I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


12. Niall, what are you doing here?

‘Ow! ' I mumbled hitting the cold floor. I looked up and saw Niall still sleeping. Deciding not to wake him, I looked at the time and saw I had to get ready school. After my shower, getting dressed and getting my things ready I saw that Niall saw still sleeping, I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and wrote;

Niall, had class and didn't want to wake you up. feel free to eat anything and let yourself out. I'll talk to you later ok? ~Taylor. And I put it on the table beside him. Grabbing my keys from the table, walking out the door, I got in my car and drove to the school. Ignoring all stares from everyone I walked into my classroom and sat in my seat. Class went by fast and I was onto my next class. Still ignoring stares. After that class it was 2:30 and I had to work in a half hour. Going back to my car, and driving home, I walked into my apartment and saw that Niall had left. I didn't really know what I had to wear to work so I just threw on some yoga pants and a white v-neck shirt. Walking out of my house I walked to the cafe. Walking in, I saw Parker, with his back towards me, making a coffee. Going up behind him, quietly, I let out a loud 'Hi Parker!' causing him to jump and drop the coffee all over the floor, causing me to break into a laughing fit.

'If you weren't so cute, and you didn't just get hired, you would definitely be fired right now' Parker said laughing and beginning to clean up the mess I made.

'If you could handle a little hi, then we wouldn't have a problem now would we?' I asked, helping him clean up.

'I can handle a hello, but when one sneaks up behind another, and practically shouts it, that's a different story' he answered standing up.

'Or, you get scared easily' I guessed, smirking.

'Not at all Taylor, now get to work. People need to be served' Parker said laughing. Taking people's orders and giving them what they wanted was actually more fun than I expected. I heard some great stories from strangers as I took their order.

'Taylor! Come here for a second please!' I heard Parker yell from the back. Once I reached it, the first thing I felt was the massive impact of ice cold water hit my skin. Parker started to laugh and I was too stunned to move or talk at first. After a few seconds of taking in what just happened, I started to laugh along side with Parker.

'Pay backs kind of a bitch' he said through his laughs.

'I don't recall getting coffee on you' I said, squeezing the water from my hair

'No, but I couldn't think of a better way to get you back' he said, looking down at my torso. Right. WHITE t-shirt. BLACK bra on.

'Or you just needed an excuse to be able to see through my shirt' I teased

'No, not at all. But uh, get back to work. Wait, do you need my sweater?' he asked, looking embarrassed.

'Nope' I said smiling, and walking back to take orders. Parker and I shared secret smiles and I had a good laugh at the reactions people were giving me due to my shirt. My shirt became draw as it came to closing time. As I was washing tables, Parker came too help me, smiling.

'I never thought I could have that much fun working' I told him

'Pranks mixed into the workplace are always fun' he responded.

'Especially when people give you strange looks for having a soaking wet white t-shirt on' I said laughing. We cleaned up the rest of the shop and walked outside. Parker locked the door and turned to me.

'Do you want to go grab a bite to eat?' he asked, looking directly into my eyes.

'Yeah that sounds great! I'm starving!' I answered smiling.

'Do you want to walk?' he asked

'Depends on where we're going?' I said, making it sound like a question

'Uh, Nandos alright with you?' he asked.

'Yeah that's fine. But we're not walking, that's so far from here. We can take my car' I said smiling and starting to walk towards my house, with Parker running up to my side. It took us roughly five minutes to get to my house and I unlocked my car and got in, with Parker beside me.

'This is such a girly car..' Parker groaned.

'Don't make fun of my baby' I said smiling and started to drive. Parker turnt on the radio, and coincidently, What Makes You Beautiful was on. Parker went to change it but I stopped him.

'You like this band?' he asked, raising an eyebrow.

'I'm friends with them actually..' I said, totally forgetting until now.

'No way, you're lying' Parker said smiling.

'Ok, if you say so..' I trailed off, not really wanting to talk about it. We drove for a few more minutes and arrived at Nandos. Now that Niall was the only subject on my mind, I prayed he wasn't here. Parking the car and turning it off, Parker and I got out and walked towards the door. Still hoping Niall wasn't here we walked up the greeter.

'Table for two please' Parker told him.

'Right this way sir' he answered. He brought us too a table near the back.. And near the spot Niall and I sat last time I was here. We ordered and were making small talk when the last person I wanted to see walked in.


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