3. Chapter 3

Harry forcefully pushes me against the nearest wall, once we get inside. His fingers dig into my wrist causing my hand to raise, getting ready to slap him. Before my hand makes contact with his face, he grabs it mid-air.


"Wanna try that again, sweet heart?" He growls, making me even more mad. My foot unexpectedly jams into his shin. I swear his eyes turned black. It was almost a dark jade color.


Peoples eye color changes with emotions, I remember my biology teacher telling us that. I'm quickly brought out of thought and confused when harry takes a small metal object out of his jean pocket.


He flips it open. A pocket knife. 


"Looks like someone needs to learn a little leason." He purrs in my ear. I shake my head violently. He chuckles. Tears start to brim my eyes as he gets closer with the knife.


I take a step to move, but a killing pain shoots up my arm. I scream. Taers falling fearfully. I look at the gash on my left upper-arm. Blood spills out of it freefully. 


I try to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. I peek over at Harry. He's looking dead at the wall while his hand shakes. I turn my full attention towards him. The knife falls out of his hand. It lands on the floor a little bit of blood splattered.


Before I can return my gaze harry punches the wall.


I step back in fear. He look at me with apoligetic eyes.


"I'm sorry Diana." He says taking cautious steps towards me. I shake my head. "No." I sob. He tries to grab my hand but I pull it back.


"Get the hell away from me!" I scream. I take off again. I need to find a way out of here. As I run out the front door I bump into to something. More like someone. My body hits the floor. 


I close my eyes as I feel the blood drip slowly from my wound. I lay there. Not wanting to move. Not being able to move. I was in too much pain. 


"Louis, hurry up and get some towels." Harry says quickly. I once again feel a needle prick my arm. In a matter of minutes I'm out again.

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