Always ~A Justin Bieber Story~

"What happened?" I chocked as the tears continued to rush down my cheecks. "What do you mean?" He kept his gaze down to the ground. "What happed to the Justin that I met three years ago on that plane?" He shot his head up to look at me. "I'm still that kid, nothings changed!" He looked at me with pleading eyes. I shook my head and let out a strained chuckle wipping my face from tears. "Everythings changed."


3. Chapter 3

The interview was a blur.  I was so nervous and practically blacked out throughout the entire thing. All I remember was question after question about me, and my music. Then Justin answering some questions about himself as well. 

I walked back into the dressing room grabbing my stuff when there was a knock a the door. Before I could even say come in Justin poked his head into the door. 

"Hey." He smiled. I gave him back a quick smile being polite. "So uh you did great today." He said. "Thanks. You to." I could feel the awkward that was forced upon this room. It stayed silent for a few more secrets. "So I was wondering if you wanted to hang out together sometime. You know, catch up a little bit." I looked at him thinking about what he just asked me. It caught me off guard completely.

"I guess thats fine. Text me the details because I have to go." "Okay." He smiled at me before leaving the room. What the hell just happened?

"So let me get this straight, you don't like him yet you are going to hang out with him?" Levi said. I sipped the last bit of my smoothie and nodded my head.

After the interview me and Levi went out for some smoothies and to have a mini recap of the days events.

"He probably likes you." She smirked. I playfully rolled my eyes at her. "No he doesn't because he barely knows me." "His millions of fans barely know him and yet they love him." I laughed at her terrible attempt of a comparison. "I'm gonna get another smoothie, want one?" I asked her. She shook her head.

"One strawberry banana smoothie please." I said to the cashier who looked a little younger than me. She smiled really wide and nodded. 
"Um can I please have your autograph, I'm a really huge fan." She asked sweetly. "Sure!" She handed me a napkin and a pen. I quickly signed it and handed it back to her. "Thank you so much!" She squealed. I smiled politely and walked down to the other end of the counter to wait for my smoothie.

"You must get a lot of that huh?" A voice said behind me. I turned around and saw one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen. He had dark brown hair that was hidden under a beanie but was still partially visible in the front. His crystal  blue eyes were absolutely breath taking.

"Um yeah i guess you could say that." I finally said. "I bet. Must get tiring after a while." "I guess but I love my fans so its also really rewarding." I said. "You seem to really love what you do. I'm Chris by the way." She said flashing me a gorgeous smile. "Ash." He laughed. "Yeah I know." I felt myself blush.

"Strawberry banana smoothie?" One of the workers said putting my drink on the counter. "Thats me." I said grabbing it. "So hey, if its not to random, would you wanna  go out sometime?" He asked. "Yeah, I would really like that." We exchanged numbers and said good bye.

"Hm I wonder what could have taken so long to order a smoothie. Could it have had to do with that cute guy that you were talking to?" Levi smirked at me. "Maybe." I smile taking a sip of my smoothie.

"Uh huh and what about Justin?" "What about him, we're not dating. Hell we're barely even friends!" Me and Justin were going to just hang out as friends. Me and Chris on the other hand. Well hopefully we'd be more than friends.

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