Meeting the One Direction Boys!

Selene and Gabby never expected to meet one direction. They were regular girls like us but what will happen when one direction saw them. Will they fall in love or become just friends. Would it be like a fairy tale life or a crazy life.


1. Normal Day

This is my first story so I hope you guys like it. Don't be afraid to tell me ideas to improve my writing. :) It's kinda short but i'll write more longer later on.

Selene P.O.V
Today was testing day! Yayy! We are so excited (sarcastically). My name is Selene and I'm at this horrid place called high school. It's different from what they say in T.V. I am a senior, so this is my last year here. Nothing is in my mind except for ONE DIRECTION. Yes, I am a directioner. I would do anything to meet them. I am a normal girl just wanting what every directioner wants and that's to meet them and become awesome friends. Imagine meeting them and becoming friends. OMG TOTALLY FANGIRLING. I was still in my daydream when someone snap me out into reality. It was my best friend Gabby. The best thing about my friend is that we both love one direction. I wasn't really paying attention but something caught my ear. My eyes grew widen. I heard what she said. One direction was going to be in L.A for a concert. OMG this can be our chance to meet these amazayn singers.

Gabby's P.O.V
I knew Selene wasn't really paying attention to me but I knew how to get her attention. I had to tell her the big news. I told her that the handsome One direction would come to L.A for a concert. I know how much she wants to meet them but come on let's be realistic. We would never meet them because we were just ordinary girls. I didn't say this to her because I didn't want to burst her bubble. She was pretty excited. 

Selene P.O.V
I was literally screaming. I was really excited. I know I am acting like a 5 year old but I can't help it. You can say I'm pretty immature but that's how I am a fun, crazy, and exciting person. I don't have a boyfriend and think I would never have one. I am an ugly girl. I have long brown hair with glasses covering my brown eyes and kind of chubby. My friend Gabby over here is gorgeous. She has long blond hair with blue eyes and is really skinny. She is kind of short but she is perfect compare to me. I can't believe that she is still single. People were starring because I was screaming but I don't care. I got hit with some amazing news. I know that one direction would never give their attention to us because we were just some other fans. But we can never lose hope right. I snap back into reality and started to talk to my best friend Gabby about it. I asked her when was one direction coming. She replied,''in THREE days''. OMG!!! I might meet one direction in three days. It's Tuesday so they will be here at FRIDAY. We live in L.A but we will stay at a hotel close to the staples center so we can have a better chance of meeting them. We are going to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.  Am I really going to meet my idols. We aren't going to one of their concerts because they cost so much money. We didn't have enough money to go. It will be fun to go to one but that will never happen. We just have to wait and see....

The boys P.O.V ( Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam)
WHOAAAA!!!! WE ARE GOING TO L.A!!, we yelled. We were so excited to perform at the staples center. Paul was right there telling us about the concerts we were going to perform and the hotel we will be staying at. "We get to see those hot babes'', yelled Harry. We all chuckled. The only single people in this group are Harry and Me, Niall. I don't want to be single anymore, but I have to wait for my princess and I think she is finally coming. We were leaving in three days so we will get there at Friday. We will check in our hotel and get ready for the three nights we were going to perform. We would be staying at umm what was it called again, Oh yeah it's called the Ritz-Carlton hotel.


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