Take my Breath Away (Sequel to Saving aLife

This is the sequel to Saving aLife, Cam waking up for the first time in six months faces even more difficult decisions then ever before. The one she loved left her while she was gone, and there is nobody left to trust, nobody left to trust except for her brother, the only person that has been honest with her from the start. But is there a new man that can change her mind on everything? Can he regain her trust, and help her hurt go away?


15. Don't mess with my dork

We had to leave the house, and go to a concert that Simon had planned, and to be honest I hated Simon. I don't care what the boys tell me, I always will.

We got there, and Simon said Hi, but I just pretended that I didn't hear it. I just clinged to Harry's arm the entire time, well until the show came on. The show was so great, and the boys always did sound great. The boys started so sing little things, and it came to Niall's part. I was so proud of him every single time I heard him sing, or seen him preform, it really was what he was meant to do.

But he missed his cue, and then Harry started singing it. I didn't know what Happened, but I knew that it wasn't good. He came back stage after the song was over followed my all of the other boys. He was devastated, and his eyes and face were red, and pink.

"What happened" I asked Niall, and he walked up, and hugged me. I just held him in my arms tightly, and then he looked down at me.

Some girl in the crowd said some bad things about him while he was on stage" Louis said.

I was mad, and then I walked out to the stage, and there she was, these two girl standing there laughing, and that is when I knew that it was her. I jumped down just infront of the guard railing, and pushed her.

"So you are the bitch who told my brother he sucked.. and that he wasn't good enough"

"Listen, I was just telling what everybody else was thinking"

I punched her square in the face, and she fell backwards. Security came running over to me, and grabbed me lifting me completely off the ground. Zayn came running out, "Boys put her down right now!" They listened to him immediately, and then set me down. The crowd was full of mumbles, and whispers, but there was so many that it was hard to make out what anyone was saying.

Zayn helped me back up onto the stage, "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING CAM?!" Zayn said in an angry whisper. I went back stage brushing by Zayn, and grabbed the mic out of Harry's hand. I ran back out onto the stage.

"Ok ladies! I want to hear the loudest scream you can make for Niall Horon on the count of three!" "1, 2, 3" The crowd went completely crazy, and berserk, there were girls jumping up and down shaking the rail by front stage, and screaming, and crying fans everywhere.

"Do you love Niall?" I screamed into the microphone, and to my surprise they got even louder then they did the first time.

"There is a girl somewhere in this audience that thinks he shouldn't be here, prove her wrong. Every time I said something the crowd just got louder, and louder then the last time, and this time I was pretty sure they were going to shake the place down. They all started to chant for Niall to come back out on the stage, and he did. His face was still red, but now the frown was replaced with that beautiful smile. He hugged, me and I handed him the mic, they started to play his part in the song, and he sang it. The crowd went nuts, and I have never seen him so Happy.

I came back stage, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING" Simon said as he ran up to me, I was helping my big brother, the way he always helped me. He would of went out there, and cheered for me himself, if that was me out there, he wouldn't of gave up until everysingle person in that arena was cheering for me, and that is exactly what I did for him Simon"

He shut his mouth, and smiled, "I like you, you have an attitude on you" I stopped, and starred at him funny.

I could just hear what Niall was saying.

"I would like to thank Cam, I couldn't have came back out here without her, and all of you, Cam get out here." Niall said.

I came back out on stage, only because Simon was pushing me. The crowd when I did. I could here girls in the front asking who I was.

"This is my baby sister" Niall said wrapping his arms around me, and the crowd went wild. I smiled, and hugged him back. I got off of the stage as quicly as I could.

When I got backstage the cops were waiting in the back for me. "Cam we are going to need you to come with us" He said as he grabbed my arm.

It turned out the girl I punched friend called the cops on me, and they were pressing charges, but honestly it was worth it for my brother.

I didn't even get a chance t the boys, and about an hour in the holding tank, I head "Well here is my little rebel" It was Harry, and he was laughing at me.

"DId you come to bail me out?"

"I don't know, you seem to like getting into trouble, you little rebel" He winked at me when he said it.

I grabbed his shirt threw the bars, and pulled him up close to me so he was pressed up against the bars. His face fitting perfectly between two of them.

"Listen!" I said, as I paused, and then pulled him in ever closer, and started to kiss him. When he pulled back he was wide eyed, and I could tell he wasn't expecting that.

"Okay, I think its time we bail you out" He said signaling the guard to unlock the cell door.

When I got out Harry came up to me, and grabbed me by my waist, and pulled me in to him really fast, and started to kiss me.

"Time to take my little fugitive home" he said giggling.

We drove for almost an hour, and I knew he wasn't taking me back to the house, he was taking me somewhere else. We pulled up to this house right next to the lake, and he opened my door for me.

"Harry where are we?"

