Like an illusion

Like an illusion (intro)
Intro: You're a 18 years Justin bieber's fan . You graduated from high school 2months ago. You're originally canadian but you live in California. You don't have any friends and cody ,your cousin, is the closest person to you. He's your age and you've been best friends since you were in diapers. He has a crush on you but he's never told u. You think of him as a friend and nothing more.You're suffering from a rare psychological disease . You have illusions from time to time depending on your mood. And it's always related to tour thoughts and feelings. Once you have an illusion You forget about everything around you and just live in the illusion like if it's reality.


32. Breakfast with the idol


your POV: 

I woke up in a strange bed. Wait!! Where am i ? .. Oh yeah this is Justin's room.

I didn't remember at first but then everything from last night came flashing in my mind. I looked at the clock hanged on the wall and it was 9 am . I looked beside me and i didn't find Justin. I stretched in bed and yawned before i got up . 

I went to the bathroom , did my business and wore my clothes from last night. When i got out of the bathroom , i saw Justin sitting on bed with his phone in his hands. 

"Morning" i said to catch his attention as he didn't notice me at first. "Oh hey morning sweetie" he said getting up as he walked to me and kissed my cheek. My cheeks fell melting ... i was blushing and i tried to hide it but i'm sure he noticed cuz he chuckled. 

Everything happened fast. I wasn't expecting him to do something like that. I mean we just met yesterday and he's already treating me like an old friend. 

I jumped on the couch as i dug my hand in my pocket unconsciously. My hands touched a solid thing , i realized it was my phone. 

OMG i totally forgot about cody and sam. I took my phone outta my pocket and quickly opened it. I found 30 messages and 15 missed calls. 


They were all from Cody and Sam checking if i'm alright and asking where i am . Ahh i think they're so worried now.

I texted Sam "i'm fine .. I'm coming home" 
I was about to text Cody the same but i remembered the way i yelled at him last night and i felt guilty so i decided to call and apologize. 

Me: hi cody

C: YN omg where are u ? R u ok ? Where did u go ? Sam and i are so worried for you.

Me: calm down cody .. I'm fine , actually i wanted to apologize about yesterday i really didn't mean to , i was so mad and i just got it all out on you.

Cody: Never mind i understand. 

Me: great !! So i'm coming back home now. 

Cody: ok i'll be waiting for u by the way u have a lot to tell me

Me: yea yea sure .. I'll tell u things that u might not believe. Bye now.

Cody: bye

(End of convo.) 

"Is this your boyfriend?" Justin blurted after i hung up with cody. 
"Hahaha boyfriend !!" I laughed at the thought of Cody being my boyfriend. 

Don't get me wrong .. But i just see him as my brother. Justin had a confused look on his face.

"No he's not my boyfriend .. He's my cousin , i'm staying at my uncle's place who happens to be his dad" i explained. 

"Oh where r your parents ?" He asked combing his hair and putting it in a sexy look. 

Ooops why should i babble a lot. I don't think the last part about my uncle was necessary . Should i tell him the truth ? Should i tell him that my dad is in jail and my mom had died ? Should i ? I don't think my prisoner dad would make me look good in Justin's eyes. It's not honoring to have a prisoner dad u know.

"They died" i blurted followed by a sad sigh. "Oh i'm really really sorry" he said as he walked over to me and gave me a warm hug. 
Damn ! It felt so good. I felt something i've never felt from before. I felt so safe. It was amazing. 

After he pulled away from the hug. I had this stupid grin on my face which made him chuckle. 

After all this is JUSTIN BIEBER we're talking about. Many girls would kill to me in my place. 

"Mmm i think i'll go home now" i said breaking the silence. "Kk we'll go have breakfast first then i'll drive u home" he said as he turned around and faced me after he checked himself in the mirror. 

"You don't have to .. I can go by myself" i said as i stood up getting ready to leave. I didn't want to tire him with me. "I want to .. C'mon leggo" he said opening the door motioning for me to walk first.

I walked out into the living room till i reached the door's bus. I was expecting to see anyone of the crew but i didn't so i thought of asking him. I stepped out of the bus and he was behind me. I turned behind to look at him , he had his hoodie up covering his hair and he wore black shades that hid half his face . He was obviously hiding from the paps. 

When i was about to ask him about the crew somehow paps found out he was Justin , probably from his falling pants, they started asking questions and taking photos.

Justin held my hand tight and we ran into an alley .. We walked down the alley and turned left where there was a car waiting for us. Justin opened the door and we jumped inside quickly .. Soon we were outta there. 

"R u ok?!" Justin asked me as he took his shades off . I was shocked by all this. I'm not used to any of this. 

I didn't react at all .. I just stayed silent. "Hey i'm sorry for this i know u r not used to it .. It's alright now don't worry" he said and wrapped his arm around me and laid my head on his chest.

I felt better in that position .. Listening to his heartbeats was like music to my ear. "Hey Justin where to ?" The driver asked , his voice was familiar. 

I realized it was Kenny. I've heard his voice in videos from before that's why i recognized it immediately. 

"Uhmm Starbucks" Justin replied. So we're having breakfast in Starbucks . Ok .. Not bad. 

The whole ride was silent.. I was amused by the way Justin kept playing in my hair as my head was laying on his chest. It felt so amazing. 

"We're here" Kenny said as he pulled over . We thanked him and got out of the car and quickly into Starbucks in case there were hidden paps here or there. 


"What's your address?" Justin asked me. I told him the address and kenny drove off. After we finished breakfast , Justin called Kenny and told him to come pick us. 

I honestly didn't wanna go home and leave Justin but .. I needed to go back for cody and sam. After a while we arrived and kenny pulled over in my uncle's driveway. 

"Thank you for last night .. It was really nice to meet u Justin" i said politely. "You're welcome sweetie ... Glice to meet u too haha" he giggled.

I giggled and when i was about to open the door , Justin held my hand stopping me. I looked at him in confusion and he said ,"gimme your phone" . 

I gave it to him and he typed his number then gave it back to me. "I'll call you tonight" He said and winked. I nodded smiling. "Thank u kenny" i said before i jumped outta the car. 

I waved at them and went inside the house. "YN!!!!!" Sam yelled once he saw me.

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