My stories!

So sorry, but this is NOT a story!
i repeat this is NOT A STORY!

well... i guess it kinda is... but its more a whole bunch of stories..
okay let me explain.
everyday i have at least 2 or more ideas for stories that i just HAVE to write down, so i thought

'How can i get these stories out of my head so that they stop bothering me?'

Sooooooooooo i thought up the idea of making a book where i just put in stuff like the first chapters or prologues that i think up, so that you can read them. So after that you can tell me which ones are your favorites and which ones you would like me to continue! i may not be able to do all of them but i will definently try!


1. Black Lynx


The rain came pouring down and the ceiling creaked under its immense pressure. The noise of the storm drowned out sound of my running footsteps and my panting breath. The sky lit up with light and a crack of thunder roared as if it were replying.

I ran like the world was about to end with Abigail hot on my heels, through the darkened halls of the sky scraper. I skidded around the corner, desperate not to miss the turn off.

When we arrived at the top floor I bolted to room 846, but as Abby bet me to the door she hissed in frustration.

"It's locked!" She shouted, trying to open it. "Step back!" I quickly advised her as I yanked out my gun. She complied and I shot the lock open, bursting into the room as it flew open. As I figured the bomb was situated in the middle of the empty room, allowing it to explode without anything in its path, as soon as the timer goes off. 

My eyes widened as the size of it. As I walked up to it I realized it stood at about 3 feet tall, reaching my waist.

I grabbed out my pliers and opened the cap at the top of the deadly weapon. "Shit... Theres son many wires" Abby hissed in a hushed voice. She was right, I could see at least 50 different wires all with different colors.

' Great... It's a Game Bomb..' I thought in frustration. Game Bombs were the newest invention and they were ... well lets just say they are NOT toys. Just one took out a whole planet and everything on it. Now they were planning on taking this one out too, damn those Cybocks. Evil bastards.

I leaned over and examined the wires, sweat plastering my dark brown hair to the sides of my face. My purple and blue orbs transfixed on the wires I was cutting, following my own movements with anxiety.

Max and Sean otherwise known as Red eagle and White wolf came in soon after dealing with the guards.

"Most of them are knocked out so we've got 30 minutes! So come on people lets get a move on!" Red eagle shouted.

"Black lynx is working on the bomb right now so opperation 7 is a go!" Abby otherwise known as lion heart shouted back.

"Well hows it coming along then Lynx?" he asked.

"If everybody could just shut up for a minute" I growled back completely forgetting the fact that I was adressing our leader. Red eagle arched his eyebrow at me and I nervously said "Sir" embarassed about my outburst.

Everyone was quiet as I clipped the next couple of wires, I swear the tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I was covered in sweat and my breath was desperately deep as I tried to keep calm. As I got to the last couple of wires my breath hitched when I heard the dramtic ticking of the clock and everything seemed to slow down in time. Everyones eyes were focused on me as I tried to figure out which of the remaining wires is right.

'the last 3 were blue... so it has to be.... GREEN!' I mentally shouted

I cut the wire and backing away we watched for the reaction.


Something was wrong...




Then I saw the timer speed up until the clock struck 0.





Huge shock waves were sent out and the windows and mirrors explode into pieces at the force. I saw Abby get pushed back and I ran over to sheid her from the next wave. But I was too late! Abby was thrown out of the shattered window, screaming in pain as shards of glass broke her skin. As she slipped off the building, I shot my hand out to hers barely grasping it as the next shock wave threw me off the edge and we both plumeted downwards.

We fell about 2 levels down before I could grab the side of the building and a sickining 'crack' was heard form my shoulder as it dislocated. I managed to hold us up but Abby's grip loosened and I looked down in shock as she yelled out





My shoulder was screaming in pain and the shock waves just kept coming as the sky turned an even darker grey from the storm.

"I'll be okay... Just let go... Just let go, my White lynx... It'll be okay" she soothed. As she tried to calm me I realized I was unconsciously loosening my grip but before I could tighten it again....

She fell.....

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I screached at the top of my lungs. Tears crept down my widened eyes and the cold harsh wind blew my hair around wildly.



I kept thinking one thing...

One thing that I could only blame myself for....







 '  I let go.... '


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