It was suppost to be Forever...

"It was suppost to be Forever" is about two best friends who think they will spend the rest of their lives together. But when they get to highschool... Everything changes.
Read to find out what happens.


2. New Friend

9 PM...

im just sitting in my room waiting for Selena.. Maybe she got caugh up in traffic..

IL just send her a text.

"hey Sel, were are you? almost here?"


8:30 AM

"hey Bella, sorry we didn't get to hang out last night.. But I was thinking that we should take a break as friends. Just for a little bit."

WHAT!? take a break! friends don't just "take breaks". Whatever, if she wants to take a break then I guess that's what we will do!

I'm not sure how long I can handle not seeing my best friend .. It's so hard. She was my other half. But who am I kidding. She doesn't need me. She's perfectly fine without me. A tear raced down my cheek. I just have to find other people. That's it !




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