Like an illusion

Like an illusion (intro)
Intro: You're a 18 years Justin bieber's fan . You graduated from high school 2months ago. You're originally canadian but you live in California. You don't have any friends and cody ,your cousin, is the closest person to you. He's your age and you've been best friends since you were in diapers. He has a crush on you but he's never told u. You think of him as a friend and nothing more.You're suffering from a rare psychological disease . You have illusions from time to time depending on your mood. And it's always related to tour thoughts and feelings. Once you have an illusion You forget about everything around you and just live in the illusion like if it's reality.


7. Back to reality


      " *YN YN* " you heard a familiar voice along with your body being shaken. At the same moment, Justin , katrina , the forest and even your dead body disappeared, all at once. There were no more Justin actually that's when you had realized that this whole thing was just an illusion. "Omg what have u seen ? You were talking like crazy about blood and someone called katrina , you even cried" cody exclaimed as he was worried. "Calm down cody" you said as you were about to get up and hug him but you were pulled back to bed. You looked to your left and you saw your doctor and a nurse , they were checking your vitals. You just rolled your eyes and wiped the tears you had from the illusion. You looked back at cody who was still worried and said , "heyyy chill .. It's not like the first time i have an illusion" you said as if it was nothing. You got used to it tho. "Yeah yeah" he sighed as he came closer to your bed . "Don't think much and try to sleep" the doctor said. You nodded , then both he and the nurse left. You looked at cody as you sat up on your bed. "Your parents called and they said they're sorry they didn't visit today bc they were so busy" he said breaking the silence. "Next" you said careless as you rolled your eyes. "Why do you treat them that way?" Cody said shocking you with his question . It seemed that he didn't like it but he had no idea about the reason behind your treatment to your parents. "Cody .. It's .. Uhh just .. It's nothing" you tried to tell him but every time you think of it , it hurts you. "YN ...please!!" He pleaded as he came closer to you and looked you straight in the eyes. "It's that .. They're the reason , they're always busy , they never think of me , i'm their last priority. I'm the last thing on their mind .. I actually doubt being on their mind at all , do u know how does it feel when the person who's supposed to be the closest to you , ignores you all the time and treats you like shit. Sometimes i wonder , why did they bring me to life , if they didn't want me. What did i do to get them to ignore me and put me last in their life. Maybe it's my fault that i haven't ran away long time ago , maybe i'm supposed to live in this misery . Have you ever seen such parents ?! Their daughter is thrown in hospital and they barely visit her , and when they do , they stay for like an hour or less . I think i'm being so generous with my treatment to them." You explained . Your eyes watered but you wiped it immediately. You didn't want cody to notice you were crying. You pretended strong and tough as usual but from the inside , you were dying from hurt. Thinking about your parents' attitude with you have always been the main reason behind your depression and your frown. You have had that one wish ; is to feel true happiness. You miss that feeling. "I'm sorry YN .. I never thought you went thro all this" he said as he pulled you close into a tight hug as he rubbed your back comforting you. After a while , he pulled away and rested his hands on your temples caressing them as he had an eye contact with you. "I wanna see your smile.. Throw all that away , free yourself from this negativity and just smile , i'm with you now, i care for you , i'll give you what your parents haven't" he said and kissed your forehead. You smiled and hugged him. "Thank you" you whispered in his ear before you pulled away. "You're welcome boo" he grinned. "C'mon let's play" he suggested. "Video games!!" you exclaimed in excitement. "Yeahhh" he laughed. He set the X-Box in about 5 minutes and you kept playing for more than 2 hours . Time flew fast. You both had so much fun and laughed a lot. "I gtg .. Do u want anything ?" He asked as he stood up getting ready to leave. "No . Thanks . Thank you for everything Cody , you're really the best" you said showing how thankful you are to him. "Anything for you young lady" he smiled as he kissed your cheek. "Bye bye" you said waving at him. "Bye bye" he said waving back. He opened the door and went away. You were feeling sleepy so you turned the lights off and tucked into bed as you pulled the blanket over you and drifted off to sleep.

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