You'll Never Know

Hannah Was just another girl who loved to tattoo. What happens when 2 guys enter her life? Will she choose Oliver Or Oscar


2. Beauty At Its Finest

I walked out, and began searching for my keys in my purse

"Hannah!" I heard a voice yell and quickly turned to see Oscar

Leaning against the pillar outside the shop

"Oscar, its almost midnight" I spoke in a playful manner, hugging him slightly

"Well i figured we could pick up food and ride to the mountains" 

His eyes were sincere and caring while staring down at mine

"Why the mountain?" I asked, still watching his eyes

"Because were going to watch the sunset" He spoke inter winding our fingers


"Oscar" I laughed as he pulled me along the rocky steep hill

"Come on, its almost time" He yelled and we finally got there

Once we reached the top, he laid out the big fluffy blanket,

and i opened the 2 boxes full of fruits

We laid down and looked out at the stars

"You know what" He spoke and i could feel his eyes on my face

"What?" I asked and turned looking in his eyes

"I just met you....and i feel so drawn to you" He spoke and i giggled

"Seriously....your the only girl i started off meeting like this" He spoke and i blushed

"Well your the only guy who i ever let take me out this late" I said bluntly

"Feel special, because i love my sleep"

I shoved a strawberry in my mouth and he smirked

"Hannah" He spoke softer than usual

"Yes?" I asked, making myself seem like the most innocent person in the world

"After this....we'll see each other again, right?"

My face heated up and i nodded, putting my hand on his cheek

"It would be a shame if we wouldn't" I spoke and he looked at my lips

"Hannah, can i um..." He paused and then went on" Can i kiss you?" 

He seemed nervous, but of coarse, we had just met

I bit my bottom lip in thought and nodded, looking down at his lips

He began to lean in, and i laid back, while he hovered over me

Our breath was quick but a little heavy

Almost gasp like

I just met this very attractive guy, and hes about to kiss me

He was a centimeter away,and it drove me crazy

I closed the kiss, putting my hand behind his beanie

His lips spread in a smile, as the kiss went on

We pulled away, and store into eachother eyes

like the song 'if im james dean, your audrey hepburn '

I fell inlove from the moment we kissed

And from now and after..itll be history

I leaned back into his arms and we cuddled while watching the stars

The sky was purple and then,there it was 

A small sliver of the sun came up

I snuggled deeper into his arms, and he held onto me tightly

The sun rose slowly, but it was perfect

Then i felt my eyes get heavy, and a kiss was planted on my head

And I fell into a deep...deep...sleep

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