You'll Never Know

Hannah Was just another girl who loved to tattoo. What happens when 2 guys enter her life? Will she choose Oliver Or Oscar


4. Tattoos

"So that guy from starbucks" Oliver spoke over the loud tattoo machine

"Was he your boyfriend" He asked and i shook my head, to concentrated

"We met just yesterday" I spoke, still shading in his tattoo

"Well that kiss didnt seem like it" He spoke and i nodded

"Things went pretty well in one day" I spoke and furrowed my eyebrows

"Why? Why am i even telling you this?" I said, mainly to myself

"Because your out of his league" He spoke and i stopped tattooing him

"I get it, hes attractive, but that doesnt mean you can call me ugly" I spoke

He laughed trying to keep his chest from moving, due to the pain of being tattoo'd

"I meant your to pretty for him" He spoke, trying to get eye contact with me

"Well that is non of your business" I spoke, taking the needle off the tattoo gun

"I think you should come back next week, so that i can put more detail in your tattoo

He nodded and i smiled lightly at him, while handing him some gauze

"This will help it" I spoke and he nodded

"You know that your one of the most beautiful girls ive ever seen" He spoke

"Yeah, but she's mine, so arent i lucky" I heard behind me, and turned to see Oscar

"Hi love" I spoke and kissed his cheek

"Hey babe" He spoke, and pulled me close to him, and i felt his glare at Oli

"Ill be right back Oscar, just need to go do the costumer reciept"

He nodded, and carefully watched us walk out the room

"He needs to loosen up" Oliver stated and i rolled my eyes

"How would you feel if a girl you liked was being hid on by another guy"

I spoke, punching in bottons on the touch screen computer up front

"I already know how that feels"

He spoke, and i turned towards him and he store into my eyes


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