It was suppost to be Forever...

"It was suppost to be Forever" is about two best friends who think they will spend the rest of their lives together. But when they get to highschool... Everything changes.
Read to find out what happens.


3. Moving on

5:35 am.

Morning already ...

I got to school and I saw my neighbor Hannah.

"Hey Hannah!" Walking over to her.

She could care less .

Alrighty then. See you later .. Not.

I walked into English hoping not to be called on for anything. I would rather not do anything all day , but I couldn't let my grades slip over this. We have gotten new seats and I was sat envy to Kendall. She's so sweet. We were talking and before I knew we were talking all the time non stop for 2 weeks

That means it has been 2 weeks since Selena & I haven't been friends. It really wasn't affecting me as much anymore. I've actually been 10x happier and lighter since we have stopped talking.

I got home after a busy day of school & say on the couch and went on Twitter.

I saw that Selena tweeted a status to me an hour ago

@seleeeena @beeellaboo : She has moved on:( me best friend doesn't need me anymore.

Wow .. Let me get this straight. She is trying to make me feel bad for what she did !? She was the one who told me we need to "take a break"


Hi! Going good so far ? Sorry I haven't been updating lately. Winter break is almost over ad I have been getting my school stuff back together. We'll let me know know how this chapter went please ?(:

Thanks loves !


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