I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


13. He's not good enough for you.

'You can't even be mad at me. You and I are friends Niall. Plus, it's not even a date. Well, I guess it could be, but I don't know, we're just eating I guess... But you CAN'T be mad! You're dating Beth anyways, so it shouldn't matter to you' I tried to explain once he pulled me away from Parker, quite rudely I might add.

'He just doesn't seem good enough for you' Niall mumbled

'Niall, you've known me for almost a month, you don't know what's good for me and what isn't' I told him. He gave a little laugh at this.

'Maybe not, but I do know, for a fact, he isn't good enough for you' Niall said seriously.

'Niall, we've been through this ok. You and I are just friends, you are dating Beth, and I'm aloud to hangout with other boys. Besides, it'll be nice to have a friend who isn't in the same boyband, or in a boyband' I said, half smiling.

Niall didn't respond, he just walked back over to where he had left Beth and where I had left Parker at our table, grabbed her hand, interlocking fingers, kissed her right on her pink lips and sat down across from Parker pulling Beth beside him. Shocked and kind of pissed, I walked back to the table and slide beside Parker giving him an apologetic smile. Niall gave me a smirk and looked at Parker.

'Were not interrupting are we mate? Taylor said we could sit with you two' Niall simply explained. My jaw fell right open and I gave Niall a glare.

'Yep. That is exactly what I did' I said through my teeth. I never took Niall as a jerk but right about now that was one of the nicer words I would use to describe him at this moment in time.

'Oh ok! I'm Parker by the way' he introduced, reaching out to shake Niall's hand

'I'm Niall, and this is my girlfriend Beth' Niall said, smiling and shaking Parkers hand and looking at Beth.

'Nice to meet you Parker' Beth answered smiling. She was avoiding all eye contact with me and I guess I knew why. Slapped her right in the face. But I was more upset about the fact that Niall thought he could interrupt my dinner with a boy who wasnt himself.

Are you ready to order?' the waiter asked breaking the awkward pause. Niall was first to order, ordering half the restaurant, Beth ordered tha salad, Parker ordered almost as much as Niall and I ordered a chicken wrap. Niall, Parker and Beth were engolfed in a conversation about silly unimportant things.

'What do you reckon Taylor?' Niall asked suddenly

'About what?' I asked back confused

'Weren't you listening?' Beth asked clearly annoyed

'No actually I wasn't' I answered her back. Luckily for me, the food arrive and we all ate and made small talk, with the casual 'this is so good' and 'wow you really need to try this'. Niall was digging into some sort of pasta when he let out a little moan, filled the fork up and looked up at me.

'Taylor you really need to try this' he said shoving his fork I my face.

'Why don't you let Beth try it Niall' I said, more rudely than I intended

'She won't like it but you will!' Niall said handing me his fork. I sighed and took the fork, putting it in my mouth. It was actually pretty good.

'Yeah Niall, that's great' I said giving a small smile. I was still furious with him and turnt my attention to Parker.

'I still can't believe what happened at work today' I said, giving a small laugh

'I can't believe you didn't change your shirt, or wear my sweater after I soaked you with water' Parker said laughing

'Wait what? You soaked her with water?' Niall asked, smiling and trying not to laugh

'Oh yeah, she though she'd be funny and sneak up on me, yelling hello and making me drop coffee, so I decided to throw a bucket of water on her. And she decided to go back out and serve people with a soaking white t-shirt' Parker said trying to contain his laughter. Niall stopped laughing and his face dropped.

'A white t-shirt?' he asked looking at me

'Yep. And you could totally see right through it, you should have seen the reaction people were giving me. But oh well, I had a good laugh with it' I told him, looking right into those bright blue eyes.

'And you didn't think to change?' Beth pitched in, making me loose eye contact with Niall, as I looked at her.

'No I didn't because unlike you I don't need to look absolutely perfect all the time and having a wet white t-shirt and a black bra was fine with me, even if I was at work' I snapped back. So done with her and Niall right at this moment in time.

'Wouldn't you think it'd be a little inappropriate?' Niall asked, looking at Parker. Niall was rattled by this, I could tell, and him being mad about this was making it all the funnier to me.

'Well I asked if she wanted my jumper but she refused' Parker said, calming his laughter. Niall looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I just shrugged my shoulders smiling. Beth was getting annoyed and keep clearing her throat.

'Here's the bills' the waiter said smiling as she handed them over

''Here Parker, I can pay for it' I said reaching for the bill

'No no no no no. The lady never pays and certainly not on a date' Parker said smiling. Niall tensed up and I felt my cheeks redden.

'Are you sure? I can pay for it, it's not a big deal' I asked, trying to make my cheeks cool down.

'Nope, I refuse to let you pay' Parker said, grabbing his wallet.

'Such a gentlemen...' I heard Niall say under his breathe. Parker put the money on the table and I got up from my seat, turning to Niall and Beth

'Well this has been lovely, so glad you could join us on this evening, let's do this again sometime?' I said, with so much sarcasm, it couldn't be missed. 'Let's go!' I said turning to Parker and smiling. I turned my head slightly to look over at Niall and he looked upset but he couldn't be. He couldn't be mad about my shirt, about my date with Parker, any of it. He choose Beth. I'm choosing Parker.

'Do you want me to drive you back to your house?' I asked Parker once we arrive to my car.

'Let me drive, it's easier that way' Parker said taking my keys and getting in the front. Niall and Beth walked out, barely looking at each other and Niall looked my direction, eyes locking with mine. I looked away and got in the car, smiling at Parker as I put my seat belt on.

'So I'm just going to apologize now for Niall interrupting tonight' I said once he started to drive.

'No its alright love, he's a cool guy. His girlfriend didn't look to happy though' he said chuckling

'Yeah, she's one special character..' I replied 'But other than that, I had a great time tonight.. On our, uh, date'

'Is it ok that I said it was a date? Because you know, it kind of was, because dates consist of two, or four, people eating' he asked worried.

'No no no no no, of course it was a date!' I said reassuring him. He smiled and we sat in the comfort of silence until we reached a small little house. He stopped the car and turnt his body so he was facing me.

'This is where we part our ways! I'll see you tomorrow at work though' Parker said smiling.

'Yes, it's been lovely thank you' I said back. We looked at each other and the next thing I knew our lips were connected. It didn't feel as it had with Niall. There was no spark, there was no fireworks, no butterflies in my tummy but it wasn't all that bad. We pulled back and smiled at eachother.

'I'll see you tomorrow love' Parker said getting out of the car. I undid my seat belt and hopped into the drivers seat. It was a peaceful drive home as Parker was all I could think about. Maybe, just maybe, I had the slightest bit of feelings for him. He was too cute, and he was incredibly nice, and seriously that accent.. Too die for. I pulled into my driveway and walked into my house, locking the door behind me and heading for the shower. After a half hour, I got out and went to changed. Once I finished changing I hopped into bed and got comfortable. Just as I was about to fall asleep there was a knock on the door. Sighing and getting out of my bed, I went to see who it was.

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