"I'm sorry, I don't know you." he growls at me, making the whole Grade 3 class to laugh. Popularity was what he wanted, guess what? He got it! He left me in the gutters. Now I'm that 'attention seeker' and 'whore'. My name is Liberty Ederin. I used to be Zayn Malik's best friend, but he left me for popularity. Funny right? Because that's what he got! I don't really know what to do anymore. So I just stay in the shadows, but it doesn't work anymore. "You're just a loser, your parents even killed themselves because you're a pain." ~Zayn Malik


3. Chapter Three *Filler*

Liberty's POV.


I woke up as someone called my name and knocked on the glass door softly, unlocking the door, Cathy stumbling in as I open the door slowly.


"Hey," she huffed quietly with a smile, replying with only a wave, I took a donut and walked out. It was a rainy day out, no school as I know of since today is a Saturday. "Be careful!" Cathy called out, shrugging her coat off while watching me walk away aimlessly.


"Alright!" I called back, waving the donut in the air.


"Ow." I grunted as a solid body pushed past me with a piercing and bony to the head since the man was way more taller than me.


"Jesus, watch where you're going." he grumbled as he glanced at me a bit. He then started to walk away.


"Well sorry." I murmured, throwing half of the donut away and patting the crumbs off of my hands. As I kept walking, Zayn and the others appeared from the curb, on instinct, I tripped and fell as to get unnoticed.


Well that was stupid.


Cause they fucking noticed me.


What the fuck.


"You fucking klutz, watch where you fall next time." Louis laughed, throwing a slobby piece of tissue at me.


I'm tired of this shit, being treated like this too.


I stood up and sighed, "You know what? I'm fucking tired of this fucking shit," I stated, me furrowing my eyebrows. "I didn't want this to fucking happen to me, but look at what the fucking fuck happened." I shout, clearly angry and aggravated.


"Do any of you guys wish upon stars?" I ask casually, them nodding with a slight gleam of surprise flashing upon their faces.


"Well you know what? That star you wished upon is fucking dead. Your wish will never come fucking true, neither has mine, but all the stars you're going to want to wish upon. They've fucking died thousands of years ago." I say lowly, giving a slight upturn to my mouth as their mouths hung open.


"Yeah, that's how I felt. But I've gotten used to it as I don't get a fucking life where almost everything is perfect. I don't have the perfect family, I don't have the perfect body, I don't have the perfect fucking life fucking style." I listed angrily, tears coming to my eyes as I remembered that my family left me.


"I don't fucking care what happens to me anymore. I've given the fuck up. I don't see what the point is if nothing is going to get better and everything is going to get worse!"


"Calm down, Libby."


"And you expect me to calm the fuck down when I clearly am fucking tired of living?!" I panted, the tears falling out of my eyes, my nose stinging.


"What is the point?" I sighed quietly, running a hand through my dirty hair.


No answer.


"Good fucking bye." I grumble, walking off to somewhere, most likely a liquor store.


A/N I am so sorry I haven't updated! I've been in the hospital for a fucking while and my arms ache from the needles I've gotten stabbed into them. Thank you for reading and good bye! <3 -Scarlotte

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