Like an illusion

Like an illusion (intro)
Intro: You're a 18 years Justin bieber's fan . You graduated from high school 2months ago. You're originally canadian but you live in California. You don't have any friends and cody ,your cousin, is the closest person to you. He's your age and you've been best friends since you were in diapers. He has a crush on you but he's never told u. You think of him as a friend and nothing more.You're suffering from a rare psychological disease . You have illusions from time to time depending on your mood. And it's always related to tour thoughts and feelings. Once you have an illusion You forget about everything around you and just live in the illusion like if it's reality.


2. Good day


     It was a sunny saturday. Cody woke up early and decided to go visit you and have breakfast with you. He took a quick shower and got dressed. Then , he went out and jumped into his car. He passed by McDonald's and bought 2 breakfast meals , for both ,you and him. He headed for your hospital . Cody wasn't a big fan of Justin , he just liked his new album "believe" . The radio was playing BAAB so he raised the volume and sang the chorus cuz it was the only thing he had memorized. Few minutes later, he arrived at the hospital, he parked in the parking lot and jumped outta his car. He went inside and walked to your room. He opened the door and went immediately. He's not the kind who knocks , he thinks it's overrated. "Wake up sleepy head" he yelled joyfully and went to open the curtains. "Heyy close it i wanna sleeeeep" you mumbled half sleep . "C'mon i brought breakfast" he said and pulled the blanket off your face. You ignored him and hid your head in your pillow. "So you're not gonna wake up?" He asked. 

You waved your hand as a nope without raising your head from your pillow. "Mmm k" cody said in a mean voice. Before you can notice , he jumped on the bed and started tickling you. "Hahahaha stop haha i'm awake hahaha stop" you laughed. "Haha" he laughed and jumped off the bed. "Can i sleeeep?!" you said as you sat up on bed. "i think i should finish what i had started then" he said with a smirk. "no no i'm wide awake .. don't tickle me haha" you begged. He laughed. You jumped off bed and went to the bathroom. "Don't eat without me" you snapped before you went to the bathroom. "Kk" you heard him said after u went inside. You washed your face, brushed your teeth and tied your hair in a messy bun. You sprayed perfume and went out. Cody didn't notice that u came out. He was cracking the bags and when he was about to open them , "boooo" you screamed from his back making him jump from frighten . "Heyyyy you scared me" he complained pouting his lip. "And you were gonna eat without me" you said sounding like him and pouted your lip like him. "Hahaha c'mon i'm so hungry" he said. You pulled the chair and sat in front of him. He put the food on the table and you both started eating. "What are you doing today?!" You asked wiping your hands after you finished eating. "I have an interview this evening" he said wiping his hands. "Good" you said as you put the empty plates back into the bag and put them in the trash. "Yeah what bout u?" He asked. "Listen to more Justin's songs and fangirl over him on tw-" you said but stopped immediately at twitter. You remembered that he didn't know you made a dedicated twitter account. You didn't tell anyone. "On what?" He asked. "Never mind .. Good luck with your interview" you said changing the topic so he wouldn't keep asking. "Thanks" he said smiling at you. He stayed with you for about 2hours then he left. Meanwhile , you had a talk which was full of jokes, u hadn't stopped laughing. This was one of the most things you liked about Cody; his sense of humor.

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