Meeting the One Direction Boys!

Selene and Gabby never expected to meet one direction. They were regular girls like us but what will happen when one direction saw them. Will they fall in love or become just friends. Would it be like a fairy tale life or a crazy life.


4. Friends

Selene P.O.V
"Hello there", he said.
I can recognize the familiar Irish accent from anywhere. I look up with the biggest grin on my face. I then realized that I was right, it was the one and only..... Niall Horan. He is my favorite from the other ones. He is my special snowflake. He was starring right at me and I was too. His beautiful colored blue eyes shining and gazing toward me. He then snap me out from my thoughts. I then spoke up.
"Hi, is Liam here?', I said.
"You aren't fans right, because if you are you aren't suppose to be here, Sorry".
"Oh no we are friends with Liam", I said
He was about to say something else but someone cut him off.
"SELENE!!, GABBY!!! Come on in", Liam said.
Niall then opened the door all the way to let us go in. We walked in and saw all the One direction boys sitting down on the couch. Liam then clear his throat and spoke up.
"Guys I want you to meet Selene and Gabby'', Liam said.....

Niall P.O.V
I went to open the door to reveal 2 beautiful girls. They looked beautiful, both of them. The one that caught my attention was the one with the brown hair and glasses. She looked amazing with her white shirt with a flowery skirt. I then realize that I was starring through her beautiful eyes. She was doing the same with a smile. She then spoke and said if Liam was here. I then asked a stupid question, it sounded rude and stupid.
"Are you fans or something because if you are you can't be here, sorry", I said.
They answered and I was about to ask them another question but someone cut me off. I then turned around to see it was Liam with a huge smile on his face.
"SELENE!!, GABBY!!. Come on in, he said.
Those were beautiful names for beautiful girls. I then heard 2 thank you's. I then turned around to see them smiling. OH MY GOSH I just said that a loud. I then blushed and say your welcome. God that was embarrassing. They then walk in and Liam cleared his throat and spoke up.
'Guys I want you to meet Selene and Gabby".........

Louis P.O.V
OMG!! It was the same girls Harry and I met at the hallway. I stood there shock and saw Harry with his mouth open. I then closed his mouth and chuckled. These girls looked gorgeous tonight. They really are.....even prettier than el-.Whoa, hold up what did I almost say. Did I almost say that these girls were more prettier than Eleanor. That's nonsense. I barely saw and talk to these girls and I'm starting to like them. HAHA. That's crazy, I probably just miss Eleanor. I think that these girls and I would be perfect friends and that's all...... I then saw that no one was getting up to say hi, so I guess I have to be the first one.....

Harry P.O.V
It was the same hot babes we met at the Hallway. God, they look gorgeous tonight. Both of them do. Especially Selene. She looked the most cutest. I have to get to know them better because I think I'm falling hard for Selene. She is different from the other girls I dated these past years. She is quiet and shy but I know deep inside, she'll be the coolest person ever. I'll like to be more than friends. Niall can have Gabby while I get Selene. I then saw Selene and Gabby biting their lip. I then realized that none of the boys have stood up and said hi. Even I was there with my mouth open but then Louis closed it for me. I then snap out and got up and walked toward them.......

Zayn P.O.V
These girls in front of me are gorgeous. I've never seen anybody as gorgeous as them. Well except for my girlfriend, Perrie.  I bet these girls and I would turn out to be best friends. They are different from the other girls. They are all calm. These girls will be perfect for Niall and Harry. I then realized that none of the boys have gone up and said hi. The boys were just with their mouths and that was funny but then I realized that I was too. I then got up to go introduce myself..........

Niall P.O.V
All the guys had their mouths open. HAHA. Well figured because these girls are gorgeous. They look absolutely amazing. I haven't meet these girls but I think I'm falling hard for them. I think I'm falling hard for Selene. She is different from other girls, even Gabby. She is quiet and shy but I know she is a amazing person when you get to know her. I think I found my princess already. She was there standing right in front of me. Harry can take Gabby. I then realized that none of the boys have gone up and greet them. Well I'll be the first one....... 

Liam P.O.V
"Guys I want you to meet Selene and Gabby", I said.
When they walked in all their mouths were open. Well who wouldn't because these girls are gorgeous.  Even gorgeous than Dani-. Whoa what am I saying. I love Danielle and that's all, but when I saved Selene by falling and starring into her brown eyes everything changed. I think I like her. WHAT??? What am I saying, these girls are just my best friends and that's all. I just miss Danielle and that's all........ I then turned to see Selene and Gabby biting their lip nervously. I then realized that none of them came up but they soon did.........

Gabby P.O.V
Selene and I stood there biting our lip nervously. None of the guys have came and greeted us. They just sat there with their mouth open. HAHA. They better close their mouth so no flies would come in. OMG, they are all so beautiful and talented. I can not believe Selene and I are so lucky to meet them.  We are just some ordinary girls that came to go see them and well we got it. We are here standing in front of them waiting for them to come up and greet us. We just stood there nervously. Why haven't they got up....then finally they did....

Selene P.O.V
Gabby and I stood there biting our lips nervously. We have been waiting for them to come up and say hi. They were there with their mouths open staring at us. That made me felt insecure and nervous. But all of that ended when they got up. They all got up in the same time and started chuckling. I stood there with a smile when they were right in front us. They all say hi and gave us hugs. I liked the hug that Niall gave me. I turned to see Gabby with the widest grin ever. They then spoke up.
"Sorry we didn't got up and greeted you guys", they said.
"oh Haha that's ok", I said with a smile.
"Well it's awesome seeing you again Selene and Gabby", Harry and Louis said.
"What do they mean", Liam said.
"Oh Gabby and I have already met Louis and Harry when we were heading to the Gym", I said.
"Oh so you guys exercise", Niall said.
I was about to say something but Liam cut me off.
"No, they are dancers and they dance amazing", Liam said.
I stood there with a smile and blushed.
"Well we aren't amazing, because I almost fell on my face", I said.
They all started laughing even me.
"I think you have some bad luck because you keep embarrassing yourself in front of them", Gabby said.
They all laughed and Harry, Louis, and Liam nodded.
"Well you haven't embarrass yourself in front of Niall and Zayn", Harry said.
"Yeah and let's keep it like that", I said smiling.
"Awww we wanted to see you do something embarrassing", Niall and Zayn said.
"Haha well too bad", but I shouldn't have said nothing. Something embarrassing happen and it was the worst.......... but it hurted

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