Take my Breath Away (Sequel to Saving aLife

This is the sequel to Saving aLife, Cam waking up for the first time in six months faces even more difficult decisions then ever before. The one she loved left her while she was gone, and there is nobody left to trust, nobody left to trust except for her brother, the only person that has been honest with her from the start. But is there a new man that can change her mind on everything? Can he regain her trust, and help her hurt go away?


8. thinking it over

Zayn pulled me away to a room, and sat me down, and just sat there staring at me. "Cam I got back together with Perre.." he waited for me to respond, but honestly I was to angry to even think. She cheated on Zayn and hurt him really bad, he loved her and she did that to him she cheated on him. I guess you could say I was in Zayn's position and he was in mind.. Maybe that is why it was so easy to relate to him. "Zayn, she hurt you really bad, and you don't deserve that! You are so sweet, and caring and you can do so much better then her!" "Cam, I loved you.. For a long time and you have Harry now.. That hurt me a lot.. I thought that you were starting to like me, but I guess I was wrong....." "Zayn, you weren't wrong, when you kissed me, as surprised as I was I liked it. I just have stronger feelings for him after everything we have been threw.. And I am pregnant with his kid Zayn.. I really don't have a choice in anything I am doing.. I don't know if this is what I want.. I am only 17 years old!" I could feel teara start to well up in my eyes, and I couldn't stop them... I could tell Zayn noticed and was now walking over to comfort me, but it couldn't work.. I was way to much of a mess.

"Cam, it is okay, I mean I am here for you.." Zayn said so desperately just trying to get me to stop crying, but I couldn't.

"Zayn, I am 17 pregnant, and engaged? What am I doing.. You don't even want to be involved in this trust me."

"That's where you're wrong Cam, I always want to help you, and when Harry hurt you, I was there trying to help!"

I knew he had a point, Zayn was such a huge sweetheart, and I wish I could have met him first, I so badly wish I could have been with him first.

I leaned in, and kissed him, it felt so right, and comforting, it felt like I wanted him, I wanted to be with him. I pulled away, "I am so sorry Zayn"

He laughed, "well atleast I don't have to apologize this time" I smiled for the first time since we talked, and so did he.

"Zayn, I have feeling for you, and they are really strong feelings, I am just not sure what they are. I know you were crushed by the Harry thing now, and I am so sorry, but do not go back to Perre, I would help you with any other girl in the entire world. She hurt you Zayn, and if you go back to her tha tis all she can do."

"I know Cam, I just feel so alone right now"


"Zayn it is just the situations we are both in, and I swear I will be here anytime you need anything or need to talk" He looked up at me and winked "anything?!" he said excitedly and I just pushed him a little. I hugged him, but he didn't want to let me go I could tell, and honestly part of me wished he never would let go.. But he had to. I had started to get a little baby bump and Niall always told me I was just fat.. Some great big brother! I had to run back out to the store, and this time by myself.. It scares me that I had to go by myself, but I had no choice. I pulled up, and got all the things I needed. While i was putting the things in my car i heard Ben come up behind me. I didn't even hesitate i got into my car and I locked the door. He smirked at me and walked away. Thank god i thought to myself, i was just about.to turn down the boys road when my car went flying threw the air. It crashed and all i could smell was smoke and burning rubber. Ben and two guys pulled me out from the wreckage that used to be Zayn's car. "told you i would be seeing you soon love" he said as he spit tight beside my head onto the ground. Ben don't do this please, but before i could say anything else i was hit in the back of the head and knocked out cold. HARRY POV I don't think i could ever have been happier then i was. I did love Cam from the first moment i layer my eyes on her. She was breath taking, and strong, and everything i could ever want in a girl, and most importantly she was all mine. Honestly when Cam told me she was.pregnant i was scared, and very surprised, but at least I am going threw this with Cam.. The love of my life, the girl i am one day going to marry. I felt all fuzzy inside when i thought about that, one day she is going to be Cam Styles, and we are going to be living with our beautiful child. She was extremely more beautiful when she was pregnant, and I told her that ever single day, and i always will. Me, and Niall were talking things out, and we started laughing, i missed being best buds with him, and i can say that i have never been so happy. We heard a knock at the door, and I got up to get it. I opened the door and standing in front of me was a cop. "Hi, I am detective Benson! I am looking for Zayn Malik." "What did you do now Zayn!?" i asked joking around as he came to the door. "Zayn we found your car abandoned and crashed just 7 blocks down, we need to know.who was driving it, and what time they left, and what they were doing" "Niall's sister Cam was driving it, she went to go pick us up some groceries about half an hour ago" My heart dropped, and I was shaking, when Niall came walking up behind me. "What's wrong?" " Cam went missing and could potentially be hurt" The cop said with a straight face. "officer you have to find her she is six months pregnant" He took one look at me after i said that and patted my back, "I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but we found a large amount of blood at the crime scene, and we believe that it is Cam's."
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