You'll Never Know

Hannah Was just another girl who loved to tattoo. What happens when 2 guys enter her life? Will she choose Oliver Or Oscar


5. Jealous

2 weeks later


"So who was that guy you were talking to at your shop a while back?"

Oscar asked and i giggled

"Why? are you jelly?"I asked, jiggling like jelly

"No"He spoke with a tight obvious goofy smile

"Because your so perfect, i dont want other guys looking at you"

He interwinded our fingers and kissed my cheek

"Where are we heading?" I asked and he chuckled

"I have a show tonight at some bar, but some of my girl friends are coming"

He said, squeezing my hand a little bit more

"Oh so im not your only girlfriend" I frowned and he smirked

"Your the only one for me babe" I smiled and he kissed me softly

He swung our arms a little, and we finally got to the car

I hopped in, and he leaned in towards me, kissing me once again

"You have th most amazing lips" I spoke and he chuckled

He store into my eyes, and kissed me once more

"Your lips are even better" I smiled, and he closed my door

He ran arround to the other side

"Time to go to the show" He cheered and i threw my hands up

"Wooooo!!: I cheered and he shook his head at my sillyness


The bar was packed, and Oscar was already performing onstage

I took a swig of a shot, due to the girls screaming 'I want your babies'

And 'Marry me' and 'Ill fuck you till your sore'

Yeah, its not much fun standing in the crowd of fangirls

I watched him have fun, completely embracing his fans love

He was such a sweet guy, its so amazing

Once the show was over, he had a meet and greet

As i walked over, i noticed a girl touching him, and kissing his cheek

She looked like he was being dry humped by her

I frowned and he seemed to try to push her off, but didnt want to seem mean

So she just kept kissing and dry humping him

I felt myself tear up the more i watched, and looked away not wanting to cry

I felt more tears well up, as more girls came and did the same thing

Now i was crying and didnt even notice it

"Are you ok?" A girl asked me and i nodded, smiling while my eyes poured

"Yeah, just fine" I spoke, turning and walking away

What a great way to end the night


Oscar approached the door, with his usual cheerful self

I hadnt said anything to him, since this is the first time id seen him since the meet and greet

He noticed i was upset and sighed, not saying anything to keep me from getting mad


We entered my front door, and oscar dropped his stuff by the coat rack

"Whats wrong babe?" He asked and i felt my stumach flip

"Its stupid, dont worry about it" I spoke and he scoffed

"When it comes to you, nothings stupid" He spoke and i smiled at his sweetness

"Well.." I mumbled and he grabbed my hand, and gave me the 'go on' look

"I saw all these girls ...and they seemed to..i dont know, its dumb"

I reasurred him and  he sighed, grabbing my chin, turning it towards me

I looked down and he lightly groaned "Look at me, Han"

I looked in his eyes, and felt him gaze into mine

"Your the only girl for me, no matter what my fans do, im yours"

I smiled, and leaned in to kiss him, and as if on purpose i deepened the kiss


We busted through my front door after having a hard time opening it

Our kiss still hasnt broken, and now we were heading to the bedroom

"Wait" I spoke, and ran off behind him

I shut the door and walked back to him

"Ok" I spoke and he smirked, kissing me again

His hands went from my waist to my thighs and i giggled

But then there was a pounding at the door

I groaned and walked to the door, looking through the peep hole

"Open up!" I heard a familier voice call and sighed

I opened the door, to my boss angrilly flaring his nostrils

"Hannah, you didnt come to work today" He spoke and i scoffed

"The calender said i had a day off" I almost yellled, causing Oscar to walk in

"It smells like weed" My boss said, and i could hear oscar laughing in the back

I bit my lip, keeping myself from laughing, due to oscar smoking a bud every day

"Is there a problem" Oscar asked and i sighed

"Love can you go get my calender" I asked and he nodded, putting the pipe back to his mouth

He turned to walk away and i looked back at my boss

"You know if you miss work like this, im going to have to fire you"

I dropped my jaw and furrowed my eyebrows

"Im the best artist you have" I spoke, not trying to be concieded

"I know, it would be a shame" He said sarcasticly

I rolled my eyes and Oscars heavy footsteps and strong scent entered the room

"Catch" He called out and i did, opening it to November

"November 8th, no work, day off" I spoke, pointing at the written on calender

"I guess ill go then" He spoke, glaring at Oscar and walking away

I sighed, closing the door and turning towards oscar

"Wanna hit?" He asked and i shrugged

"Not really my thing" I whispered and he nodded, putting out the lit pipe

"Babe" He whispered and i turned to him, seeing sad eyes

"Oliver stopped by today" He spoke and i raised an eyebrow

"What do you mean?" I asked and he sighed

"While you were sleeping, he came by and asked me to give you this"

He handed me a folded up piece of scrap paper

I unfolded it, and read the words 'crowlington park, midnight'

I sighed, crumbling up the paper, and tossing it in the trash

"I dont need this" I spoke and he nodded kissing me softly


It was about 11:45 and i looked to see Oscar sound asleep

Its been bothering me , what would Oliver want to talk about at midnight

Finally, I gave in, and got up

I pulled on my sweater and sweat pants carefully

I soon was out of the house, and in my car


I opened the door to find an empty dull park

"Oliver" I called out and waited for a response

After no response, i unlocked my car but then heard my name called

"Hannah" Oliver called out and i turned, seeing him with a blunt

"Hey" I spoke, hugging myself from the cold air

"Hi love" He pirtched and threw down the burnt rolled up paper

"So why did you want me to meet you here?"

I asked and he sighed, coming closer

"I really like you Hannah" He spoke, looking down, kicking  the dirt

"And i know you have a boyfriend, but just hear me out"

I nodded, stuffing my frozen hands in my pocket

"You've been on my mind since we last talked

And now that i see you almost everyday, it kills me to see you with him"

I groaned, fiddling with my fingers, feeling uncomfertable

"If you brought me here to tell me that, it wouldve been better over the phone"

I spoke, turning to get in my car

"Hannah, wait" He yelled and i turned to see him close behind me

He automatically hugged me, making me stiffen up

"Goodnight" He whispered in my ear and i nodded, getting back in my car

The smell of smoke and clounge clung to my cloths

Fuck, Oscars going to know

I got home and opened the door, to find oscar on the couch crying

"Oscar" I spoke, taking off my sweats

"Im sorry" I whispered and he chuckled, pulling out his phone

"Its fine, i heard everything" He spoke and i raised my eyebrow

"You butt dialed me" He whispered and set his phone down

"Then why are you crying love" I asked , sitting next to him

"I uhm...." He whispered and sniffled, whipping his nose

"Im just....confused..." He spoke, looking at me and grabbed my hand

"Why would you love me, when you can do so much better?"

I raised an eyebrow and he chuckled, shaking his head

"What do you mean?" I asked and he sighed

"I searched him up, and he is one of the most famous singers in Europe"

He said, and looked down at our hands, tears falling on our fingers

"Youd be better off with him" He spoke and i chuckled shaking my head

"I dont want him, i want you" I spoke, and kissed him softly

He nodded and we walked to the room, fixing it up, and cuddling next to eachother

"Goodnight" He spoke, kissing my neck

"Goodnight" I snuggled deeper into his neck and smelled nature

Like when we were on the mountians

And memories flooded back into my head,causing me to fall

Into a deep....deep....sleep

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