4. Chapter 4

I wake up in the same room as before, but this time harry isn't here. I move the covers from my body, making sure I don't hit my arm.


I press my ear against the door. I hear harry and who I'm guessing is Louis, from what I recall last night. Curiousity gets the best of my as I creep towards the kitchen.


"You know harry, your girl is quite fit." Louis chuckles. His girl? I scoff, maybe a bit too loudly because they stop talking. I hear shuffling. The door opens slowly, and harry peeks his head out. 


I stand there awkwardly. He just stares at me, so I clear my throat. He comes out of the kitchen fully and shuts the door. Panick sets in. I start to step away but he quickly pulls me into a hug. 


My arms hang to my side as his wrap around the small of my back. His chin rests on top of my head. His warm lips press to my forehead. I flinch away. His grip just gets tighter.


"Are you OK?" He asks me. I don't reply. That's probably one of the most stupid questions to ask. Of course I'm not okay. I've been kidnapped by some bipolar phsycopath who basically sliced my arm. But of course I wan't going to say that. I have a new plan to escape. Gain trust.




*A/N: this chapter was reallyyyy short but I promise that the next one is going to be extra long. I legit have no idea where I'm going with this. So please comment ideas or kik them to me {my user is in my bio} well go ahead and like, fave, comment, and fan. Once again sorry for the short chapters and not updating alot. I'll try my best to update more. Bye and enjoy your day/night <3 ~Dee

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