I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


2. Date...?

12:08 p.m was what the clock read. Niall left a little over an hour ago and I was bored as ever. I could go to my second class. I should go to my second class. Looking around for my bag, I found it on the kitchen floor. Walking out of the house, locking the door and going to my car, I unlocked the door and got it. I could still smell Niall's cologne and it made me smile. Putting the car in drive I was off to class. Writers craft, not one of the most entertaining classes... As I was driving I could hear the phone vibrate, without looking at the caller ID, I answered with 'HI! I can't really talk right now because I'm driving! I'll call you back later! Bye!' and hung up. Now arriving, late, to the school, I jumped put of the car and ran to my class, halfway across campus. Panting, sweating, and completely out of breathe, I walked into class.

'Nice of you to join us Miss Gray' my professor. Rolling my eyes at him, I took my seat and muttered 'Sorry'. Trying to focus on the lesson, which was on how to write a proper paragraph, I tuned myself. Thought about this morning. Never in my life would I have thought I would make someone from a boy band breakfast! And then have it be called a date! I couldn't wait for our second date. By this point, I was so tuned out I didn't hear what the professor asked me.

'Miss Gray? What is the answer?' He asked, which I'm sure wasn't the first time.

'I'm sorry, what was the question?' I asked back, quite embarrassed.

'What is the different between a period and a comma?' he asked sternly.

'Well, a period ends a sentence, or a topic, and a comma separates a sentence so it's not too long, or it separates a topic or idea' I answered.

'Correct!' he exclaimed, surprised. He apparently thought I was stupid because that was the third easy question he has asked me since I've been in this class. Another hour passed by and class was over. Just as I was about to leave my professor called me over. 'Uh yes sir?' I asked calmly. 'I expect there was a very important reason as to why you were late to class?' he asked.

'Uhm yes sir' I answered. 'Perfect, I expect a 5000 word essay due by the end of this week' he told me smiling. 'As you wish' I said sarcastically, returning the smile. 'You may leave' he told me. Walking out I thought, what a jerk. 5000 word essay as to why I was late. OK, well for starters, I picked up a famous boy, brought him to my house, cooked him breakfast, and once he left, couldn't stop thinking about him, then decided to come to school. Yeah, I'm sure he'd enjoy that one. Feeling my phone vibrate, I took it out of my bag and saw I had one new message.

One New Message From Niall Horan it read.

Niall: Hey Taylor, I've been thinking about today, and wanted to know if you'd like me to cook for you?

Taylor: You cook? Should I be scared?

Niall: Not at all, you busy tomorrow?

At that I smiled. To make him think I had a life, I got in my car and drove home before I answered him. When I got home, I looked at my phone and saw another message from Niall.

Niall: So tomorrow, second date?:/. He was edging this on.

Taylor: I've got class till one, but after that I'm free.

Niall: Great! I'll pick you up around then? :)

Taylor: Deal! :)

I could do this! I might actually have a shot with Niall from One Direction! After jumping up and down and squealing, I decided to get a start on my essay.. First I had to think of an excuse as to why I was late, but in all honesty, all I could think about was Niall and what I should expect for tomorrow. After realizing, I was going no where with this essay I gave up. It was only 4:56 p.m and I had absolutely nothing to do. I decided to text Niall.

Taylor: What are you doing?

Niall: Eating and yourself?:)

Taylor: Eating? Not surprised and nothing, bored.

Niall: I love eating and I could fix that

Taylor: Come over for a date 1.5?

Niall: I'll be there in 20! xx

My body filled with excitement as I ran to the bathroom, threw on my perfume, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, threw on the littlest amount of make-up and looked in the mirror. I looked fine, I think. No, I looked average. Not trying to impress him. Well a little, but I'm not going to press hard to impressed him. BE YOURSELF TAYLOR. Be funny, and witty, and cheeky. Don't do stupid things, don't laugh extremely loud, don't berp, don't do embarrassing things, act cool. After giving myself a pep talk, I heard a knock at the door. Walking towards the door, I took a deep breathe and opened it..

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