I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


4. Jealousy

beep beep beep Here we go again... Ugh what time was it? 6:47 a.m Well at least I wasn't going to be late today. Dragging myself out of bed, like I do every morning, I walked into the kitchen. Turning the light on, I put a pot of coffee on, and walked into the bathroom and hopped in the shower. After about 15 minutes I got out. Opening the door and walking out, I bumped into someone. Who was her-- OH MY GOD NIALL! I COMPLETELY FORGOT HE WAS HERE! AND I JUST BUMPED INTO HIM. WITH A TOWEL ON. OH MY GOD.

'Oh my god I am so sorry' I said, trying to cover myself up even more.

'No it's o- wow, you're in a towel' Niall said eyeing me up and down.

'Oh god, I know, I forgot you were here and oh god, I'm gonna go...' I said walking into my room quickly. OH MY GOD. Niall just saw me pretty much half naked. Quickly changing into some skinny jeans and my spidy t-shirt, I walked back into the bathroom to brush my hair and my teeth. Walking in the kitchen to grab some coffee, I noticed Niall sitting at the table. Shirtless. Oh god. Breathe Taylor you can do this! Walking towards the coffee pot I poured myself some and turned to Niall.

'Did you uh sleep well?' I asked, sipping from my coffee. He looked up, and smiled.

'Yeah not too bad' He answered. 'Oh do you want breakfast? I can cook something up real quick if you'd like?' I asked, going to the fridge, trying to avoid his gaze. I took out some eggs and bread, for french toast.

'No, I'm alright actually' he answered smiling. 'What are you sure? It's not a problem really, I can cook it for you, I've got it before' I asked, awkwardly.

'Taylor, I don't want any food right now' he reassured me. I walked back over to the fridge and put the food back. 'Okay..' I mumbled to myself. We stood there awkwardly, well for me at least. I stood there sipping from my coffee, Niall stood there looking at the floor.

'I'm sorry for earlier' he said still looking down

'What? You're sorry? You don't have to be sorry. It's my fault, I forgot you were here, and then I bumped into you, so I'm sorry' I said looking at him. He looked up and smile. I smiled back then looked away. The time was now 7:23 a.m and my class started at eight.

'Do you need a ride back to your flat?' I asked Niall. He looked at the time and nodded.

'Let me go uh, put my shirt on, then we can go' he said leaving the kitchen. I walked into my bedroom, put some perfume on, grabbed my bag and keys and went back into the kitchen. Niall was sitting on the table and jumped off when he saw me.

'All ready to go?' I asked, smiling. He smiled back 'Yeah let's go!'. We walked outside and I locked the door, as usual. Walking over to my car, Niall took the eyes and got in the drivers seat. Annoyed, because that was the second time he has done that, I got in the passenger seat.

'You know, it's my car, so if you want to drive, you should ask first' I said calmly

'Taylor, may I drive to my flat?' Niall asked sarcastically. Shoving him a little, I laughed. The time was now 7:31 am and I hoped I wasn't late.

'What time do you have class?' Niall asked, as he drove.

'It starts at eight' I answered. He look at the clock, and smile nervously

'You might be late' he said, eyes on the road.

'What no! I can't be late, then I'll have to write another essay as to why I was late! You're making me late! I need to stop hanging out with you' I half kidding.

'Me? How am I making you late?' Niall asked, looking at me this time

'Because yesterday, you decided to run away from your fans, leaving me no choice but to save your ass then, you were hungry, and I wasn't going to let you starve, or eat Nandos in the morning, then once you left, I couldn't stop thinking about how you kissed my cheek, then I went to my second class, but I was late for that, cause I had to run halfway across campus and now I have to write an essay as to why I was late. And it's all your fault' I explained. Niall raised an eyebrow, smiling.

'You couldn't stop thinking about how I kissed your cheek?' Niall asked

'What? Did I say that? No, no that didn't happen, I just couldn't find my keys so that's why I was late' I answered, cheeks burning. What is wrong with me? You don't go telling the boy you met you couldn't stop thinking about him.

