Like an illusion

Like an illusion (intro)
Intro: You're a 18 years Justin bieber's fan . You graduated from high school 2months ago. You're originally canadian but you live in California. You don't have any friends and cody ,your cousin, is the closest person to you. He's your age and you've been best friends since you were in diapers. He has a crush on you but he's never told u. You think of him as a friend and nothing more.You're suffering from a rare psychological disease . You have illusions from time to time depending on your mood. And it's always related to tour thoughts and feelings. Once you have an illusion You forget about everything around you and just live in the illusion like if it's reality.


9. Illusion part 1 *lost in the jungle*


      "*YN YN* ...ugh not again.. Another illusion, we better go then" your mom said followed by a sigh. Both your mom & dad got up and walked outside the room. They left you all alone with your illusion. You didn't feel them anyway cuz you were already drowning in your thoughts which were reflected on your illusion. You were lost in your thoughts and so you were in the illusion. And as usual your charming prince , who didn't know you existed , yet , was the main character of your illusion. 


"Justin Justin .. Uhh .. I'm .. Tired" you said out of breath. "Run babe run we're almost there" he said pulling you further. "Uhh i can't" you said as you stopped running and half bent resting your hands on your knees to relax and take a breath. Justin looked around, his eyes scanned the place and it finally landed on a huge true. "There" he said pointing at the tree gesturing you to climb it. You stood in front of it not knowing what to do. "Climb babe" he said . "I don't know how" you replied fast. "Ok" he said. You were actually confused by his one word reply. You knew he was up to something , you just hoped it wasn't crazy like the things he have been coming up with for the last 3 hours. "Give me your hand" Justin said dragging you outta your thoughts. You looked beside you but he wasn't there , you looked up and for your surprise he was hanging on the tree's branch like a monkey. Your jaw dropped at how fast he climbed up the tree and how confident he was sitting on it. You heard a loud running voice , you got so scared. You quickly threw your hands up for Justin to pull u and in no time you were up on the tree beside him. "We have to get disguised" he said. You nodded. "Here cover yourself with that" he said as he handed you a pile of wide green leaves . You covered yourself with them and he did the same with other ones. You stayed like that for like an hour , no moving , no talking , no nothing. "Omg omg" you screamed as you saw a spider walking on the branch making its way to your leg. "Shhh shhh what is it ?" Justin said as he quickly covered your mouth with his hand. You pointed at the spider while shaking from frighten. He giggled quietly and killed it with a stick beside him. "So we've faced LIONS and you're afraid of that poor little creature !!" he questioned sarcastically as he extended the word lions . "Shut up it's scary" you said as you hit him playfully. "Ok ok" he giggled. "So what do u think of our journey ?" He asked grinning sarcastically. "Perfect actually ... I go on a date , the car breaks down and i walk for a mile on my feet searching for help bc there's not even one car had passed by and there's no signal , then i reach a jungle , i decide to pass thro it cuz that's my only choice and bc i'm so lucky , i find 2 lions running after me so i keep running and running till i end up here on a branch that might break in any minute .. oh yeah i forgot to mention that Tarazan was with me the whole time" you mocked. Justin clapped lightly not making a loud noise as he smirked. "Perfect date" he said sarcastically. "Yeah yeah i know" you said sarcastically too. The best part that i het to be tarazan lol" he laughed. "haha yeah Tarazan Bieber" you joked. He looked at you for a while and you saw a smile growing bigger and bigger on his face. You couldn't help but smile back. Then, he leaned closer and pressed his soft lips against yours. He bit your lower lip asking for entrance , you let him and it turned out to a full making out session. It was so romantic , specially cuz it was on a tree. It was unique cuz usually people make out UNDER trees not on them , but things are different with Tarazan bieber.

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