Meeting the One Direction Boys!

Selene and Gabby never expected to meet one direction. They were regular girls like us but what will happen when one direction saw them. Will they fall in love or become just friends. Would it be like a fairy tale life or a crazy life.


2. A Surprise

Selene P.O.V
It's already Friday!! Yayy!! I've been waiting for this day to come. We are in the car right now blasting with the song, "Kiss You". We are heading to the hotel that we reserved and it was packed. I stood there with my eyes widen when I saw hundreds of girls standing outside. It started from the main entrance to the hotel all the way down the street. I turn around to see Gabby's expression and she was freaking out. Oh yeah I forgot did we mention that we are both CLAUSTROPHOBIC. We headed quickly to the hotel already freaking out. I couldn't breath . I felt a couple of hands pushing me forward. I turned around to see my friend Gabby's eyes wide open and freaking out. We  were finally at the front door and saw a bunch of security guards out there. "Great", I yelled. They wouldn't let us in and I was scared. All the girls from behind me were and pushing and screaming trying to get in. Who is here that is making all these girls excited and screaming their head off. My ears were about to explode. The security guards finally told the girls to back up. They finally did what the security guards told them to do. Then we went up to tell them that we were going to stay at the hotel. They finally let us through and I was curious. I was thinking who was here so I asked the security guard an important question. "Why is all these girls doing here and screaming their heads off", I asked. The guard answered saying, "oh just a couple of famous people that are staying here". I left with my answer still unsolved. Eh it's probably like Justin Bieber or something. I kept thinking till Gabby snap me out to reality.....

Gabby P.O.V
OMG that was crazy. Never in my whole life saw that happen. I was totally freaking out since Selene and I are claustrophobic. There were hundreds of screaming fans outside all crowded up screaming. What was that all about. Is there someone famous here staying at this hotel. It's probably Justin Bieber or something. I decided to check on Selene and see how she is doing. All I saw was the same thing I was doing........."thinking"

Selene P.O.V
Gabby asked me if I was alright and I nodded. I wasn't really but I don't want to ruin our little vacation.
We decided to go to the Gym in the top floor of this hotel. Did I ever tell you that Gabby and I love to dance. We started really young at age 6 and now we love to dance. I don't want to say that we are amazing but we are alright. They have a large dance room in the Gym. We decided to go up and dance the night away. We got dressed in our exercise clothes. I wore my favorite shirt with some sweat pants. Gabby wore (The one that says dance class). We were all ready and headed out....

Niall P.O.V
We finally checked in the hotel three hours ago. There were hundreds of girls already out there waiting for us. I am really hungry right now and Paul hasn't came back with our food. Harry and Louis were running around the room chasing each other because Harry took Louis phone. Zayn was at the bathroom checking and fixing his hair. Liam is changing to go head to the Gym on the top floor of this hotel and me, well I'm here starving to death. I've ate a sandwich and chips 30 minutes ago but I am still hungry. Then I heard a loud mumbled and turned around.....

Liam P.O.V
I got all the boy's attention and asked them if they wanted to come with me to the gym. Already knowing the answer, they said no. So Daddy Direction is going to the gym all by myself again. I was ok with it but I would like to have a gym buddy. I got to the elevator and pressed the button. God this tour is taking forever. I missed my girlfriend Danielle and I'm pretty sure Louis and Zayn miss their girlfriends too. "BING". The elevator door opened and I walked in. I then heard someone screamed, Wait hold the elevator". I tried to stop it but it was too late......

Selene P.O.V
We were walking out of our room to the hallway heading to the Gym. Our neighbors next door were really loud but we didn't mind. Probably  just teenage kids that went to a trip all by themselves. I saw a person going to the elevator and I tried to stop him so we can go in but it was too late. The elevator was already going up to the top floor. "Great,now we have to wait for another one". We were waiting for the next one but something caught my eye. I saw HARRY and LOUIS walking in the hallway. I was shocked and tapped Gabby and pointed at them. Her mouth drop open. OMG is this really happening but I act calm. I mean they are just normal persons and that's all and I think they will like to be treated like normal people. It's time to meet them.....

Gabby P.O.V
OMG. Harry and Louis from One direction were right there walking toward us. OMG and we look horrible, we are wearing our gym/dance clothes. But I can't freaked out because they are just normal persons like us and we got to treat them like normal persons. I turned to see Selene's expression and she had a smile on her face. She was calm like me but I know that we are both fangirling in the inside. I saw them stop beside us waiting for the elevator....

Louis P.O.V
Harry and I decided to go walk around the hotel. We were walking and saw some girls standing by the elevator waiting for one. I smiled and waved and them and they did the same. They weren't half bad. they were cute but I only had eyes on one women and that's my girlfriend Eleanor. Harry whispered to my ear and he said that they were hot. OMG my hazza, never growing up. I turned to see them and they were smiling and whispering to each other. I'm surprised that they haven't fangirl in front of us yet. I knew they knew us because I saw the girl with the brown hair and glasses wearing a shirt that says One direction. I smiled and told her........ I like your shirt.

Harry P.O.V
These girls right here were HOT. I like them because they are hot and they aren't those type of girls. They aren't screaming in our faces and jumping on us. They looked good with sweats and a t-shirt on. I think they are going to the gym on the top floor. Dang it I should have went with Liam to the gym. Something caught my eye and saw the girl with the brown hair and glasses wearing a one direction t-shirt. I smiled and was about to tell her I liked her shirt but Louis beat me to it. I need to know their names because I definitely wanted to see them again.......

Selene P.O.V
Louis told me he liked my shirt. I looked down and saw that I was wearing a one direction shirt. My eyes grew wide but I looked up and said thank you while blushing. OMG why am I blushing they just said that they liked my shirt. Then harry asked Gabby and I for our names. I introduced myself and my best friend. He replied saying that names are beautiful just like you guys. I blushed even more and was the only one!! Gabby was just there smiling and saying thank you. Gabby was the only one that was normal and I was the one that was nervous. I just stood there and smiled but when I turn around and saw Harry starring right at me. OMG do I have something in my face. I then heard three no's and I realized that I said that ALOUD. I just embarrassed myself in front of 2 famous persons. I then heard Harry chuckling from my embarrassment. The elevator finally came and I was the first one to get in. We then asked them if they were going up for the gym and they said no. Aww I wished they will come but eh they probably have better plans to do. We said our goodbyes and they left. I just met half of one direction and I just embarrassed myself.

Gabby P.O.V
We just talked to Harry and Louis from one direction. Of course I was freaking out in the inside but I was totally calm in the outside. I knew Selene hated that because she just made a complete fool of herself by saying do I have anything in my face. I knew that Selene would freaked out when she found out that Harry was looking at her. That's how much I know about her. I then asked if she had fun. HAHA. She gave me a sassy smile and tone. "Yes the best time in my life", she said. I smirked. The elevator bing and opened leading us to the Gym....

Zayn P.O.V
Harry and Louis came back and told us about how they met these girls. Harry immediately yelled saying that they were Hot. Ahhh typical hazza. I wasn't paying close attention because I already had an amazayn girlfriend. Her name is Perrie. I missed her so much and this tour is taking forever. I then glanced at Niall and saw him smiling. The only single people in the band were Harry and Niall. Louis and I were both laughing at what they were doing. They acted like girl teenagers. They were jumping up and down all excitedly. I can't wait to meet these girls and tell them what they were doing....


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