'Uh huh sure.. But hey, I couldn't stop thinking about you either' Niall said, patting my hand.

'That's reassuring' I mumbled. He drove for 5 more minutes until we pulled up at his flat. It looked HUGE!

'This is seriously where you live?' I asked looking at it through the window.

"Yep!' he said, getting out. I got out after, still looking at his flat. I noticed four boys looking through the window, who quickly ducked when they saw me.

'Uhm, who are they boys pretending not to be looking at us?' I asked raising an eyebrow. Niall laughed 'That's just Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn, my band mates' . He came over to me and gave me a hug. 'Text me after class. We still have that second date to go to' he said into my hair.

'I will. But I've really got to go!' I said pulling away and smiling at him. 'Bye!' he said as I got in my car. Speeding away I couldn't stop smiling.


Niall's P.O.V

Walking into my flat, I walked straight into the living room where I knew the lads were. Once I got there, they were all sitting ways apart, looking at their phones.

'Lads, I know you were watching' I said as I entered the living room, sitting beside Liam.

'Not our fault you haven't had a girlfriend in your life span' Harry said laughing.

'That's not true' I objected.

'No but it's been a wh- OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS' Louis yelled.

We all rushed over to look at his phone and there, on his screen, was a photo of Taylor and I leaving her flat, with the headline Niall Horan With New Girlfriend or Was He Up All Night?. My eyes popped out of my head.

'Ha-ha they really couldn't figure out a better title?' Harry laughed.

'HOW IS THERE ALREADY A PHOTO? WE JUST LEFT A HALF HOUR AGO?' I asked, completely shocked. Liam squeezed my shoulders and laughed.

'Niall, since you are new to this whole 'I was with a girl last night' thing, the paps are EVERYWHERE. How they knew where you were, not 100% sure, but they knew, and they've got a picture. You both look really happy though. Look at your smile' Liam explained, then looked at the photo. In a way, I was happy that there was a photo of my with a girl, I mean, everyone thinks I'm so lonely all the time.

'What did happen last night Niall? Were you up all night?' Zayn asked, copying the articles title and laughing. I sighed and then laughed, shaking my head.

'Well come one! What happened!?' Louis asked, almost shouting.

'Ok! Jeez Lou. Well, around 8, I went for a walk, then some fans saw me, and I started running from them, then Taylor saw me, that's her name by the way, and asked if I needed a ride anywhere, I got in the car, she asked where I wanted to go, and I said Nandos' I explained

'Nandos really? Come on Niall!' Harry said

'Shut up and let him finish!' Liam and Louis said at the same time.

' Anyways after that, she said she wasn't taking me to Nandos for greasy chicken at eight in the morning. So she brought me back to her flat and she made me breakfast. After that, I got a call, and had to leave. But around five, she texted me and asked me to go over to her flat. So I went, and then I asked her if she's been sight seeing in London yet, cause she just moved here, she said no, so I took her to the London eye first, she was freaking out because we went on it, and it goes up in the sky, so I guess she's scared of heights, so I held her hand, and she seemed to ease down. Then we went to Big Ben, and I held her hand some more, then we went to eat. By the time we got back to her flat, it was nearly midnight, and she asked if I wanted to sleep there so I did. Then she drove me here and here we are now' I finished. They all looked shocked.

'SHE ASKED YOU STAY FOR THE NIGHT AND NOTHING HAPPENED?' Harry and Zayn both asked, at the same time. Did they practice what they were going to say?

'No nothing happened, but this morning, I was walking by the bathroom, and she came out of it, in just a towel, and she bumped into me' I told them, smiling.

Liam laughed, Zayn and Harry both threw their hands on their forehead, and Louis just shook his head.

'What?' I asked completely confused.

'When are you seeing her next?' Liam asked

'Tonight' I answered.

'Where are you taking her?' Louis asked

'I was thinking a film' I told him, honestly.

'Nope, that is not happening' Zayn said

'What why not?' I asked, still confused.

'Because she is coming here' Harry told him. They all smiled after this.

This was going to be interesting.

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