For The Love Of Food

Will Niall be able to contain is love for food and put it all to Liam? Or will this be the end of Niam forever....


1. Chapter 1

Niall looked into the sesame seeds of the triple stacked burger he was about to eat. “Baby…you should know that I only eat cheese on pizza, please.” He uncomfortably stripped the burger of its top bun and found the cheese slices. He reluctantly picks them out, whispering a “so sorry” with each piece. Niall gave a bright smile, “Now I can love you.” He opens his mouth and proceeds to voraciously eat the burger. Tough love.



Niall ate through he burger like an obese man at a dessert buffet. “I love you so much!” Bits and pieces of the gnawed burger escaped his mouth, dirtying up the dining table. “No one is as important to me as you!”


The sound of glass shattering interrupted the sound of Niall feasting. He jumped in his chair in surprise. He looked around curiously, wanting to know where the sudden crash came from. He looked at the entrance to the dining room to find Liam shocked. He dropped his bowl of steaming hot spaghetti. “Niall, but I thought…”


“It’s not what it looks like Li-Li!” Niall rushed to Liam for a hug.


“Niall…how, how could you!” A single tear ran down Liam’s face. He pushed Niall’s Horan Hug offer away and turned away to clean up the fragmented glass pieces and saucy noodles off the hardwood floor. “Niall, please. I just need a few moments.”


Niall gingerly looked at the splattered mess of the spaghetti. It was calling him. Just like all those other foods. But he had to resist. Liam, Liam was the one he truly cared about. “But Liam! All those foods, they mean nothing to me! They could never compare to you!” He tried to give him a hug again, only to be pushed back by Liam.


“I heard what you said to that burger…” He wiped another tear away that had escaped from his eye. He could feel his heart struggling to keep itself together.


Niall grabbed Liam’s hand. “You’re the only one I could truly love!! It was just a one-time thing. It won’t ever happen again. Pinky promise.” He kissed Liam’s pinky and smiled sweetly at him. Liam gave back a half-hearted smile; no one could stay mad at that little leprechaun. “Niall, I don’t know if it won’t happen again. I just don’t know. I need some time.”


Their hands released from each other’s grasps and fell to their sides. “But, but Liam!! You can’t just leave me here. I need you!” Now tears were falling down Niall’s face too. “What about us?” Niall held Liam’s chin lightly, turning his face towards his own. He started deeply into his deep chocolate eyes.


“What about trust?” Liam retorted, he swiped Niall’s hand away and turned his back on him. He never knew Niall was having all these affairs behind his back. It was like someone stabbed a knife through his chest. Liam squatted down, carefully picking up the glass shards. Niall followed him and attempted to help. “Thanks Niall, but I’ve got this taken cared of. Why don’t you run along and finish your burger?”


Niall was taken aback, Liam’s cold shoulder felt like a slap to the face. Niall reluctantly got up at a loss for words. He shamefully picked up his plate with a small portion of the burger left. He walked over to the kitchen, making his way over to the trashcan. He held the plate over the bin, pushing himself to throw it away.


“I need to throw it away…” He could feel his hands tremble with confusion. “But I can’t let it go to waste! His teeth clenched as he fought with himself on what to do. “But this burger is nothing but a home wrecker! But it’s sooo good! But Liam! I need Liam!” He suddenly flipped the plate, looking away as the burger fell into the trash. He felt a part of him die inside as he heard the soft thump of the burger landing in the bottom of the trash. “I’m sorry…”


Niall clumsily dropped the plate into the sink and dashed for his room. He refused to look back at the murder he just committed. Thoughts of regret flooded his mind, but he knew that it had to be done. For Liam.


The sound of a door slamming shut echoed through the house. Liam paid it no attention. He intently focused on cleaning up the mess he made. He managed to pick up all the pieces of the left over bowl, taking his shirt off and using it as a makeshift dustpan that carried the shards. He walked over to the trashcan and dumped the shards. Before he headed out of kitchen something in the trash caught his eye.


“Is that…a burger?” And then it hit him. “Niall…” This was a big deal. Niall never wasted food. It would belike the sun not rising. Or the stars not shining.


Liam walked up to Niall’s door. A part of him wanted to knock while a part of him wanted to walk past. With must contemplation he mustered up the courage to knock on his door. “Hey Niall.” There was silence. Liam was usually the one to respect others privacy but he soon found himself placing his ear against the door.


“I hope you didn’t hear what was going on out there earlier I didn’t mean any of it. You’re the only thing in the world that I love. I only love you baby.” Liam gasped. Niall was already moving on just seconds after their fight?! How could he… Liam placed a hand on the doorknob. He could hear Niall quietly moaning. He threw open the door to find Niall with mouth and hands full chicken peri peri form Nandos. “NIALL. HOW. COULD. YOU. DO. THIS. TO. ME.”


“Uh-uh, Liam. I swear, it’s not what it looks like. It was just sitting here from lunch! It made the first move! I didn’t even enjoy it!! You’re the only one in my life!! I swear. Come on Li-Li.” Niall gave a puppy dogface that no one could refuse. But Liam closed his eyes to not give in.


“Niall, chicken peri peri is your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant. I know you loved every single fucking moment.” Liam’s voice grew louder and louder as he spoke. He felt bigger, taller and stronger than Niall. Niall kept shrinking, looking smaller, weaker than ever before. Liam’s voice grew soft. “You, you pinky promised me…I don’t think I can stay here right now. I gotta go.” Liam swiftly turned away from a small, crying Niall and ran to get his coat, phone and keys.


Niall was running to stop him from getting in his car and leaving. “Liam! That pinky promise can still be good. I love you more than them. Just don’t go. We can work on this together!! It’s snowing out!! You can’t go. Roads are terrible; you can’t drive in that you could get in accident. Li-Li, baby. Don’t leave me. Stay, I can’t let you get in an accident. You could get hurt.”


Liam hastily turned around to Niall. “I already have.” Liam opened his car and got in and rapidly backed out of their driveway and sped down the street.


The light flashed green and Liam pushed on the gas. The falling snow had a calming atmosphere to them. So light, so soft. “I thought I was everything he ever wanted…” He turned his attention back to the slippery roads ahead of him. After a few minutes of driving he pulled into the driveway of a small house. He got out, being pelted by the falling snow as he walked. He followed the faint signs of the pathway leading up to the door and rang the doorbell. He could hear the faint sound of the common bell tune and smiled as the door opened.


“Liam? Is that you? Well this is out of nowhere, but it’s nice to see you again. Hurry up and come in, the blizzards getting worse.


“Thanks Danielle.” She rushed him inside and closed the door behind them.




Just wanted to put it out there that this is purely fake and what not.

And this is the only way I can let all my carrot out.

Don't judge cuz i'm already doing that.

Luff ya .XO

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