"We are home"


"I just bought this place" He smiled, and then kissed me. He carried me into the house, and while he did I kissed him. He carried me up to a room that had a huge king sized bed in it, and then threw me on it, and jumped ontop of me.

"Grr" He said while he bit my lip.

I stopped, and pushed him up, "....Harry did you just Grr me?" I said as I burst out laughing at him.

He went red, and paused, "Maybe" He said in an embarrassed voice.

I could tell he was embarrassed, so I leane dup and kissed him while I pulled him back down by his neck. He started to pull his shirt off, and I put both my hands on his chest, he was breathing so heavily. I could feel something bulging threw his pants, and I smiled. He started to pull my shirt up, and I hesitated at first, but then he started to kiss me neck, and I forgot about everything. I don't know how he did it, but it was an amazing feeling. I felt my bra slide off of my arms, and I knew he had taken it off.

It felt so amazing, his skin pressed up against mine, and just him ontop of me. We just started to get into it, when Niall came running into the room,

"Hey, guys we are having" He stopped, and covered his eyes, and hit his face on the door when he was trying to run out.

Harry quickly got off of me, and was trying to get his clothes back on, and I quickly threw the sweater back on.

"Th-that's my sister Harry" Niall said sitting on the ground with his eyes still covered facing the other way.

Harry just laughed, and went red, and so did I.

"I was going to say we are having fireworks, but looks like you two were putting on your own show" Niall said laughing at his own remark.

"And there is someone who came to see you Harry"

I could tell by the excitement on his face he knew who it was, and they both left me in the room. I was scared to walk out there after that whole situation. I came out, and Ed Sheeran was sitting beside Harry at the fire as they watched the fireworks. Harry saw me, and smiled and stood up grabbing my hand and dragged me over to Ed.

"Hey" I said trying to sound casual, but it didn't really work.

"So you are the lovely lady that Harry has been telling me about" Ed said as he kissed my hand, and then hugged me.

I just smiled, and giggled, and then pulled Harry to the side.

"Why are all the boys, and Ed here?!"

"I forgot I invited them all over to see the house/" He said trying to act all cute, but I was still kind of mad. I rolled my eyes, and sat down next to Ed where Harry was sitting before he got up.

I only stood up seconds later to let Harry visit with Ed, and walked inside to sit on the couch by myself.

Zayn walked in, and sat beside me, 'Want to go for a walk with me" He smiled, and put his hand on my lap.

"Yes, please aslong as it gets me out of here" He laughed, and helped me up off the couch. We started to walk out of the house, when the fireworks started going off. We both stopped, and looked up at them, but seconds after Zayn was looking down at me. He was just starring at me, and I tried my best to keep my eyes off of him, because I knew that he wanted to kiss me.

"Zayn?" I asked still looking up at the fireworks.

"Yes love?"

"You know nothing can happen here right?"

I finally looked down at him, and he was starring at me with eyes full of tears.

"Zayn, are you going to cry/" I asked reaching out to grab his shoulder.

"No"  He said embarrassed, and wiped the tears that were starting to form from his eyes.

"It's okay If you do Zayn" I said smiling at him trying to make him feel comfortable. I knew that Zayn loved me, I mean he had told me that he did. I still wasn't sure what my feeling for him were, but I knew that they were strong.

He had been there for me threw everything, and I don't know what to say anymore to him.

"Cam, I love you, and I have tried so hard to not to, but I can't help it. I am so happy that you are with Harry, and you are Happy, but it kills me to know that I am not the reason behind that smile.'

"Zayn, I love you, I just haven't figured out in which way I love you, and honestly I don't know what to do anymore, I love Harry, but these feeling that I have for you are just as big as the ones for Harry"

"Cam, I want to be the one that protects you, I want to be that guy"

"Zayn.. look at everything you have ever done for me, you have always protected me. When Harry broke my heart you helped me get over it, and forget him. You have ALWAYS been there for me, and that is something I can never repay you for"

He smiled, and I hugged him tightly burying my face in his chest, this is a side of Zayn I had never seen before. Most of the time he is strong, and silent, but he is so emotional now. He is crying, and it was because of me, and I hated that. I pulled away from the hug, and grabbed his hand pulling him away from the house, and we started to leave for the walk.

He held my hand the entire time, and never let go, but this time was different, it felt like he was actually here for me, and it felt right. Being with Zayn felt so right, but I don't get how it could feel this way, when I feel the same with Harry.

"Sometime I wish that you would have taken Simon's offer" I said looking down at the ground kicking a stone.

"Sometime I wish I did too Cam"

"I could be with you instead of you being with Harry"

I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth, but I can't help, but let them out, I needed to otherwise they would eat me from the inside out.

"Zayn, I need to have some fun1" I said smiling at him.

"I know exactly what we can do!" He said smirking at me. He started pulling me towards this place with big lights outside of it, and it was a club.

