I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


3. Mayhem...

Slowly opening the door, Niall stood there looking more attractive then the last time I saw him. 'Hi!' Niall said pulling me in for a hug. Oh god, as soon as I hit his body I was glad he had his arms around me because my knees went weak. Realizing I hadn't said anything, I backed away. 'Hi!' I smiled. God he smelt good. This was going to end badly on my part. 'How are you?' he asked calmly. 'I'm good, yourself?' I asked back, motioning towards the living room. 'I'm great thank you' he responded smiling. He sat down on the couch and looked up at me. 'Do you want anything to drink? Water, tea, coffee?' I asked. He smiled, and answered with 'Water please'. Throwing my phone on the couch, I walked into the kitchen and got two glasses, filled them with water and ice, and walked back into the living room. As I walked back into the living room, I saw Niall on my phone. Not thinking too much about it I walked to the couch, set the glasses down and plopped myself on the couch. 'That would be my phone' I said to Niall raising an eyebrow. 'Right, I was checking out your Twitter' he said. 'Find anything interesting?' I questioned. He shrugged and responded with 'Not really no..'. handing me my phone. We sat silently for a while, occasionally sipping from our water and looking at each other. He would look at me, then look away, I would look at him, then look away. We both ended up smiley. He broke the silence first. 'Have you been sight seeing since you moved here?' he asked.

'Uh, I have dabbled..' I responded, knowing where this was going. He jumped up from the couch, grabbed my hand and went 'Well let's go! There is so much for you to see!' Jumping up from the couch, and releasing my hand from his grip to grab my jacket, I was ready. 'Let's go!' I exclaimed. Once we got outside, he grabbed my keys from my hand and walked over to my car. He entered the drivers seat, and I entered the passengers seat. 'Alright, first stop, the London Eye!' Niall stated driving off. 'I've always wanted to see that!' I said smiling. Wasn't today just my lucky day? First, I make him breakfast in MY home, and now he is taking me to see London. Turns out I lived only a half hour from the London Eye and we arrived in no time. Niall got out, with me behind. 'Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!' I said staring admiringly at it. Niall laugh and took my hand once again. 'Come on we're going on!' Niall said.

'What? Like we're going in it, and then it's going to go up. In the sky. Off the ground?' I asked nervously. He seemed to notice that I was nervous, so he squeezed my hand and said 'Don't worry, it's going to be fine!'. Leading me to the line, we stood there talking. 'So where are we going after this?' I questioned

'Hmm, I say Big Ben, then we go eat!' Niall answered smiling. 'How on earth did I know eating would be part of this wonderful tour?' I asked laughing.

'Because food is something your body needs' he said winking. As this point, we we're at the front of the line and I was having a mini heart attack. Niall payed and we entered the cart thing. 'Oh god oh god oh god' I kept repeating. Niall laughed and told me to calm down. 'How can I calm down?! This thing could break once we're at the top then it will fall and we could die! I'm not ready to die yet!' I explained. After I said that, it started moving, up up up up. Eventually we were at the top. The view was absolutely beautiful. 'Wow..' I said surprised. Niall just smiled. It started to move again and before I knew it, we were back on the ground. Niall let go of my hand to open the door.

'That wasn't as bad as you thought now was it?' Niall asked smiling.

'Yes and no. The way up was horrible, the view was beautiful and the way down wasn't as bad' I answered as we walked back to my car. Once we were in the car, Niall started it, and went 'OK! Now Big Ben!' I just nodded and smiled. It didn't take us long to get to Big Ben and then we got out of the car. We just stood outside of my car, looking at it. The sun was setting and it was a very romantic setting. I smiled to myself, loving the fact that I was here with Niall. 'This is beautiful' I said. 'Stunning' Niall responded and took my hand in his, once again. I smiled and looked at the ground. We watched the sun in silence, then I broke it. 'Niall, do you think it's time for food now? I'm getting hungry'

'Yes! The food! Let's go eat!' he exclaimed. We got in my car once again and drove off. The radio was playing lowly and I was humming along to it. I wasn't too sure where we were going, but I didn't care. I must have zoned out because the next thing I saw was a big NANDOS sign. How did I not guess this was where we'd be eating? 'Nandos really?' I asked laughing.

'Yeaaah buddie' Niall answered. We got out and entered the restaurant. The waiter must of recognized Niall because we were automatically brought to a table where people could barely see us. Since I've never been here before Niall ordered for me. 'I can't believe you've never been here!' Niall asked, very surprised.

'I don't go out much! I moved here 6 months ago and I've been busy with school! I told him. He laughed at that.

'There is ALWAYS time for Nandos. Always!' Niall said back laughing.

'I'll keep that in mind' I laughed. I started getting really nervous because I haven't eaten in front of a boy in a long time. Oh god no, this is where all the embarrassing stuff happens. Our food arrived and we both just dug in. I didn't eat like a complete slob, which was good, but I didn't eat like a lady. Niall didn't seem to mind. Niall payed and we left. He drove to my flat and we went inside. The time now being 11:03 p.m, I was exhausted. 'Do you want me to drive you home?' I asked Niall, yawning. 'Uh no, I'll call up one of the boys' he answered. What I was about to do, was a complete risk, and I was ready for the answer, whether it was positive or negative. 'You can stay here if you'd like' I told him. He seemed happy I asked, but didn't want to seem to happy. 'No that's OK! I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind picking me up' he answered. Here came my stubbornness. 'No, it's not a problem, I've got a spare bedroom. You can sleep in there' I told him. 'Alright fine! But I've got to leave early, I've got rehearsal' he said yawning. 'That's fine I've got class' I responded. Showing him the spare bedroom, I gave him a pair of my brothers sweat pants I had. Changing into a pair of yoga pants and a tank top, I walked out and saw Niall in the kitchen getting some water. 'Goodnight Niall' I said smiling. He turned around, eyed me up and down and said 'Goodnight Taylor'. With that, I went into my bedroom, shut the door, turned the light off and climbed into bed. As I closed my eyes, I couldn't help but think about today and how lucky I've gotten. I could not wait to see what would happen in the morning. I feel into a deep sleep a few moments later.

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