The Girl With The Broken Glasses - On Hold, Editing

I met her under one of the most unusual circumstances. I never knew she would have a strange impact in my life. I never knew she'll become a part of me. And I never expected her to leave my side.


3. Chapter Two - Smile


I watched as the students silenced themselves into whispers and avoided me by pushing themselves further into the walls as soon as I entered the school building.

I've only been in this place for a week, at the same time classes began and the students are already afraid of me. I know it's because I got my father's eyes. They tend to make me look like I was always angry even though I really wasn't.

And it also doesn't help that I was never really the type to socialize willingly.

I looked down at the floor as I walked towards my locker and just like that, the students resumed whatever they've been doing before I arrived. I tried covering my eyes with my fringe but it never worked. Just a breeze, and then my hair gets blown away.

The small mirror I attached inside my locker door reflected that my eyes were showing again. I pulled my dark gray beanie down so my hair was pushed further onto my face.


My first class was Physics. This was actually the first time I was going to attend this class since the first day of school. I have been spending my first hour in the library, just sitting there doing nothing. The last school I attended had advanced Physics so I basically already know the topics.

But today the library was closed for some reason. So I had no choice but to go to the classroom.

I opened the door and immediately the room fell into silence. I was looking at the floor as I walked and I sneaked a glance at the room to look for a seat. Conveniently, there was a vacant chair in the back, next to the window so I headed there.

One of the basketball players, I recall his name being Mark, disguised his word into a cough, "Freak."

I did my best not to fling my fist at his face.

I dropped my bag on the floor next to my desk and looked out the window and waited for the class to start and end.


I heard the door open and close then the room was suddenly filled with giggles and snickers.

"It's the loser again," the redheaded boy who sat in front of me whispered to his seatmate. They whispered some more and then they erupted into laughs.

Then I heard a thump and books falling. If possible, the noise in the room became louder.

"Very funny, Mark," said a very familiar voice.

I turned to finally look at the commotion and saw that girl, Josie, standing up from the floor and dusting her knees. She bent down to pick up her books while the boy sitting on the desk near where she was standing was snickering like crazy. Her dreadlocks were following her movements. The bullying was so obvious but she seemed to be ignoring it.

When I thought she was going to lash out at him when she turned to face him, she smiled instead.

"I'm glad I made your day," she said to him. Then she addressed the whole class, "I'm glad I made your day, you guys."

I looked down at my hands on the desk and they were clenched into tight fists. What the... Why should I care? It's none of my business... Realizing it, I immediately released them.

Suddenly the chair beside me was moved. I looked at the person and saw Josie sitting down.


"Hi," she smiled that bright smile again.

I didn't know we had a class together... Oh yeah, I never attended this one before.

I noticed a bruise was forming on her palm.

"So, where have you been? How come you attended this class just now?" she asked.

"None of your business," I muttered.

She pouted and sighed.


In the middle of class discussion, Josie turned to me.

"Why don't you smile?" she asked. Her doe eyes concentrated on my face.

I scoffed and looked down at my hands. Why are my hands sweaty all of a sudden?

Something soft and warm touched my forehead. I looked up and realized Josie's index finger was between my eyebrows. She then pushed it upward, removing my frown.

"There," she said, pulling her finger back, seemingly satisfied. "If you remove that frown of yours, you don't look that scary."

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