Anna Pollak is a feisty redhead who wants to do great things after she graduates high school. She is on the honor roll, on the debate team, and she has the greatest boyfriend anyone can ask for. She and her boyfriend, Charlie, have been dating since their freshman year. They wanted to take their relationship to the next level on their 2 year anniversary. But sometimes there are consequences to having a great time....


2. 1. Beginning

It was April 1. April Fool's Day. But also Anna and Charlie's anniversary. They have been dating for a year now and were absolutely happy together.....

Anna POV

I was walking to my next class when my friend Karen ran up to me and asked me,"So, what are you going to do for your and Charlie's anniversary?! Are you going to go to a romantic dinner? Or take a walk on beach?!" "Alright hopeless romantic, there aren't even any beaches here. Remember? We live in the middle of Kansas?", I replied. Then she responded "Ok, ok, I know. But! Are you going to do anything? At all?" "I don't know, maybe not. We're not really that kind of couple. You know, that couple that smooches in the hallway and and can't be away from each other for five minutes?" I answered. "Ok, just promise me that you'll do something. Anything.", she said. I said, "Fine. I will, okay?" She responded with, "Ok. Thank you." Then I arrived to my precalculus and enjoyed the rest of the day...

Charlie and I were planning to go to his house to watch movies because his parents were always staying late at work. And also, he is the youngest, so his siblings are all out of the house and in college. We were planning on having a movie night and just talk. That's romantic, right????

So I arrived at his house and we started our anniversary date...

(Bold- Charlie  Normal- Anna)

"What do you wanna watch?"

"Ok, let's make a deal. We watch what I want, then we watch what you want. We can even watch that new gory horror movie that you want."

"Alright! So, chick flick that makes me fall asleep? Or chick flick that makes me want to kill myself? Your choice!"

"How about neither. West Side Story."

"That one's not too bad. But don't tell my mom that we used her DVD. This is her favorite movie and she doesn't want scratches on it."

"Fine with me."

Charlie's mom was never too supportive of Charlie and me dating. Maybe it's because I'm not Asian and I'm not the TOP of the class. His dad was pretty quiet and wouldn't say much. Maybe it's because of his overbearing mother.... But he does stick up for me once in a while.


Flashback (Bold- Charlie) (Italicized-Anna) (Normal- Mrs. Chen) (Underlined- Mr. Chen)

Charlie and I were going to his house to have dinner with his parents. To be honest I was kind of nervous. Would his mother be nice? mean? weird?? I arrived at his house and his mother answers the door with an emotionless face and a business suit on. 

"So, you're Anna."she said while looking up and down my body.

"Yes, I am. Lovely to meet you, Mrs. Chen." I said holding out my hand. She looked at my hand, looked back at me, and offered for me to come in.

"Where is Charlie and Mr. Chen?"

"They are in the dining room. Waiting for you. You were late."

"By one minute, literally." I mumbled.

"What was that?" Mrs. Chen replied.

"Oh, nothing." I said as I tried to cover it up.

During our main course we got in a discussion about school and what I want to be.

"So, what's your GPA, Anna?

"I have a 3.8."

"Ooh. Charlie has a 3.9. And he has gotten letters from Vanderbilt, Rice, and Stanford. (Directed at Charlie) Also that nice girl, Deborah Akiyama keeps calling. Saying that you needed to call her?"

"Mom! We are just friends!" 

"Not according to her..."

"Pamela. If he says that they are just friends, then believe him. 

"Gregory, let me talk."

"Ok, enough. I brought Anna here just to introduce her to you. Not for you to make her feel bad. I'm not that hungry anymore. Come on, Anna I'll take you home......"


I still remember everything she said to me to this day. We just agree to disagree... Oh yeah back to my date....

We were watching the movie and it was about halfway through....

"It's amazing what people do for love."

"Yeah. It's kinda cool."

Then we looked at each other and started kissing romantically. It felt like fireworks, and dynamite. I always felt this way when kissing Charlie. We just had a connection. It started getting intense, then the next thing I knew, he was on top of me. I started to pul off his shirt, but then he asked if I wanted to. Of course, I agreed. I wouldn't say no to that face. I really did want it, though. I wanted to show him how much I really loved him. We have talked about it before, but he never pressured me into doing it with him. That's why I wanted to. It was spontaneous and kind of jumped on us. Let's just say that we never really did get to watch that gory horror movie...







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