2. Chapter 2

My eyes flutter open. Memories of last flood back into my mind. I abrutly sit up. I look down and see that I am in a different set of clothes. Fear washes through me. I heard that it hurts when you have sex for the first time and you bleed alot. I wasn't in pain. I look at the bed sheets. No blood.


"I didn't rape you, if that's what your wondering." My heads snaps to the side of the room. Harry sat there on a chair. I didn't seem to acknowledge his presence. 


My hands start to shake uncontrolably as I push myslef against the head board. Wanting to get as far away from him as possible.


His lean figure makes it's way towards me. I bury my head into my knee's. The bed shifts. 


"Diana." He says, his hot breath hitting my neck. He touches my hand. I flinch away.


The first thing that came into my mind was, run. I forcefully push him off the bed, catching him off guard. I hear him groan as I jump off the bed. I throw the bedroom door open and run into the hallway.


My eyes drift around his house looking for the door. I run through what seems like a living room. My eyes lock on a door. That has to be it. 


I swing it open and a heat fills my senses. Bingo.


My feet pound through the grass. My head swivles around looking for someone that could help me.


I look behind me and my eyes lock with Harry's. He just stepped outside his house. I continue to run up the street. Harry right behind me. I pass a park. The little kids were staring at us. They were too young to know what was going on.


I stumble over a rock. Now is not the time to be clumsy. Before I could recover, I am forcefully dragged back. I start to kick and scream as Harry puts me over his shoulder. "Your gonna regret doing that." He growls through clenched teeth.




A/N: This was just a filter. I'm gonna finsih this chapter tomorrow because I'm about to leave and go somewhere. I was kind of in a rush writing this so I might delete it and just restart. Well don't forget to Like, Comment, Fave, and fan {I fan back btw} Have a lovely day<3 {Also if you have any ideas for the story kik me. My user is in my bio} ~Dee

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