You'll Never Know

Hannah Was just another girl who loved to tattoo. What happens when 2 guys enter her life? Will she choose Oliver Or Oscar


6. Oliver

I felt his hands trace my tattoos as i added detail to his tattoo

His touch was soft and careful, like oscars, but seemed to be more gentle

 I finished and turned to grab a warm wet towel

"Hannah" He said, and i turned again, wiping away the excess ink

"Yeah" I answered, carefully scanning my creation

"We need to talk" He spoke, slowly sitting up

"I love you"

He spoke, and i froze, looking up to see him running his hands through his hair

"I cant stop thinking about you, you run through my head 24/7"

I gulped,and set down the warm towel

Turning, our eyes met and my heart began to pound rapidly

"I cant" I whispered looking down and then heard sniffling

"Ive gone mad just thinking about you" He said and i looked back up

"I know your probrably freaked out, but its true" He spoke

I store into his eyes, scared saying anything would cause chaos

His eyes were wet and his body shook

Next thing you know, his lips slammed into mine

More like beggingly than passionatly

"Oli!" I squealed pushing him off....but odly missing it

"Im sorry" He whispered and swollowed the lump in his throat

"Ill just go, i already paid" He spoke, putting on his shirt and rushing out

I watched him, he was shaking and in shock

He turned back and our eyes connected 

His eyes, full of sorrow and regret

But it only made my heart hurt

Because i.....was full of hope and happiness

I touched my lips, missing the feeling of his being there

Then regret and guilt ran through me and i sighed

I put my hands on my head and rubbed my temple

This was happening to quick, and i felt so stressed

But it made me realize one thing

I was completely and inlove with Oscar

I dont know how it helped me realize this but it did

Im inlove with him

And now... i have to tell him

"Hey babe, i just saw Oli running out of here crying like a-" 

I turned and his eyes turned sad and confused

"Why are you crying babe?" He said, and my eyes widened wiping away the tears

I sniffled and wiped it away, turning back and smiling

"I need to tell you somthing" I spoke and he raised an eyebrow

" I love you" I whispered and he smiled

" I know" He said goofily and i groaned

"Your not listening" I spoke and his face showed confusion

I swallowed the dry lump in my throat and sighed

" Im completely and crazily...inlove with you"

I whispered and his eyes became teary

"Im inlove with you to" He whispered and hugged me

I giggled at his tight warm hug, but then felt guilty

I need to tell him about Oliver

But i dont want him to hate me for somthing that ive done

I love him...and i dont want to loose him

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