Paint A Pretty Picture

I paint a pretty picture, but this plots got a twist, for the paintbrush is a razor and the canvas is my wrist.
if you don't understand my silence you wont understand my words. People ask what depression feels like Its like drowning expect you can see everyone around you and breathe. Im not dead nor alive Im a ghost with a beating heart . I lie because so i don't have see the tears of disappointment in your eyes or in your voice. the scars on my arm will never fade. People see my scars and tell me why its stupid, They don't know the pain. they sometimes see them and tell me im still beautiful when i know im not. Sometimes i cant tell if its making me stronger or killing me....
This story is a young girl who cant stand life and a boy she meets he saves her from all that, but he ruins her once again. Will he ever be able to make it right?!


1. 1

Louis's POV

Me and the boys all decided to walk home together after football practice. I was walking to my next class when I heard crying coming from the girls bathroom. Nobody was around at the time so I headed in and found some girl crying under the sinks. I noticed there was blood around her and right when I looked at the blood she stared at me quietly and sobbing again. I looked at her pulled her up without a word grabbed a paper towel wet it and handed it to her. I quickly walked off leaving her to wash off. As I came out a group of girls were walking past so I yelled as they pointed a giggled,

"When a guys got to go a guys got to go"!

I ran to class and got yelled at. Of course. When I was thinking about the girl in class I remembered her face...


"HEY SLUT"! I screamed to a young girl with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. 

"What's wrong BABYYY" Josh Yelled. 

I watched her run off to the girls bathroom as me and Josh high fived each other. We secretly liked her, obviously. We teased her because of that. I laughed and walked to my next class...


Was I that mean? So mean she cuts herself? Why was I so rude? I should have helped her clean up! What was her name? Ugh. How mean am I? I bully her, and like her but I don't even know her name. After class I went to ask my friends. Her name was, Melanie. She was very beautiful I justt couldn't explain to her. I was so confused.

Melanie's POV

I was crying in the bathroom hurt because of was Louis' and Josh said to me. Yes, I know their names, everyone does their the popular boys. I looked up from my feet and saw Louis'. I quickly stared then went back to sobbing. He pulled me up grabbed a towel wet it and handed it to me running out. Did he really care? I realized he didn't the moment his hand slipped from the brown wet paper towel. I quietly watched him as he left running to his next class. I slowly dabbed my cuts and squealed the pain through. I grabbed my items on the side of the left wall. I stood for a moment admiring the beautiful wall paintings, as there was a white tile floor and a light blue wall with flowers and grass outlining it with butterflies and other strangely good animals. I slowly walked out into the hall and speed-walked to my locker realizing the lunch bell was to ring it a few seconds. I got to my locker and right as I finished putting my folders, books, and binders into the cramped little space, the bell rang. I ran speedy-quick so nobody could stop me and cause more tears to errupt. I got my food first except the class ditchers and sat against the window wall admiring the wonderful view of the outdoors. I was quietly eating watching the little children play at recess at the grade school across the way. I was enjoying myself peacefully until Josh and Zayn came over and pushed me off the ledge making me fall dropping the plate and another boy slipped and fell right next to me. I got up and brushed myself off looking terrified at the boy laying on the floor. Louis' came over and stood watching amazed at me and the boy. Once he had suddenly grown taller as he stood up I noticed I tripped Liam. Liam got up close to my face yet he was taller and towered over my tiny body. I saw Louis' jump inbetween us and whisper into Liam's ear. 

"Ill let you go this time Bitch" His harsh voice rose.

I sat back down quietly at the ledge seeing the beautiful sunshine. I stood up and locked my knees wanting to pass out, wanting to see the end, I quickly started seeing black and I knew it was working. Soon I couldn't hear the loud voices of the kids in the cafateria, nor could I see the beautiful scenery or the children at play. I saw black. I felt a slight tap on the shoulder and remembering Zayn, Josh and Louis' never left. I slowly felt myself fall and everything was gone.


I woke up in a nurse's office in a slim bed. She looked over me and watched me carefully. As confused as I was, I sat up and asked her,

"How did I get here?" 

"Well, you see a student by the name Louis' caught you before your head slammed the ground. You may have went into a coma with a hard fall like that one, Mrs. Melanie. Your lucky." She smiled and handed me an ice pack. I stood up quickly and my legs started to wobble as I fell, big long arms caught me and I quickly turned around. Amazed I shook my head. Nope. He was here, He came for my rescue.  He's my bully, but my hero.

"Melanie thank god! Don't scare me like that! okay?" 

Confused I quickly slapped myself and looked at him worriedly pulling on his cheeks and touching his face trying to make out if this was really him. His perfect bone structure said it all. 

"Yea I am.......


Hang Gliderr!!! Who's it going to be? Josh? Zayn? Liam? Louis'???

Comment!! Please read my other book as well, Untamed Demon's!!

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