"I'm sorry, I don't know you." he growls at me, making the whole Grade 3 class to laugh. Popularity was what he wanted, guess what? He got it! He left me in the gutters. Now I'm that 'attention seeker' and 'whore'. My name is Liberty Ederin. I used to be Zayn Malik's best friend, but he left me for popularity. Funny right? Because that's what he got! I don't really know what to do anymore. So I just stay in the shadows, but it doesn't work anymore. "You're just a loser, your parents even killed themselves because you're a pain." ~Zayn Malik


1. Chapter One







Liberty's POV




I skipped into our Grade Three Class and went to greet Zayn. "Hi Zayn!" I wave, a huge smile on my face.


"I'm sorry, I don't know you." he growls at me, making the whole Grade 3 class to laugh. I frowned as Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam high fived him.


"Okay, then we're not friends then." I sigh and play with my hands as I sit at my desk. Tears sprung into my face, I quickly wiped them away before anyone noticed but it was too late. "Aw, is little Libby crying?" Louis teased.


A growl was performed at the back of my throat. "Alright class, quiet down!" our teacher said and started our class. All I did was zone out.


~Middle School (Present)~


I gripped my books tightly as I walked into the school, I bit my lip and closed my eyes as someone immediately pushed my books down to the floor.


Today is the last day of school! Yay! Not really, my parents won't see me graduate because they're dead. I blame myself because it's what people say, all my fault.


"Thanks for the surprise." I grumble while picking my books back up.


"Hey, Libby." Zayn whispered, he then pushed my books back down again. I sighed and picked the books back up.


I walked towards my locker and examined the mini calendar, the graduation is at 8:00 PM.


Good! I have time to change and stuff!


Shoving the locker, I walk outside with the free time I have left before homeroom starts. I sat down on the grass and took a battery and a gum wrapper out of my pocket.


I adjusted my burgundy beanie as it began to fall off of my head. I put the ends of the gum wrapper at the ends of the battery.


I quickly walked to the pavement and put the battery down, standing up and still holding it. As I was holding it, the middle of the wrapper started to burn and turn into ashes. "YA-OW, FUCK!" I shouted and let go of the battery.


I pressed my pointer finger against the cold surface of my water bottle. "Much better." I smile.


"Woah, did you burn this gum wrapper?" a guy asked, pointing at the battery and wrapper. "Uh, yeah?" I say, coming out as a question. "I'm going." I giggle as the guy burns his fingers. I run away and back to my locker where the bell rang.


"Homerooooooooom." I cheer and barge into the class where a bunch of people were laughing and throwing paper balls around. NO PUN INTENDED.


Sitting down at my regular spot, I took out, 'Dinosaur Encyclopedia'. What? I like Dinosaurs!


"Aw, Libby the nerd is reading a stupid book!" Zayn teased and grabbed a hold of the book. I grasped it tightly, "It's not a stupid book!" I growl, struggling to defeat his strength.


"You sure, Liberty? It's dinosaurs, I can't find anything more nerdier than that." Harry laughed and pulled the book away from my hands and throwing it into the trash.


"Why'd the fuck did you throw that away?" I stand up and shout at Harry, balling my fists. "You don't need it, you're not going to be any smarter anyways." Louis shrugged and crossed his arms.




That's why I was so angry that Harry threw my book away.


"IT IS NOT SO FUCKING FUN TO BE LIVING AT STARBUCKS IS IT?! OH WAIT, YOU PROBABLY DON'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW!" I just revealed the biggest secret known to my class. See? I went logical!


Tears were threatening to fall out of my eyes, "You all have loving families," a small whimper escaped my mouth, "My parents hated me, and I still loved them because they were family." I cried, "But they died in a fucking car crash, I hope you do know how it feels for your parents to die." I growl lowly.


Our teacher walked in making everyone sit down, but I didn't, I couldn't, I didn't have enough strength. I wiped my eyes as mascara fell down my face.


"Ms. Ederin. Why aren't you sitting down?" he asks as he pushes his little glasses back up to the bridge of his nose.


"I'm having a very difficult time, Mr. Fisher." I say, grimacing while wiping the intoxicated mascara tears off of my face with my sleeve.


