The Angel who Lost his Wings for Love

Kanou and Kabuto are in a huge argument over everything about Ayase such as who gets to keep him for good but.....both don't even.bother to ask Ayase what he thinks of the situation. But because of the situation at hand Ayase goes into a deep depression, will kanou and Kabuto put there differences aside or let ayase spiral deeper into depression?


1. Chapter 1

Kanou, Ayase, and Kabuto were all laying in bed together. Ayase was sound asleep, and Kabuto, and Kanou were both snuggling him. ''pardon me but would you kindly get the hell off Ayase you asshole'' Kabuto glared at Kanou with a bit of anger. ''How bout fuck off I originally bought Ayase you snake boy!'' Kanou glared back , and pulled Ayase close to his chest. Kabuto frowned a bit irretated and pulled Ayase closer to himself.Both growled at eachother and hugged Ayase at the same time. Ayase was sleeping through.all the commotion and snored lightly.kanou and Kabuto both fell asleep fell asleep hugging Ayase. Ayase at 7:00 Am woke up caught in the middle between the two beasts that were either talking in there sleep or snoring loudly. Slipping out from between them Ayase snuck off to the kitchen and began to cook breakfast for them. A fancy looking omelet for Kanou since he was rich and used to fancy things.Waffles that were golden and fluffy for Kabuto who was kind and sweet to Ayase.Both were like protective mama bears who would kill somebody for just looking at Ayase with admiring eyes. Poor Ayase hardly ever got to leave the small condo by himself, or leave at might be the fact that he would always cook clean and do laundry for all three of them. Though Ayase himself had one friend who hewas allowed to be with, that was Satoru Tono a fellow uke who knew how to play an instrument.Satoru played violen while Ayase could play the cello. Anyway Ayase went to go wake up the men of the house, findinf them fighting over who to take a bath with Ayase today. '''s kanous' turn to take a bath.with me tonight and Kabuto tomarrow it's your turn to take a bath with me.'' Ayase yelped over them. Kabuto, then Kanou looked at Ayase then, nodded.Walking down the steps both men stared directly at Ayase's tiny butt and smirked while thinking the same exact thing.Ayase looked back at them slowly and shook his head no while sitting at the table to eat. ''thank you for the meal Ayase'' both bowed there heads and began to eat the meal Ayase had prepared. After eating Ayase did the dishes as the men left for work, Ayase began.his daily chores of cleaning, and laundry
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