy...

I walked in the house and her mom started asking questions and it kinda scared me, then I was just overreacting.

(Mrs. O'reilly-Normal) (Anna-Bold) (Karen-Underlined)

Hello, Anna. What's wrong? It looks like you've been crying.

Oh, um. I got a C on a quiz.

Oh, sweetie. You need to loosen up. 

Too late, I thought.

Well, mom we're going upstairs to work on homew-

Are you sure there's nothing wrong? I feel like there's something else wrong besides that C that Anna got.

Nothing. It's nothing.

Ok, well go work on homework. Be down for supper.

K, Mom. Bye.


We went upstairs and locked the door in her room, sat on her bed, and started to talk, like we always do....

(Anna-Bold) (Karen- Normal)

So, PLEASE tell me what's wrong. I'm dying to h-

I think I'm pregnant.

Oh. My God. It's Charlie's right?

Of course. I'm not a slut. But I'm not even sure. I mean I was on the pill.

You know it's not 100% effective.

Well yeah, but I just never thought that I would be like that 2% that can get pregnant. And it was only once!

Well, what do we need to do?

I have tests in my backpack. Hold on. I'll be right back.



The answer doesn't pop up until 5 minutes from now, genius.

Ok, ok. Well. Now we wait.

Those were the longest five minutes in my whole life. I could just feel my heart thumping and hear myself breathing. And I could hear my health teacher saying to use protection! Use protection! Boy, did I mess that up.


I was startled by the noise at first. I knew that I had to look at that little stick. So, I walked over and looked at it and it said.....




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