Take my Breath Away (Sequel to Saving aLife

This is the sequel to Saving aLife, Cam waking up for the first time in six months faces even more difficult decisions then ever before. The one she loved left her while she was gone, and there is nobody left to trust, nobody left to trust except for her brother, the only person that has been honest with her from the start. But is there a new man that can change her mind on everything? Can he regain her trust, and help her hurt go away?


7. heart break

I didn't know what to do.. I was forced to grow up way to fast because of my step dad and mom and calub. Now I have to grow up.. I don't have a choice.. I'm having Harry styles kid, and he wants to marry me.. There is no way I can back track anything that has happened. I was in shock and all I could think was thank god I haven't drank in a while.. The doctor told me that the baby was healthy and everything. I had no idea how to tell Harry this.. Or Niall.. I think I am even more frightened to tell Niall, he is going to kill me. I took a deep breath, and I got into the car. There was Ben, sitting there watching me, it gave me chills when he did so. I walked to my car and left as quickly as possible and Harry was waiting at the door for me when I got back. "I need to talk to Louis" I brushed. By him like it was nothing. I grabbed Louis by the wrist and dragged him up to his room. "what do you need love" he asked me but I broke down in soft sobs. "Louis I'm pregnant" He remained quiet for a long time and I got more nervous by every second that passed with silence. "you are for sure?" "yes,the doctor told me himself" "Cam you have to tell Harry right now" Before I could say anything Louis left the room, only to return with Harry seconds later. "Cam tell him right now"Harry came over to me and wiped the tears off of my cheeks, "what is it baby? You know you can tell me anything" "I'm pregnant Harry" He stopped and I was waiting for him to be mad, but he was smiling. "well love, this is good news" I couldn't believe he thought that it was good news, but I guess it is better than him being mad at me, and the whole situation.i was utterly shocked and scared, I was still crying. "babe its okay, we can make it threw this" him being there for me just made me happy, and the fact that he is going to be here with me is comforting. Harry started kissing me, "well I'm gonna head out" Louis said while Harry was still kissing me. This was my life now.. Weither I want to except it or not. "Cam your my life" those four small words just sat there in my brain not processing threw, I was so scared. Harry took me down stairs and told the boys, they were all surprised. While Harry told the boys, I told Niall.. And he wasn't happy, but weather he liked it or not this was happening happening. Come to think of it I didn't even know if this id what I wanted....
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