"I don't look nearly good enough to get into there Zayn" He smirked, and pulled me to a house a block away from it. It was his mum's, and he gave me his sisters red dress. It was short, and cut low in the front, and boy was it tight, you could see every single curve I had in it.

"Woah Cam, you look... amazing" He said biting his lip looking at me.

We started walking back to the club, and we got in right away, well thanks to Zayn. Being close with these boys did have their purks, but also their downsides. I have been mobbed a few times by camera crews, but Harry did his best to keep them away from me.

We got in there, and the music was blarring, and I was shoulder to shoulder with sweaty people dancing, and grinding up against each other.

Zayn went to the bar, and got us some drinks, I was surprised that nobody I-D'd me cause im only 17, but I guess if I was with Zayn I was in.

I needed a night like this, a night to let loose, and go crazy after everything I have been threw. I looked at my phone, and I had 3 missed calls from Harry, and ignored the fourth. I went up to the bar behind Zayn, and ordered a whole bunch of shots.

"It's time to get his party started Zayn" I said smiling up at him, as we took the first shot of the night, and after the 12 I lost count. Everything came to me in flashed, and blurs. At one moment, I would be with Zayn, and the next by myself in the middle of the dance floor with a whole bunch of strangers.

At one point, I think I took some pills, but I knew I would regret it later, but at the time, I just wanted to have fun and forget everything else. My mind was in slow motion, and then Zayn was grabbing my arm trying to pull me away from all of the people. I resisted, but I wasn't really in the right mind at the time im not going to lie.

He pulled me out of the club, and waiting outside was a whole bunch of paparazzi taking pictures of me , and Zayn walking out of the club. The flashed stunned me, and then I blacked out.

When I woke up, my head was literally throbbing, and I was in different clothes, I was wearing one of Harry's tshirts. I ran to the bathroom barely making it to the toilet to puke. I sat there for ten minutes, and puked until there was literally nothing left. I layed beside the toilet curled in a ball, when I hear footsteps come up behind me, and I knew that it was Harry.

"Look at this!" He said throwing a paper down by my head.

I picked it up, and on the cover was a picture, of me, and Zayn grinding with each other at the club, and it headlines, "Who is she really with?"


"Don't Cam, I hope you had a good time last night" he said as he walked out of the bathroom, and left me there. I had never seen him be like this, and it made me feel like evermore shit to think that I did this to him. I started puking again, just thinking that I upset Harry.

"I had an amazing time last night Cam" Zayn said as he walked into the room.

"I wish I could remember any of it" I said tryin to stand up, but falling back down. He came over to help me up, when I puked on his shoes.

"I am so sorry Zayn" I said whipping my mouth.

"It's fine Love" He said

I started walking after Harry, and he was in the living room with Simon.

'Well you really did it this time! Harry, me and the other producers would think it would be best if you and Cam didn't see each other anymore'

Simon said looking pissed off at me.

"Excuse me Simon, I am pretty sure Harry can make his own decisions" Harry wasn't even looking at me, "Are you serious Harry, you are seriously thinking about breaking up with me.. AGAIN"

He still wasn't looking up at me, "Harry, I told you that this was your last chance and I meant it, if you break up with me, I will pack up, and leave for good"

"CAM!" Harry said yelling at me, he had never even raised his voice at me before, and I stepped back.

"Who are you/' I asked looking into his eyes, and walking away.

I walked into mine, and Harry's bedroom, and slammed the door closed, and locked it. I ran to the bed, and buried my face into a pillow, and started to cry, and scream. I hated this, I hated being here, I hated everything.

I heard Harry come banging on the door, "Cam, I am sorry abbe let me in right now!"

"No harry leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you"

I texted Niall, and he came to pick me up, but there was now ay I was going threw Harry, and Simon to get out. I opened the window, and started to climb, out and that is when I realized I was terrified of heights.

I started to climb down, only to fall half way to the ground. Niall came running up to me, and then I heard the front door open. Niall run to the car, I said laughing, we bolted to the car, and got in right before Harry could come see me. I waved bye to him as we took off in the car.

"What the hell is going on Cam" Niall said laughing, and still out of breath.

"Jesus, I really need a doughnut" Niall said laughing.

"Two things, Simon wants Harry to dump me, and oh I am pregnant again"

Niall slammed on the breaks and I hit my head on the window.


He just burst out laughing at me, and I punched him!

"lets go discuss this over some food" He said smiling as we pulled into some little restaurant.

"Cam , you partying last night was kind of unacceptable, and I am very disappointed with you over that" He said, he was actually ebing serious with me, and I couldn't believe it.

"I know Niall, and I am really sorry, it won't ever happen again, I promise. I just needed to let loose after everything that happened, and I guess I thought that, that way the way to do it."


"Well it wasn't, but as long as you don't do it again, then its okay."

