You'll Never Know

Hannah Was just another girl who loved to tattoo. What happens when 2 guys enter her life? Will she choose Oliver Or Oscar


3. Good Morning

I awoke outside, forgeting what happened last night

I turned to see a man laying by me, and began to freak out

Untill i realized what happened

I sighed in relief and relaxed, knowing he could do no harm

"Oscar" I whispered, shaking him slightly

He groaned, sitting up quickly, and rubbing his eyes

"Goodmorning beautiful" He spoke, kissing my cheek

I smiled lightly, and rubbed his arm, due to it being chilly

"Goodmorning" I whispered and he opened his arms to hold me

I giggled while we got into a position to where i was inbetween his lap

"So do you want to head home, get cleaned up, get coffee, and you can head to work?"

I thought about it, its not a bad idea

"What time is it, I left my phone in the car" I spoke, feeling my cloths for it

"Its 4:32" He spoke, closing his phone, and putting his head on my shoulder

"Yeah that sound good, i dont go in till 10" I leaned more into his arms and sighed

"Lets just stay here for a while longer" I whispered and he nodded

His head laid on my shoulder and kissed my cheek, once again

His lips were soft and moist, and full

I smiled to myself, because i was lucky this even happened to me

Who wouldve thought i would be here with a guy i barley knew

If someone wouldve told me id do this 2 days ago, i would laugh in their face

But now im hear, looking at the sunrise, with a very sweet guy

And nothing could get better

"Hannah" He spoke and i hummed as if saying 'go on'

"I found this tattoo on you" He pointed to my heart with a cross through it

"Yeah?" I asked, confused why he was saying this

"I have the same one" He spoke,lifting up his jeans

I laughed, not seeing that coming and he softly giggled and kissed my forhead

"Your so big, its very attractive" I spoke, finally complementing him

"Well your tine, and its adorable" He spoke and i stuck my tounge out at him jokingly

"Lets get heading home" He whispered in my ear and i nodded

We began to pack up the trash and stuff we brought last night

And once we were finished, we ran downhill laughing because we couldnt stop

We finally got to the end, and i breathed heavily, catching my breath

"Come on" He exclaimed throwing me over his shoulder

I bursted out laughing and my breath became staggered

He ran with me on his shoulder untill we got to the car

He set me down against the car and we laughed until both of our eyes met

We smiled like idiots while staring in eachothers eyes

"Your perfect" He spoke and quickly pecked my lips

I giggled, and gave him another small kiss

But he held the kiss longer, and unlocked the car behind my head

The sudden noise made me jump, and he just chuckled


We were back at the shop, and i found my keys on the headboard of his car

"Ill see you in a few" I whispered and he nodded, and we kissed once again

We hugged once more, and then i opened the door, exiting the car

I felt myself blush while he watched me get into my car safely

And once i was in, he headed off, leaving me to think about last night

God it was so perfect

Hes perfect, but ive barley met him, and i feel like ive known him all my life

I started the car and was off to the house


Starbucks smelled strong of coffee like usual and I sat alone waiting for Oscar

Soon a man walked in, and i turned to see oscars bright smile and his lovely tattoos

"Hello lovely" He spoke, kissing my cheek and hugging me

"I'm gonna go order my drink, be right back"

I nodded and he kissed me softly

I took a sip of my cuppacino and grabbed my napkin,

wiping the foam away from my mouth

In the corner of my eyes, i could see a man staring, and he seemed off 

As if someone was trying to talk to him, but he was distracted

"Im back" He whispered and i smiled lightly, ignoring the man staring


We finally finished our coffee and it turned 9:45 so now i was on my way to the shop

I parked and headed inside to find the man from the coffee shop

"Hi i have an appointment today with hannah snowdon"

He spoke and i gulped, still freaked that that was him

"Name?" I asked and he chuckled, stuffing his hands in his pockets

"Oliver Sykes"

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