Meeting the One Direction Boys!

Selene and Gabby never expected to meet one direction. They were regular girls like us but what will happen when one direction saw them. Will they fall in love or become just friends. Would it be like a fairy tale life or a crazy life.


3. Gym Buddies

Selene's P.O.V
Gabby and I found the dance room after 10 minutes of searching. It was HUGE!! We stood there with our mouths open. We never been to a huge dance room so this was our chance to dance. I told Gabby to put on a CD so we can start dancing. I smiled when I heard what song she put. It was Everything About You by one direction. It wasn't really a dance song but it had a nice rhythm. We were dancing in the same time as each other, we were in movement. It was almost over and we were about to do our finishing moves but guess what. My shoes were UNTIED. I tripped and almost landed on my face but somebody's strong arms caught me in the last second..................

Gabby's P.O.V
Selene and I were dancing through the whole song. I felt like I was free and I moved with movement. I remember when Selene and I tried out for a dance school in London. It was one of the Bestest school for professional dancers. We didn't make it but that didn't make us stop what we love doing. I turned to Selene and she had the biggest grin on her face. We were about to finish but something happened and Selene started heading to the floor. Someone from behind us ran and grabbed Selene in the last minute. Who was it?....................................

Selene P.O.V
I couldn't see the person who saved me. He was covered in a hoddie and I couldn't see his face. My heart was still beating and that's when the mysterious man took off his hoodie. OMG I finally saw who it was. It was LIAM PAYNE. He then started talking to me.
''Are you alright", he asked.
I smiled and nodded. Was he here all along watching us dance.
"I couldn't help watching you guys dance, you guys dance amazing", he said.
I smiled and thanked him. He then introduced himself. Well duhhh we already knew who he was but we just went along with it.
''I'm Liam but I think you already know who I am", he said while pointing to my shirt.
I chuckled and said, " Yeah we are huge fans but don't worry we won't freak out". Liam was still holding me like he was protecting me but he saw that I was looking at his hands still holding me and he let go.
"Sorry", he said while blushing. I smiled and said it was fine. There was a long silence and then out of nowhere Gabby started laughing. I then asked her why was she laughing.
"It looks like you keep embarrassing yourself in front of the one direction guys", she said. She was right, I already embarrassed myself infront of Harry and Louis and now Liam.

Liam P.O.V
I was watching these girls dance. They were amazing just like Danielle. I miss her and the girl with the brown hair and glasses somehow reminded me of her. I know, it's weird. I then saw that the one with brown hair was about to fall so I ran and caught her in the last minute. I stared right through her beautiful brown eyes. They were gorgeous. OMG Liam snap out of it. You just miss Danielle, that's all. I took off my hoddie to receive myself and asked her....
''Are you alright".
(30 minutes later)
I learned the girls names already. The one with the brown hair with glasses is named Selene and the one with blond hair and blue eyes is named Gabby. They are like Danielle. They both loved to dance and liked the same things as her. They even teached me how to dance and that didn't went well. Gabby and Selene kept laughing when I would trip on my legs. They girls are different than other girls and I think we will turn out to Great friends.

Gabby's P.O.V
We've been hanging out with Liam for about 2 hours now. All of us were starting to grow closer and closer to each other. I think we will turn out to be Great friends, I just know it. I turned around to see Selene and Liam messing around and dancing crazy.  I thought Louis was the only crazy one and Liam was the Daddy of this whole group. I was wrong. I then heard someone talking.
"Do you guys want to go back to our room and hang out", he asked.
OMG our dream of meeting one direction is finally coming true. Selene and I turned around to look at each other and we both nodded.
"Yes we would love too", we said in the same time.
"Great we are in room 209 so be there in around an hour", he said.
That was the door right next to us. Who knew that we will next to the one and only One direction. I smiled and then blurted out...
"Hey we are right next to you guys", I said.
"That's great well see you guys later", he said.
He then left and left us there smiling and laughing.....

Selene P.O.V
Gabby and I stayed there for a while to talk.
"Can you believe we just meet like almost all the guys of one direction", Gabby said.
I smiled and said, "I know I can't believe it either but I hate the fact that I keep EMBARASSING myself infront of them. I hope I won't embarrass myself with Niall and Zayn".
"I bet you will and I will be there laughing my head off", Gabby said.
"Geez, thanks", I said. " Well we better go back and take and shower and look really cute" I said while laughing.

Liam P.O.V
I came back to a messy room. I looked around to see all the beds ruined and all the pillows on the floor. Ahhhh I always have to do all the work. I then screamed, "What happened here". I then saw 4 boys with wide open eyes freaking out.
"It was all Louis fault", said Harry.
"Yeah it was all Louis fault", said Niall.
"Yup it was definitely Louis fault", said Zayn.
"Heyy stop blaming me, it was all Niall and Harry fault", Louis said.
"I don't care who did it, I just want this room all organized and clean", I said.
"Yes Daddy", they all mumbled.
"Good because we are going to have some visitors", I said.
There face all lit up and asked, WHO?
I replied, "You'll find out soon, NOW I need you to clean".
They sighed and started cleaning. I hope all of this will turned out because I really like these girls as my friends and later on my Gym buddies.....

Niall P.O.V
The lads and I were thinking who our visitors were going to be.
"So, lads who do you think is coming", I said.
We were already finish cleaning and Liam was taking a shower and dressing up nicely.
"I have no idea, I asked Liam three times and he won't tell me", said Louis.
"I think it's some hot babes", said Harry.
Ahhh typical Harry.
"He just told me that we will really like "them", Zayn said.
"oh so its two people then", I said.
The lads and I kept wondering till we heard the door knock.

Selene P.O.V
Gabby and I are almost finish dressing up. I think we clean up pretty good.
I wore this outfit: 
 Gabby wore:   
We were all ready to go over. I was so nervous but Gabby gave me a warm smile to calm me down. I hope I won't embarrass myself AGAIN. Gabby and I got out of out room and headed next door. I knocked and someone opened it.
He opened it and said  "Hello there"..........

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