He nodded and walked up to me, he led me to my desk slowly and helped me sit down, instead, I heavily sat down which made a loud thumping noise.


"Jesus! Keep your elephant ass quiet!" Niall shouts at me, the whole class erupted in laughter. "EVERYONE BE QUIET!" Mr. Fisher shouted and looked at everyone with a curt look.


Everyone quieted down and slumped into their seats.


As he wrote the homework that was supposed to be finished for other classes I pulled my worn out binder out of my dusty bag.


I took out all of the homework that has been finished, I walked towards his desk and separate the subject's homework. Mr. Fisher looked at all of the rectangular bins, "Good job, Liberty! You've finished all of your homework! As a reward, you can go outside and wait until the bell rings for next class!" he smiles and waves me off.


"Thank you." I say quietly with a grin and walk out of the class and out of the school doors.


I played with the lighter I had in my pocket and decided to light some grass up. And that's what I did for a couple of minutes before the bell rang. I walked back inside where a bunch of people were shoving and shouting at each other.




I walked back towards Starbucks, my home. "Hey, Liberty!" Cathy greeted me as I walked in, "Got any of my graduation clothes cleaned yet?" I question, I raised my eyebrows as Cathy's face drops.


"YOU FORGOT DIDN'T YOU!" I laugh at her, not caring about the people who were inside, doing something in peace.


I threw my bag over to her which she catches and lays it down somewhere. "Ah, whatever. Just wear the same clothes, I'll clean them then I'll let them dry." Cathy says, I jump into the washroom with her and strip down.


She locks the door then walks to the sink, clothes in hand. She scrubs my moist clothes with some soap then rinses it thoroughly.


"Okay, wear this and we'll let your clothes dry somewhere in the kitchen." she hands me a night gown and I put it over my head and slip my arms into the sleeves.


"I'll watch you guys make the donuts then!" I giggle and skip into the kitchen where Cathy was following me, she put my clothes on the open door handles and let them dry.


I wipe off all of my make up with a wet and clean dish cloth, I want to go natural tonight.


"Why are you wearing make up?" Lauren asks as she walks in, "I'm not wearing make up." I mumble, wiping the make up that was on my neck. "WHAT!? YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!" she gushed and tilted my head up so she could examine me better.


"HEY! Don't touch me." I say, she let's go of my chin and moves back, "You're dangerous." she chuckles.


After a couple more minutes of taking all of the heavy make up on my face, the clothes have dried. I jumped back into the washroom with my clothes and changed into them.


When I got out I handed Dan my gown and my converses to Cathy. "I'm going to wear my combat boots, tonight!" I say happily, "Gonna live up the Military pride?" Dan asks while Phil takes a drink of his tea.


"Yeah! Have fun with your Truth or Dare segment when I'm gone though! Make sure you tell your fans that I'm a butterfly that flies around your flat and random times!" I giggle while slipping the combat boots on.


"Yeah, we'll do that! Have fun at your graduation!" they wave, I wave back as I open the door. I start to walk towards school, as I was walking, I checked my watch.


12 more minutes until graduation starts! Oh shit, it's still a 20 minute walk!


I stumble a few times.


"SONIC POWERS!" I laugh while running as fast as I can towards school. I tripped a couple of times but quickly recovered. When I noticed the boys' van passing by, I jumped onto the van and climbed onto the top.


"ROLLER COASTER!" I shout while raising my hands up. When we came to a halt.


I jumped off of their van and walked towards the school doors as if nothing happened.


Mr. Fisher shoved me into the Auditorium and pushed me to go behind the curtains. "You have a special act." a woman whispers.


"Well alright." I mumbled, fixing my clothes.


"We'd like Liberty Ederin to come on stage." the principal announced, I walked towards her, she told me to sit down and I did.


I was handed a guitar and a head seat. "Oh." I mumbled.


"We would like Liberty to sing for us!" one teacher spoke into the microphone, "Anyone have any requests?" I question while fiddling with the strings of the guitar.


"A SONG FOR AN INSECURE GIRL!" a feminine voice shouted, I nodded and found a song right away.