"You know Niall.. you are really the only person I can trust anymore, I have no idea who to trust, I thought I could trust Harry, but I am not so sure now"

"Well Cam... you can always trust me.. I am your big brother, and that is what I am here for. You have been through hell Cam, and I am just happy that I can help you like I do, and what you did for me at the concert was something that I can never repay you for."

I just smiled, I mean I was siting in front of the one person that I could trust, and who is to say that I need anyone else. Niall had never let me down, and that is when I remembered that night in the house with Calub.

I looked under the table, and at Niall's left leg, and there is was the scar from the bullet that had pierced his skin that night. After Calub shooting him, and him still trying to get back in to help me made me realize how much my big brother cared about me, and I loved him. He tried to protect me no matter what situation I was in.

"So you are pregnant ... again" Niall said looking at me cheekily.

"Well I think I am, I have to go take a test when I get back home, well that is if I get home.. I don't think I can face Harry again knowing that every single move he makes isn't even made  by him, but Simon."

"Well I will drive you there right now Cam"

Niall said smiling, all he wanted to do was help me, and that is all he ever wanted to do.

"But Cam, you have to know that the press is going to be keeping an eye out for you after the stunt you pulled last night, so just be careful"

I nodded, and got into the car, he drove me to a little convenience store, and I came back out seconds later with a plastic bag that held the tests. We drove back to the house that all the boys were staying in, and Louis came up and hugged me picking me up off of the ground.

"Lou I missed you soo much!" I said hugging him back while I was still in the air.

"I missed you to girly! We need to have a Lou, and Cam day very soon!" He said smiling, and setting me down. I ran into the kitchen, and ran up behind Liam scaring the crap out of him.

"You little!" He screamed, but I was hugging him before he could let anything else slip out of his mouth.

"I missed you squirt!" He said, he was probably the only guy in the house that still treated me like I was 6, but I loved that. I felt home here, and I knew that these boys where my family.

I ran to the bathroom leaving Niall downstairs, and took the test. I waiting the slowest ten minutes of my life, and then there the results were.

Part of me wanted the kid, but another part made me not want Harry styles child. If he was going to let Simon dictate every move he makes, then screw him. I made Niall look at the test, "Cam, I am going to be an uncle!" He said smiling, it was positive, and I didn't know what to think. I called Zayn, and he came right over, I told him everything that happened with Harry, and of coarse he just wanted to help me.

"Zayn he said he wanted to break up with me, and he isn't even making his own decisions he lets Simon make them"

"Cam, I know, but he just doesn't know what to do in a situation like this, and I wouldn't either, he just needs guidance."

"What if he leaves me while I am pregnant?"

"Cam he wouldn't do that, he will stay with you now that you are pregnant"

"I don't want him to stay with me just because I am pregnant, that never works out... there would be nothing there for feelings, and the relationship would crumble."

"Just go sit down, and talk to him Cam, he is worried sick about you..."

"Fine" I got into the car, and started to drive over when Anne's car was in the parking lot. I stopped, and felt anger singe throughout my entire body.

I walked into the house quietly, and could here silence, and then a bang coming from the kitchen. I turned the corner, and there was Anne sitting on Harry's lap kissing him.

"You asshole!" I screamed out, I was almost seeing complete red.

"Cam:" Harry said nudging Anne off of him.

(Just for future reference When I started writing this, I didn't know that Harry's MOM'S name was Anne, sorry for the confusion.)

"Harry fuck off!" I said starting to feel my heart break down, and nothing but tears were starting to stream from my eyes. He came up to me, and I pushed him to the ground running out of the house.

"Cam? Cam, what happened?" Zayn asked, he was outside, he said he was going to meet up with me there, but I forgot.

Harry came running outside after me, and then Anne followed him.

"Harry what did you do?" Zayn asked, and I could hear the anger start to slip in his voice.

"She did it not me" Harry said as he walked up to me.

I ran at him, and he tried to hold me in his arms, "Harry how could you do this to me, I hate you!" IO screamed out crying as I pounded my fists on his chest trying to break free from his grip.

Zayn pulled me back, "It's simple, its cause I am not a freak, I am better then you" Anne said standing on the front porch.

"Shut up you slut" I said starring at her with such hatred.

She started walking up towards me, "What did you just call me"

"S-L-U-T, Or can you spell?" She slapped me, and then kneed me in the stomach, I was caught completely off guard, and was on the ground.

"You bitch im pregnant"

Harry's eyes went wide, and so did Anne's, "What..." Harry said, but this time I told him, he looked pissed off.

"I am pregnant Harry good job at being here for me, like you said you would be, you blew your last chance, and I am done with you."

"Cam!" Harry said, but I just walked over the Zayn's car, and got in it. I locked the door so that Harry couldn't get in, and when he tried to walk to the car Zayn just held him back.


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