I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


8. The Kiss

Taylor had been acting strange since our, uh, second date and I had no clue why. OK I knew why, but how was I suppose to know Beth would just so happen to be at the same club we were at? And also, Harry and Taylor were kissing all night so Taylor shouldn't really be mad at me for having Beth as my girlfriend again. But ignoring me was getting annoying. She didn't want to talk to me when we ran into each other at Nandos and she kept ignoring my texts and a few of my calls. I just wanted to hangout with her. She was my friend and I wanted to see her. That's it, I'm going to her house. I can't tell Harry where I'm going, he'll ask questions. Liam? No, he'll ask questions too. No, they'll all ask questions. I'll call a cabby. Once I called the cab, I waited anxiously when Liam came over to me. No No NO!

'Where are you going mate?' Liam asked. Well I could always lie?

'Uh going to get some food, maybe have a drink' I lied, horribly.

'It's 11 in the morning Niall. Where are you going?' Liam pressed on

'If I tell you, you can't tell Harry' I said sternly.

'Why would I tell Haz?' Liam questioned.

'I don't know but you might. So don't. But I'm going to Taylor's house. I need to talk to her' I told him, regretting it as soon as the words left my mouth. Liam's eyes widen and he smiled.

'You like her don't you?' he asked, yet another question

'What no? She's my friend and has been ignoring me for a few days. I want to know why. Plus, I'm dating Beth.. Again' I said, feeling weird saying that I was dating Beth out loud.

'You honestly don't know why she hasn't talked to you in a few days?' Liam asked

'OK I know why. And I want to fix it. But my cabs here, I'll see you later man' I said rushing out the door. Once I got in, I told the driver the addressed and prayed he would drive faster. He kept hitting all the red lights and I was getting frustrated. I sighed loudly and he turned to face me.

'You in a hurry mate?' he asked, giving ME an annoyed look.

'Yes and no' I answered him. The light turned green and he went a little faster then what he was already going. Finally arriving at her house, I paid the driver and became EXTREMELY nervous. Why? I don't know. Maybe Harry is here, and they're snogging? No, she wouldn't invite him over. Or would she? No, she doesn't like Harry. She's too good for him. Ok Niall, just knock on the door. You need to fix things. Walking up to her door, I took a deep breathe and knocked. I waited for what seemed a century but she finally open the door. She didn't look to happy right now.

'Niall, hi!' she said, surprised.

'Taylor, look we need to talk, can I come in?' I asked, hoping for a yes.

'Shouldn't you be out with the boys, or better yet, Beth?' she asked, annoyed. Ok, so she was mad about the Beth situation, understandable.

'No, because we need to talk. You and I. Beth and the boys can wait until we're talking and friends again' I told her. She sighed and walked away from the door, leaving it open for me to follow. She sat down on the couch and that's when I realized how beautiful she looked. She was wearing just a normal pair of jeans and hockey sweater. She played hockey? No, never mind it was a team. Toronto Maple Leafs. Repping Canada I see. She wasn't wearing any make up and her hair was straightened. Wow. She looked up at me and waited for me to say something but I got nervous again.

'So? Explain' she said sighing.

'Ok, so first, I'm sorry our second date didn't go exactly as planned. I'm sorry that I got back together with my ex, o-on our second date, and I'm sorry you kissed Harry' I told her, getting more nervous

'Yeah, our second date didn't go the way I wanted but, things happened. Beth seems.. nice' she said, struggling to find the right word. She didn't say anything about kissing Harry.. Why?

'She's a great girl but I don't want to talk about her right now' I told her. She looked happy with that.

'Ok, well what else did you want to talk to me about?' she asked sitting up a bit

'Why have you been ignoring me?' I asked her. She looked surprised with that and look like she didn't want to answer.

'I-I haven't' she said looking down.

'Yes you have. I've called you, I've texted you, and when we saw each other at Nandos you ran out the door faster than I could eat. Why?' I told her.

'Fine. Because, you led me on Niall. You came to my house and I made you breakfast, you kissed my cheek then asked me on a second date. Then the next day we hung out and you held my hand the whole time, we then went to the club, and I find out Harry and I kissed, and you were back with your ex girlfriend. I didn't want to be around you, Beth, or Harry. I still don't. Because I know my feelings don't matter in this situation because we just met' she told me , getting upset. Great Niall. Look what you've done. You've always said you wouldn't be one of those guys who plays girls.

'I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I really didn't. But I would love for us to still be friends, because even though we just met, you're a great person to be around and I know the lads think so as well' I said, nervously. She didn't say anything for a few minutes and I knew she didn't want to continue as friends.

'Of course we can still be friends Niall' she told me smiling. Oh thank god!

'Good! Now how about we get some Nandos?' I asked, taking her hand, then realising it, remembering I had a girlfriend.

'Sounds great. I'll go get my keys' she said walking into her kitchen. Once she came out, we went out to her car and got in. We just talked about what happened the few days were we didn't talk. Once we arrived at Nandos I literally ran into it. Taylor came in and laughed at me. We sat down and ordered the same as last time. This felt like a real date, like we were dating and I completely forgot about Beth. I was having a great day.

'Thanks for coming to talk to me today Niall' Taylor said as we finished eating

'No problem, I couldn't let a cool chick like you get away' I said paying

'And I couldn't keep on ignoring the boy who I made breakfast for' she said getting up and laughing

'You're not going to let that go are you?' I asked laughing with her, as we walked out

'Nope and for two reasons only. It was our first date and I saved you from dying' she said unlocking her car. Once we got in, I realized she wasn't mad at me for anything anymore. Maybe I could hold her hand. I reached over and entwined our fingers and she did nothing. She completely forgot about everything!

'Do you want to come to my place or do you want me to drive you back to your flat?' she asked me smiling. She has the most amazing smile ever.

'I'll come to your house for a bit' I told her smiling as well. We arrived at her house and I couldn't hold it back anymore. I had to kiss her. We walked up to her door and she turned around to look at me and that's when I did it. I pressed my lips to hers and she didn't pull back. Fireworks went off, not real ones obviously, but there was a spark between us. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her fingers finding my hair and I placed my arms around her waist. We both pulled back with smiles on our faces.

'Wow' I said breathless. Her smiled automatically turned into horror.

'Oh my god' she whispered, bringing her hand up to her mouth, ran in her house and closed the door, leaving me to stare at her door. I was confused, but didn't think too much of it. I called a cab and all I could think about was that kiss..

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