"I don't know why you always get so insecure, I wish you could see what I see when you're looking in the mirror, and why won't you believe me when I say? That to me you get more beautiful, everyday." I sang softly as I strummed to the beat where someone was playing the drums.


People cheered.


I thought of the times where I was insecure and Dan and Phil would always say, 'BULL FUCKING SHIT!'.


"When you're looking at the magazines and thinking that you'll never measure up, you're wrong," I sang quietly as someone sang in the background.


"'Cause you're my cover, cover girl, I think you're a superstar, yeah you are, why don't you know, yeah you're so pretty, that it hurts, it's what's underneath the skin, the beauty that shines within. You're the only one that rocks my world, my cover girl." I got really into it and I was singing like it was going to be the last time.


"Wooah. My cover girl." I strummed the strings one more time and finished singing.


Cheers erupted and there were claps and screams everywhere. "Alright, alright! Calm down! Three more songs and then onto our graduation ceremony!" Fisher said.


"A SONG WHERE SHE CHEATS!" a guy screams, I cleared my throat and tried to memorize the song that fit the category perfectly.


I stood up and got an electric guitar and started to start with some heavy notes, "Days swiftly come and go, I'm dreaming 'bout her. She's seeing other guys. Emotions, they stir," I sang with this weird accent that fit the singer's voice perfectly.


"The sun is gone, the nights are long, and I am left as the tears fall. Did you think that I would cry? On the phone? Do you know what it feels like, being alone? I'll find someone new." people sang in the background as I walked around so that some people can hear the electric guitar.


"Swing, swing (swing) from the tables of, my heart is crushed by a former love, can, you, help, me, find a way to carry on again." I sang loudly, I got a guitar solo and played it like I was in a concert.


After a few more lyrics I finished the song and took the guitar off.


After two more songs I was finished. "Thank you everybody!" I shout and wave while walking backstage and sitting down.


Songs were: Cover Girl by: BTR and Swing Swing by: The All American Rejects



"All of the graduates, please come out!" principle says, everyone walks out and I was the last one. We lined up on the steps and stood up tall.


I was the only girl who wasn't wearing a dress or anything like that, but it's fine.


"We would like to go through some awards." Ms. Darby says while looking through some large and shiny papers.


"We would like to give the first award, 'Most Creative'." she reads, she takes her glasses off, her eyes widening.


"I'd like for Liberty Ederin to come over here, we will give you a showcase of her paintings and drawings." she says, I walk over to her slowly.


"Thanks." I say to her quietly as she hands me the certificate. A bunch of people took some cloth off of my paintings and everyone gaped.


"These paintings and drawings will be up for bidding! Please give the money to Ms. Ederin as she is going through a rough time." Mr. Fisher spoke into the microphone.




Wow, now I'm at the bidding stuff. Let's take a look at how many certificates I got, one for being creative, being sporty, being very deep, a very great actor apparently, best clothing style, being the kindest, and basically the person who can chug a 2 litre milk jug in under 5 minutes.


I know, I'm amazing. So far, all of the graduate's parents are bidding and the graduates are glaring at me for this shit.


"£3000!" someone shouted, raising a wad of 20 dollar notes in the air, no one responded. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1. SOLD!" a man said and crossed his arms.


Wow, £3000 for an realistic eye drawing?


The notes were given to me and the woman took the drawing away with her and her daughter.


So far, there were at least 5 paintings and drawings sold for a huge amount of money. I brought a wallet so I put it in there.


"Okay, who is bidding for this beautiful painting? A couple enjoying the ocean and the sun setting!" the man shouts, "£3500! NO EXCEPTIONS!" Zayn shouts, the five boys holding up a bunch of money.


"Okay, come over here StyPayHorLikSon boys!" the man laughs, the boys hand me the money and take the last painting.


Wow, now I can buy all the food I want!


I try to fit all of the money I could fit in my pockets and wallets and run back to Starbucks.


"CATHY, CATHY! I GOT A WHOLE FUCKING WAD OF CASH!" I screamed while jumping up and down and attacking her.


"Okay, whatever, we're going to Dan and Phil's flat. Come on." she grumbles while pulling me out of Starbucks.


Wow, what a nice woman she is, aye?




















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