Paint A Pretty Picture

I paint a pretty picture, but this plots got a twist, for the paintbrush is a razor and the canvas is my wrist.
if you don't understand my silence you wont understand my words. People ask what depression feels like Its like drowning expect you can see everyone around you and breathe. Im not dead nor alive Im a ghost with a beating heart . I lie because so i don't have see the tears of disappointment in your eyes or in your voice. the scars on my arm will never fade. People see my scars and tell me why its stupid, They don't know the pain. they sometimes see them and tell me im still beautiful when i know im not. Sometimes i cant tell if its making me stronger or killing me....
This story is a young girl who cant stand life and a boy she meets he saves her from all that, but he ruins her once again. Will he ever be able to make it right?!


2. 2


"Yea I am.. Liam" I quietly said," Why do you worry about me?" He was about to speak but the nurse interupted us,

"You can go back to class Mr. Payne I need to speak to Melanie alone. Thank You.

" I watched as his head turned to face the ground and he walked off to class fiddling with his fingers. "Well...?" The nurse(Mrs. Stacey) pushed.

She was quite young, in her 20's maybe. "Well what?" I questioned quite confused with the look she was giving. "Its pretty obvious you like him melanie why dont you just ask him out" She stated, acting like she was my best friend.

"Because he doesnt like me. All he did was help me out by catching my fall." I stated making it quite clear I was annoyed. "Really? I don't think so, he sat here and waited for you to wake up when I even gave him permission to leave for class!" She spoke. I thought for a moment, maybe he did ca- no he didn't want to go to class. I fell silent as well as she did. It stayed this way until Louis came in with a curly haired boy holding him over his shoulder. I watched as the boy kept slipping from his feet and holding one up. I asked what happened and the curly haired boy tried to speak,

"I-I...." All of the sudden louis grabbed a bucket and handed it to the boy. He puked and I looked away not wanting to be hear at the moment. "Harry got the stomach flu and on his way to the nurse he slipped and snapped his ankle" louis spoke busy grabbing a towel wetting it and wiping harry's mouth. It reminded me of earlier today, when he grabbed the towel but walked away on me. I looked at louis for a while and the nurse gave me the same look. I nodded saying yes I like him. He turned around and I quickly looked at Harry who was obviously already looking at me for a while. He stopped when I gave him a strange look and became sick again. The nurse was still trying to call Harry's gardian or parents. I was sorry for him, he looked pretty sick. Louis looked at me then my arm, i looked down noticing it started bleeding and I quickly covered it up. The nurse excused me and right as I started walking out I ran into...

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