Like an illusion

Like an illusion (intro)
Intro: You're a 18 years Justin bieber's fan . You graduated from high school 2months ago. You're originally canadian but you live in California. You don't have any friends and cody ,your cousin, is the closest person to you. He's your age and you've been best friends since you were in diapers. He has a crush on you but he's never told u. You think of him as a friend and nothing more.You're suffering from a rare psychological disease . You have illusions from time to time depending on your mood. And it's always related to tour thoughts and feelings. Once you have an illusion You forget about everything around you and just live in the illusion like if it's reality.


11. Illusion part 3 *lost in the jungle*


      You woke up but for your surprise Justin wasn't beside you. You almost got a heart attack when u realized that you were alone. "Babe babe" you heard someone saying. You looked down and you saw Justin. "Come i'll help you down" he said as he climbed up few centimetres and reached his hand out for you. You held it and climbed down with him. "Where have you been?" You asked as you brushed the dust off your clothes. "I woke up early and i went to find a way out" he explained. "Anddd ... Did u ?" You asked raising your eyebrows waiting for a *yes*. "Yeah i did .. We'll go right this way then we'll turn left and walk for few metres till we reach the main road and that's were we hopefully might find a cab" he said as he kept pointing at directions and explaining. "We better go now then" you said giving him a *leggo* look. He nodded and you started walking. 
You felt tired in the middle but you pressured yourself and kept going. You didn't tell Justin about it as well. 
After 2 hours of walking between the high trees and thick bushes , you finally reached the main road. "Wait here" Justin said as he held your arms and looked in your eyes. You nodded. He walked to the middle of the road as there were no cars . He threw his hands in the air and kept waving. Luckily , a car passed by and it stopped after justin with few metres. You ran to it , it was driven by a young guy who seemed 22 or 23 , he opened his window and you asked him if he can take you with him.
By the time he accepted , Justin had came , you told him that the guy will take you both with him , he thanked the guy and jumped in the front seat , you sat at the back and the guy hit the road. After the long ride you finally reached home and that's how your date ended. That date will surely be remembered by both of you till forever.

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