Like an illusion

Like an illusion (intro)
Intro: You're a 18 years Justin bieber's fan . You graduated from high school 2months ago. You're originally canadian but you live in California. You don't have any friends and cody ,your cousin, is the closest person to you. He's your age and you've been best friends since you were in diapers. He has a crush on you but he's never told u. You think of him as a friend and nothing more.You're suffering from a rare psychological disease . You have illusions from time to time depending on your mood. And it's always related to tour thoughts and feelings. Once you have an illusion You forget about everything around you and just live in the illusion like if it's reality.


12. It's all clear now


       You jumped back into reality. You were back again in your hospital room. It was 9 pm and you weren't feeling sleepy so you opened the TV. You watched MTV . "That power" played and you immediately jumped off your bed and started imitating the dancers trying to learn the choreography. You were so into dancing and this song was one of your fav songs ever. A song followed another and another and you spent the rest of the night dancing till you got tired and drifted off to sleep.

*Next Morning* 


You woke up by someone calling your name and shaking you softly . You half opened your eyes and you saw your mom. You looked beside you and you saw your dad sitting on the couch smiling at you. "Ugh how much i hate their fake sweetness" you whispered to yourself. "What honey?!" Your mom asked with a smile. "Huh .. No nothing" you said . "Ok babe .. Go get your shower and then we'll have breakfast together" she said. You nodded and went to the bathroom. 

You stripped off and slipped under the warm water. "Ugh this so awkward and weird like how on earth can they get that sweet suddenly ?!" You thought . You washed your hair and body and covered yourself with a towel. You blow dried your hair then dressed up. After you finished you got out and saw breakfast ready on the table and your parents waiting for you. You went to sit at the table with them. "Morning sweetie" your dad said smiling. "Morning" you said and faked a light smile. They started eating and so did u . 


After you all finished eating , you went to sit on the couch. They came after you and sat beside you as you were in the middle. "So huni we wanted to talk to you about something" your mom said. You gave her a what-is-it look. "Well.. We entered a contest for the idealist parents in the states and we won but there's something we want you to help us with" he explained. You were shocked , your eyes widened when you heard idealist parents and your jaw was about to drop. 


You've never thought that your parents can go any near the word ideal . "This should be a miracle , like how could they win? How?" You thought. "The contest sponsors will send you a reporter tomorrow morning and he'll ask you few questions about why do u think we are the idealist parents and what do we do to you or how do we treat you" your mom said. 


When you were about to speak your dad shushed you and said, "don't worry honey we'll stay with you today and we have the whole day to teach you what to say tomorrow" "and you've to memorize it well sweetie" your mom said turning your chin to face her. "Yeah you can't mess up honey" your dad said turning your chin to face him. "We lean on you" they both said together.

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