I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


10. Beth? What are you doing here?

'Hello there beautiful' I heard Harry say, pulling me into a hug. I just left my arms limp at my sides and stepped back. I didn't want any attention from Harry and I didn't want to be as attracted to him as I already was.

'Hi Harry, you going to let me in?' I asked, nudging towards the inside of the apartment. He nodded and tried to take my hand but I quickly pulled away and went to the living room where I heard everyone talking. As I entered the the living room I saw Liam and Danielle, Louis and some really pretty girl, Zayn, Beth and then Niall. Harry was behind me but went and sat beside Zayn. I stood there awkwardly as no one realized I was there at first.

'Well don't just stand there Taylor, come sit down' Harry said, motioning me to sit on him. I cleared my throat and took a seat on the floor closest to Liam and Danielle. Niall looked at me, smiled, looked down and blushed. Must have been thinking about our little kiss since it just happened this morning..

'Hi everyone' I said to break the silence. Everyone murmured their hellos and we went back to being silent. I suddenly didn't want to be here anymore, it was awkward and I felt unwanted. Make up a lie Taylor, make up a lie. Looking at my phone I saw I've been here for a good ol 10 minutes. I guess I could stay here for another half hour? Yeah then I could leave. Good plan Taylor good plan. Apparently while I was divising an escape plan everyone had made conversation and I was being asked a question.

'Taylor, what do you want from Nandos?' Danielle asked me

'Oh! Sorry, uhm a chicken wrap I guess why?' I asked clearing my throat

'Niall's hungry, he's doing a Nandos run' Liam answered me. I noticed Beth was no longer here and got confused

'Where'd Beth go?' I asked, looking at Niall.

'She had to go do something for work' Louis answered poking Zayn in the cheek.

'Mate if you don't stop that you'll no longer have fingers' Zayn said removing the finger from his cheek. At this Harry started poking Zayn as well and he just gave up.

'Do you need a ride Niall?' I asked, wanting to leave. My plan was working out greater than I thought. I could drive Niall to Nandos, drop him back off and leave. Solid.

'Yeah that'd be great if you don't mind' Niall answered smiling

'No it's not a problem' I said getting up. 'I'll you guys later yeah?' I said waving.

'Later? You're not coming back?' the girl beside Louis spoke up. 'Oh I'm sorry, I'm Eleanor, Louis girlfriend' she introduced herself.

'Taylor' I said smiling at her. 'Uhm yeah I'll be back, but it'll be later when we come back' I said, lying through my teeth. Liam raised an eyebrow up at me and I just sighed and looked away. He knew I wasn't coming back..

'Alright let's go shall we?' Niall asked, making a grab for my hand, but before he could take it in his own, I pulled away, leaving Niall to give me a questioning look.

'Yeah let's go' I said grabbing my keys. 'He- We'll be back soon' I said closing the door. As soon as I stepped outside the door, I got a text. From Liam. Of course.

Liam; You're not coming back are you?

Me; I don't know yet.

Putting my phone away I got into the drivers seat and started the car.

'Well hello there beautiful' Niall said smiling once he got in the car.

'Why hello there handsome' I replied, in my famous British accent.

'You've got to stop trying with the accent, it's horrible love' Niall said laughing

'Oh thank you Niall, great friend you are' I said, playfully punching him and laughing. I liked this feeling so much, the feeling of flirting with him, him calling me love or beautiful, us acting like best friends. But it couldn't happen because of Beth. And that feeling killed me.

'You know, you haven't said anything about what happened' Niall said, turning serious.

'Because it shouldn't have happened Niall. You're dating Beth, you can't do what you're doing with me. You can't always hold my hand and then kiss me. It's not right and it's not fair to Beth. It's not fair to me, because now, I'm going to be known as the girl Niall kissed while dating someone else. I can't deal with that' I said as we pulled into Nandos.

'What if I'm not happy with Beth?' Niall said, looking me dead in the eyes.

'But you are. I see how you look at her Niall. The love in your eyes. It's ok, I get it. She's the girl you loved first. I'm completely happy with being your friend' I said getting out of the car. Niall was right behind me and grabbed my hand to spin me around so I was facing him.

'But I don't love her anymore. What if I told you management wants us together?' he said looking more serious than I'd ever seen him

'Then you'd be lying. You may not love her anymore Niall, but you still have feelings for her' I said walking in the restaurant and began ordering the food.

Taylor I-' Niall began

'Niall not now. We're in a restaurant. I ended the discussion before I came in here.' I told him sternly. We ordered the food, drove back to his apartment in complete silence, and arrived back in no time.

'I think I'm going to go home now Niall' I said as I parked outside his apartment. He didn't say anything, he just took the food and got out the car. Great look what you've done now Taylor. Sighing, I put my head on the steering wheel for a few seconds before driving off. As I drove I couldn't help but think about how I just possibly ruined my friendship with Niall. Perfect, just perfect. Now would be a really good time to have friends here in London so I could talk to them about this.. Arriving at my apartment, I got out of my car, and walked in. Plopping myself on my bed, I let out a long sigh. What a day. I laid there for a few more minutes before deciding I needed a job. There was a little cafe down the road that was hiring. Making myself look presentable, I walked down the road and into the cafe.

'Excuse me?' I asked the cashier

'Yes?' the cashier replied

'I noticed you were hiring, I'd like to apply?' I said, making it sound as if it was a question.

'Oh yeah we are! What's your name?' the cashier asked

'Taylor' I responded, smiling.

'Nice to meet you Taylor, I'm Parker' he said reaching to shake my hand

'Nice to meet you' I said smiling. Parker had dark brown hair, short like Liam's and gorgeous brown eyes.

'Have you got any experience working in a cafe?' Parker asked

'Yeah a little bit, I used to work at this place called Tim Hortons back in Canada' I told him.

'Well, you're hired! When can you start?' Parker asked

'When can I?' I asked.

'Tomorrow? At 3:30?' Parker asked.

'Yeah that sounds great! Thank you!' I said smiling.

'No problem. See you tomorrow Taylor' Parker said smiling.

'Bye!' I exclaimed leaving. Great, got a job, made a friend that isn't in a boy band and I started tomorrow. That would keep my mind off things. As I got in sight of my front door, I noticed someone standing outside of it. As I got closer I could make out who it was, and I didn't like who it was.

'Beth' I said as I arrived to where she was standing.

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