The Initials on My Wrist - 1D Fanfiction

Leah has always wanted to meet one direction. She has a bedroom covered in posters, a billion t-shirts and lets not mention how many concert tickets she has pinned to her wall, because there are more than enough. When her Mom becomes their manager, Leah, being 19, would much rather take her Mom's offer and come on tour with them instead of staying home alone for six months and tags along. The only problem is that it is the middle of summer, and she wont expose her wrists. That counts as sweater's, long sleeve shirts and warm jackets, only to hide two letters, the initials of the person who she secretly loves, and always has. What happens when that same person, doesn't love her back?


6. Chapter Six

Leah's POV

We get off this bus in three days, when we finally get to wherever the heck we are going. Hopefully I get to go and watch their first concert. It's been around five days since I kissed Harry. I still can't explain why I did it. Maybe it was to make him happy. Maybe it made me happy? I guess I like him, so over those five days we have been dating. Mostly just kitchen and movie dates, but still dating. And I kinda like it.

"Morning Zaynie." I mutter, getting out of bed and hugging him. I hug him every morning, I love it. "Whats wrong with you?" He asks. "Tired. Hungry. You know. The usual." I say. "Well," He laughs, "You are lucky because Harry made pizza for lunch from scratch, just for you. "What about breakfast?" I groan. "Leah, I don't think you are aware that it is noon. You slept in." Zayn explains. "Go eat!" He says, pushing me towards the kitchen. "

"There's my beautiful girl!" Harry says coming over to hug me. I seriously am so out of it right now. I look behind me. "Where?" I ask. Harry chuckles. "Right in front of me. My gorgeous girlfriend." He says. I cough, getting him to step back and then grab a piece of pizza. That was the first time he ever called me his girl friend. It hasn't even been a week, is he that serious? Are WE that serious? I can't even think straight. He must take relationships really fast. Is that normal? I'm not sure, this is my first 'relationship' anyways.

Harry's POV

I got up a decent time today so I could make Leah a pizza from scratch. She seems to enjoy it. "Thanks Harry." She says through a mouthful of cheese and sauce. "My darling, so full of poise." I chuckle. She glares at me. I take a step back. "Alright time for twitter." I mumble, walking over to the couch and pulling up my laptop. "What the?" I say, scrolling through my mentions. Two magazines have gotten there hands on a picture of Leah and me in front of the bus after our first date. Oh no. Leah can't check her twitter. Those eyes of hers have started to light up a bit and if she sees this they are going to be droopier than ever. That will kill me. When she finishes her pizza, she walks over to me and sits right beside me. I shut the laptop as fast as I can.

Leah's POV

I walk over to Harry when I'm finished my pizza to thank him properly for going through all that work for me. I plop down beside him to see what he is doing on his laptop, but the second I sit down he slams the laptop closed. "Harry?" I say. He gets up quickly, taking the laptop with him. He also grabs MY iphone off of the table and takes it with him. "Harry give me back my phone!" I say, putting my hand out. "It's b-broken." He stutters going to the back of the tour bus where all of their bunks are, and locking the entrance. What is he hiding from me?

After a while of knocking on the door, he walks out holding the laptop and phone. He hands me both of them. "hmph." I say, flipping my hair and walking right over to the other end of the bus and shutting my bedroom door. I check my facebook and I have over a hundred new friend requests and countless messages.

~Hi! Can you please tell Harry I exist?~

~You better not be dating my baby.~

~You are dead!~

~You are so lucky OMG OMG fangirling~

I groan. I'm not really dating Harry, maybe I am. I don't know. I think I am dating him, because maybe I like him? I love someone else. But I like Harry. I shut off facebook and log onto twitter. It won't let me. I pull up twitter on my phone and I am suddenly logged out. *Error 404 your account has been deactivated* What?! I never deactivated my.... Wait. "Harry!" I shout, running out of my room and into the lounge. "Why did you screw with my twitter?!" I shout at him, showing him my phone. He doesn't answer. "Harry answer me!" He says nothing. Zayn comes running in at the sound of yelling. "Harry deactivated my twitter account." I tell Zayn. "Harry, what is that going to do?" Zayn asks him. "I didn't want her to see it!" Harry yells at Zayn, probably forgetting I was still standing there. "So many people were calling her names and sending her threats and I didn't want those eyes to get sad again. When she is happy is makes me happy, and I don't want to see her sad." He says to Zayn, looking at me the whole time. "I'm sorry." I whisper. He comes over to hug me. "It's only because I love you." He says before smashing his lips onto mine. He didn't just say he loves me. "I- I love you too." I say to him. He smiles. I can't believe I just said that. Do I really love him? Maybe I do.



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